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  1. Two Members of the [1st ECOM] on LRRP during OP Angered Dryad somewhere on Malden. Mods: Apex, ACE³
  2. Ian Bones

    Logo in Arma3 not to see

    I had the same problem a few days ago. Fixed it by switching my profile folder from D:\Profile\ back to C:\Users\Ian Bones\Documents\Arma 3\ Also had an error message when entering ZEUS:
  3. @road runner Don't want to disappoint you but I don't have Arma 2 and since it is not possible by just writing a config addon I wont put any more efford into it, sorry.
  4. @x3kj hm, okay. Thats kinda dissappointing but reasonable Thank you anyways. @road runner I don't exactly know how, but it works. Like I wrote: Trial and error. I tried to only use what was really needed, took some stuff from different config addons, deleted what was in my oppinion unnessesary until this point. I have no interest in porting stuff from A2. Right now I focus on config-changes to keep the pack I'm working on as small as possible. Thanks for your answer.
  5. If you want to have the option to recharge one Drone in the entire mission place it and put this into the init: If you want this on every eg. AR-2 Darter in every mission even if you pick it from the VirtualArsenal I think you need something bigger if not a config addon.
  6. Hello community, over the past few days I wrote a number of small config changes which work really fine so far. Yesterday I finished the rebreather with the mask permanently on the face. Nothing big you might think but for me it was quite some time of trial and error until reaching this stage and it works: Now a thing came to my mind: Is it possible via config.cpp to exchange the rebreather-mask with the mask of the Pilot Helmet [NATO] (class: "H_PilotHelmetFighter_B") to make it look more like this, this or that? The thing is, I'm very new at writing config addons and I have no clue about hidden selections (what I think needs to be reconfigured in order to get my desired result, but I may be wrong) and I like to not only know what needs to be changed but also why. So if one of you guys would spend you precious time on explaining to me if and how this could work, I would be very thankfull.
  7. Sure, the Arsenal only shows attachments compatible with the weapon. I did not think of that and even if I did, I wouldn't have known how to do that. Thank you very much, kind Sir, you helped me a lot. (no kidding)
  8. Hey guys, i'm new with configs so please go easy on me. Im trying to add a new LRPS to the game by taking the old one and adding a new display-name, the NVG vision mode and some mass via config addon. I do not get any Errors, Messages nor rtp-entries, not even script errors. Everything is fine until I'm looking for my scope in the Virtual Arsenal and can't find it. Here is the config.cpp The mods I use are CBA_A3, ACE3, ACEX, and ACRE2 It would be awesome if someone could help me and also explain it.
  9. Already checked the RTP? We had a similar problem a while ago and the RTP showed there was a script executed repeatedly on every client looking for a specific file which did not exist resulting in fps drops.
  10. Ian Bones


    Nice job! When I open the Virtual Arsenal the camo nets in my inventory are gone afterwards, also i can't add them to an Inventory via additem command. Am I doing something wrong here or could you fix this somehow?
  11. Yeah, I don't really care, just wondering. I'm totally looking forward to safe Mission-Loadouts. I definitely will try to find a way for missionmakers to pre-safe Loadouts, wish me luck :D
  12. Hey, in your readme.pdf there is an extra space on the first page in the first grey box: #include "loadoutTransfer\LT\LTmenu.hpp" class CfgFunctions { #include "[SPACE]loadoutTransfer\LT\cfgfunctions.hpp" }; Tried to copy&paste that part and it caused the game to crash. By the way: Why did you add the extra folder?