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  1. Is lbAdd the only way to change the visible text for a standard Listbox? lbSetText and lbSetTextRight doesn't seem to work for me, or is not related to it. My current setup, lbAdd is called before the above to reserve ListBox index's, the goal is use the above to merge different gear to one big ListBox that is the current picked loadout for the player. Any help would be appreciated, or different ways to approach this would be cool to hear.
  2. What I'm trying to do is show current load out/gear information like guns/equipment ect though dialogs on respawn, so people can make a informed choice. I already have a system in place but I feel there is a better way that's cleaner or more modular or a way to refine it? Would be cool if you could customise from a pool of items and each of those items has a value attached to them to balance them out. I think that's out of my reach, but if you have something I could look at to learn, that is very appreciated. Any ideas? I'm all ears. These are all listboxes and the items change based on the class selection, also when you click the uniform/vest/backpack the Capacity value ect will show. Thanks.