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  1. Description: Welcome to DOSE, a MOBA Gamemode! You and your teammates have the task to push the fronts to the direction of the enemy's base where the last battle will take place. There is a dedicated test server now: "11st official DOSE test Server" (host) "DOSE" (Mission) media: another video follows soon. steam entry: DOSE steam entry Your major Targets attack the enemy Checkpoints to push the front destroy the devices in the Checkpoints to stop further support at the end, attack the enemy's main base and destroy it's device to win The Features Player can choose one of these classes : Medic, Sniper, Assault, Engineer. Job System. Create and Complete jobs like transporting units, ammoboxes or repairing/refueling static defenses, vehicles e.g Poll System. Create, vote on, and invest in Polls, which have impact on the game Resource Transfer. Gain Resources through killing enemies or completing jobs and share them with teammates Skill System. Buy new skills with the Resources and use them in the battlefield SUPPORT THIS ENTRY AND OTHERS ON MAKEARMANOTWAR.COM TO KEEP THE DEVS MOTIVATED! LINK TO THIS ENTRY: DOSE contest entry
  2. hey, me too i like this idea! (me too i am beginner in arma scripting) This helps alot thank you