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  1. An outstanding campaign, enjoyed it. By the end of it the characters really became close mates and their stories and personalities are as real as they come. Also the cutscenes are first-class, it looked like watching an interactive movie. No critical bugs, so it all went smooth. There are some actions in the plot and characters' decisions that I found questionable or a bit illogical, but it's a great campaign nevertheless. Looking forward to the next part. Wish you luck.
  2. Well, I've just finished the campaign, quite enjoyed the ending, though a lot of action and scale made some parts lag, but that's mine problem. Got a plot question though below: Still, great campaign, the diversity of endings makes it really replayable.
  3. Was also looking at the campaign's scheme and it surprised me that the hostage girl could be saved. Both times I played she'd been already dead. How do you get her out of there alive? Starting "Hostage Down" right after "Ransom Demand"? Can't remember in what sequence I completed the missions though.
  4. Well, thanks again for the campaign, it's great. If any other bugs occur, I'll let you know. Have a nice holiday (:
  5. I forgot to mention that I'm using quite a number of mods, though most of them are just weapons/units addons, and only one of them - TMR - may somehow affect gameplay. I think the mission was about scaring a client who turned down ION's protection and chose the Black Arrows. One more thing, Perlesvaus above mentioned a mod which improves the AI, and I think of downloading it now. If I start using this mod in the middle of the campaign, may I face some problems or crashes? Is it better to start the campaign from the beginning every time I change my mods set?
  6. Well, thanks for the translation, it's pretty interesting to read. Gives a better picture of this Engel and his character, too. Some other thing showed up in my mind. I don't usually take NPCs with me on missions, but tried it a couple of times. So I took 3 or 4 of them with me (the TCR was, thus, 95%) on one of the earlier missions (with Drazen) and as soon as the mission started in the helicopter I got "Mission Aborted: you better run fast, traitor" sign or something like that. It immediately switched to "Renegade" mission with Raif near a lighthouse... well, at least it was a clear and painless shot in the head, yeah. Is it a bug or what? What caused the mission's abort? If I go on the mission with just Drazen, it's all good. And another one, regarding the mission with extracting an IT freelancer. I'd chosen inserting with 4 Brits via heli and they couldn't get out of it once the heli touched ground. Tried both "disembark" and "eject" commands, neither worked so the bird just flies away with them on board. Raif may also get some injuries as the script ejects him while the bird very quickly gains altitude after grounding. Had to take a pickup. However, none of the bugs I've faced were critical or even annoying as it is pretty easy to just change my behaviour and it all runs smoothly. No need trying very hard to fix them as well, in my opinion.
  7. One of the best campaigns not only for ArmA 3 but for the whole series. Small yet pleasant details, like markings on the helo or the Badass One's plane, animations, duel system and so forth, are just great. The storyline, though sometimes questionable, is interesting. I particularly like the 'private military contractors' setting, as it is an area of interest for me. I've been playing the campaign for three days and still can't get enough. Grand job! Some bugs occurred during the campaign but none of them were critical, though I had to restart missions quite often. The above-mentioned bug with the ransom guy has also occurred (he stayed at the stadium and I only managed to, let's say, convince him to give the ransom back by accident - wouldn't have known about him if I had chased the car as planned). By the way, most of the times in dialogues McMillan is called "Miller". Brought a bit of confusion at first, as I thought he was somehow connected to the CTRG and the East Wind storyline. Just wondering, is there an English translation of the phone conversation during "VIP"? Would be interesting to know what the German was talking about. Thanks again for your job (: can't wait to see Contention Zone released.
  8. USTF

    ZAM Glasses

    Thanks for the addon, it's really nice to have glasses/goggles features. However, I get a text error (if it is an error), when switching to 1st person view: Aviator Glasses are on, no other mods except CBA working. Any thoughts of how to get rid of the text? It's really annoying.
  9. USTF

    Scope Mod A3

    Hello, First of all thanks for the mod, I enjoyed using it, especially the RX01. I'd been facing a problem though. I'd discovered that the mod causes lack of scopes mounted on BIS sniper rifles. That is, in essential missions I found myself with iron-sighted rifles only. Turning off your scope mod solved the problem bringing the BIS scopes back (I removed iansky_opt.pbo, iansky_opt.pbo.iansky_opt.bisign and iansky_opt.bikey files from "addons" and "keys" folders), but I get 'no entry bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons.iansky_rds' error. Maybe it's connected with other mods (I'm using a lot of them: TPW, TMR, VTS_Resting, bCombat, RH packs, FHQ)? But I don't get it how the error occurs while there are no files of your mod left. Thanks in advance.
  10. One thing I forgot about. The introduction to the FIA commander scene starts with Miller and Kerry walking and talking. They are suppossed to be walking and talking (and even stopping a few times with animation), but there's a bug - Kerry's the only one moving. Miller's stuck at the beginning. It worked only once when I saw the animation working properly. Same goes for the first appearance at camp Maxwell in the 1st episode. Lt. James talks to Kerry standing in front of the camp gate while Kerry moves inside the camp. It never worked properly. Any suggestions? Have you tried to disable every mod you use? Not that it looks like to be the reason though.
  11. Discussing the storyline... Personally I quite enjoyed the campaign. Maybe 'cause I didn't much think about the logic of its storyline. Sure there are some things that are questionable, but being unable to change anything I just played through it. Aye, it's annoying losing every NVG you've got, losing your bergen and so on. Also I thought we would be playing as Miller, not some lad from infantry. Not a problem, anyway. p.s. never faced a problem with Orestes being hostile. I played with a ton of modes (VTS, bCombat, JSRS, TMR, TPW etc) - still nothing. He was much more friendly than Miller, no doubt.