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  1. praetis

    GF Cleanup Script

    Woah ! thank you very much !
  2. praetis

    GF Cleanup Script

    @GEORGE FLOROS GR can you tell me if it possible to run our script "Gf cleanup" with a addaction ? can you help me please ? thank you
  3. praetis

    Ghost Missions

    Hi ghost we play with your tanoa maps but we can't delete tent and ours squad leader can't deploy respawn tent there is not in the radio menu, how can we fix that ? Thank you in advance
  4. i know but we don't use ace , we play in vanilla and we repair partialy the vehicule , thank you for your reponse
  5. @Wyqer we choose the slot engineer , but when a vehicule was broken we repair that partially , but the rest of the vehicule can't was repair , the part of the vehicule stay red or orange and don't work after repair
  6. @Wyqer we can't repair vehicule , can you do something for that ? thank you
  7. Maybe can you add earplugs for vanilla version ?
  8. praetis

    [WIP] USAF Air Asset MOD

    when do you think switch in RELEASED???
  9. praetis

    Enhanced movement and more

    I have some question: in 1: What is the maximum size that can have a climbing wall? in 2nd: this is a keyboard? or the drop down menu? in 3rd: when is what you think it out? thanks