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  1. duzda

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hi, i was wondering if you can integrate mod called "Switching weapons on the move" in AGM. It would be great and usefull.
  2. duzda

    Switching weapons on the move

    Mod is not working with AGM mod. Is there any way to fix that?
  3. duzda

    Land Navigation mod

    Hi, is this only client side mod?
  4. duzda

    M72 LAW

    Hi, can you relise update, of law, because is usless, it cant destroy BMP-1 and it suppose to be anti-tank rocket, and also will be good to have arma 2 glass slight with ranges on it because efective range for law is now 0-100m because of no proper sight.
  5. Is it ready to use for Arma 3, because it seams that not all functions are working. ETC Bomb droping computer.
  6. Hey, so is it passable to disguise that enemy dont shoot at you? Until you attack them?
  7. Hi, when I try paste codes in .sqm mission file, and try to run 2D arma editor my game chrashes... And i get this massage ( script ca\Modules\MP\data\scripts\MPframework.sqf not found ) Can someone help me?
  8. Can you actualy move big submarine or not, and are you planing to ad reall hangar for svd?
  9. HI all, can someone explain me how to attach two sounds on object, i wanted to add sound to generator for ON it will be crancking up and runing, and for OFF it will be stoping and nosound. I already know how to import sound in game, but i dont know how to attach on custom switch on object. I am using this script: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?166859-Need-help-with-quot-add-action-quot-and-quot-sqf-quot -How to put custom damage on some of the objects like for example generators co it can be destroyed by hand grenade or democharge....? -And also i am using http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19689 this mod so i was wandering how to put pictures on laptops and monitors? Tnx for your time and Help!
  10. Yes it is. You need only assigne difrent range in oreder to shut down only lighthouse. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?166825-How-to-turn-off-city-lights-and-burn-the-area
  11. Check this and run http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?160709-GID-Object-Positioning-System this and add custom objects in it like @ZGM, and http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?151393-ARP2-Objects-Pack .
  12. duzda

    ARP2 Objects Pack

    As I mention above I am using script. Can autor upadate first page and explain how to put video feed or pictures on screens?
  13. Ok, first of all, hi all, i need help with adding some kinde of script or trigger. The thing is i was trying to make generator on of switch and it works but how can i attach my custom sound on the generator. For example like in cars start has difrent sound from stop. So i was thinking to make 3 custom sound. One for cranking one for running and one for turning off. But hot can i add it so sound is activated when i interact on the genereator and i press on, or off it shuld be difrent sounds?