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  1. Hi there, Need some support. I have lost the ability to control when mods download for Arma 3. I want to be able to select a list of mods via the launcher from the workshop and queue them up for download, but i might not want to download them straight away i want to choose when to download these mods. I used to be able to control this via steam downloads but the launchers list of mods to download does not get imported properly into steam downloads anymore. I have settings in steam to stop downloads when playing a game but these now seem to be ignored so if i have mods needing to downloaded in the launcher the launcher carries on downloading them regardless of if i start a game or not. I cannot pause the downloads in the launcher as there is not such functionality, I cannot pause the downloads for arma3 mods in steam downloads because the steam downloads pause button seems to have no effect. The only way i can take back control is to unsubscribe from the queued up yet to be downloaded mods in the workshop and then re-subscribe to them when i want to download them, but this is a pain of a workaround. EDIT - Pressing the Pause button pauses the download for about 2 seconds then it just starts again.
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    3CB BAF Weapons

    The NLAW (MBT LAW) Weight: 12.5 kg Caliber: 115/150 mm [1] Muzzle velocity/munition delivery: 2 stage, inital tube clearance charge 40 m/s followed by main rocket motor after several meters high subsonic 200 m/s (Mach 0.7) Warhead: Single shape charge - Armour penetration more than MBT roof with explosive reactive armour (ERA) Range: 20m - 600+m (1000m Max on paper effective upto 2200m field tested) Guidance: Predicted Line Of Sight (PLOS) / inertial guidance (3 second hold on target Fire & forget) Modes of operation: OTA (Overflying Top Attack) and DA (Direct Attack) Single non-expert soldier system Preparation time in seconds Unguided Dumb Fire if required Confined space capability Red dot sight pptical sight 2.5x magnification NVG - compatible Night vision capability (With additonal clip on IR eqipment as part of tripod mount) Un-jammable proximity fuze High SSKP (Single Shot Kill Probability) Insensitive munition with 20 year Shelf life All Climate conditions and environments Design Operational temperature: -38 to +63 °C Operation The gunner can break off and start up a combat sequence any number of times. The missile can be deployed at targets at ranges down to 20m and to over 600m. The missile can also be launched immediately without tracking when an unexpected target appears. The MBT LAW has a soft launch and can be fired from confined spaces such as from inside buildings and vehicle hatches, and from all positions and angles up to ±45°. The flight time to a 400m range is less than two seconds. The initial muzzle velocity is 40m/s. The maximum missile velocity is below the speed of sound. Guidance system In the predicted line-of-sight (PLOS) mode, the gunner tracks the target for three seconds and the missile's guidance electronics makes a record of the gunner's movement as he aims and computes the flight path to the predicted position of the target. "After launch the missile flies autonomously to the target." It is unnecessary for the gunner to consider the range or angular speed of the target. After launch the missile flies autonomously to the target. The missile's position in its trajectory always coincides with the target irrespective of range. Modes of operation The soldier selects top attack mode to engage tanks and armoured vehicles in order to strike the least armoured area on the vehicle's roof. In the overfly top attack (OTA) mode, the missile flies at about 1m above the line of sight.The missile's sensor initiates the warhead above the roof of the target. The soldier can select the direct attack (DA) mode to engage light vehicles, buildings and bunkers. In direct attack mode the missile flies directly along the line of sight towards the target. The missile fuse system is disconnected and the warhead detonates upon impact, after a short delay. Warhead characteristics The missile has an active magnetic and optical sensor activated proximity fuse. The sensor data is analysed to match the known relevant target criteria before warhead initiation. The missile warhead is activated even against aluminium targets and partially concealed targets. In conventional overflight missiles a keyhole effect resulting in reduced penetration into the target is caused by a shaped charge jet which develops during the missile flight. The MBT LAW warhead, similar to the BILL 2 missile warhead, incorporates a dynamically compensated shaped and copper lined charge to retain the penetration characteristics. The charge is 102mm in diameter. The Acog Scope (for NLAW) Trijicon Compact ACOG 2.5x20 magnification red dot scope - Part Number A41-NLAW-CW This is a dual illuminated day and night scope. In daylight the aiming cheveron is lit by light penatraing through the fiber optic element, thus the brighter the enviroment lighting the brighter the aiming cheveron. In dim light or at night the aiming cheveron is illuminated with tritium (Same material used in glow in the dark watch hands) It is not an electrically powered infared night vision scope however the scope is night vision goggle compatible. The A41-NLAW-CW has a single Aiming Cheveron for target acquisition (It is not ment for use on rifles therefore has no useful distance markings) Aiming Cheveron: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11644970/ACOG/Reticle.jpg Model Number: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11644970/ACOG/Logo.jpg Top: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11644970/ACOG/Top.jpg Reverse Side: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11644970/ACOG/Side.jpg Bottom: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11644970/ACOG/Bottom.jpg Elevation Adjust (Top): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11644970/ACOG/Turret.jpg Adjust screw marked U/R - Up / Right respectively meaning turning the screw in the direction of the arrow will move point of aim up for elevation adjust / right for windage adjust. Both Elevation (Top) and Windage (Side) adjusts display U/R as the wheel is universal when manufactured
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    [WIP] AV-22-LSOC Ghost

    Looks good I'm keeping an eye on this :)