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  1. Mattaustt

    Model Keeps changing Height within Game

    I removed like one geometry piece or a small proxy and boom, 2m above ground, 4m displacement. The buildings are still the same size. It's quite stupid for them to develop such a system. when they could just reference the XYZ point in oxygen and use that as a basis, just like in the editor or script.
  2. Mattaustt

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP_Terrains

    Hey all, Aussie and I (custom map maker) are interested in this CUP-Terrain. So will the base just be content, and the modular packages are additional maps? What file size could we estimate for the base back to be? Just really interested, because we hear people whinging atleast 10 times a day about AIA, but we need it for the content. Cheers.
  3. Here's the Promo Video: The good looking thumbnail wont update for quite a while, so you have took at this one. AUSTRALIA MAP PROMO
  4. Tony doing his best is a paradox.
  5. Not sure, I'm launching a Video Promotion tonight to try and get more players interested, hence maximising the amount of missions created. The more people that get ALL IN ARMA, the more people that can enjoy custom maps with maximum variety. [Maybe within 24 hours because I have Tony Abbott Internet]
  6. Here are some Images that I took this evening of the V2 Map (Mainly building pics) Outback Australia (417 kB) IGA Store (493 kB) Bank & Centrelink (277 kB) New Double Story House (507 kB) Double Story Rear (361 kB) Correctional Facility (holidng yard) Update (618 kB) Exercise Yard (427 kB) Centrelink Interior (167 kB) Comm Bank with Brick (402 kB) Comm Bank Interior (170 kB) Hope you all enjoy the map (and the buildings!) Cheers.
  7. Foxhound, I just updated the title to include V2 Released, but is now no longer on the front page, could you reapply please? Cheers.
  8. Thank you, Thank you. It was all my effort :cool:
  9. Mattaustt

    Model Keeps changing Height within Game

    Wait, So the only way to really resolve this is to keep moving objects within terrain builder as I update them in Object Builder.
  10. Hey, I have my models hardcoded onto a map (not placed by the editor or script). Every-time I edit my model, the placement of the buildings on the map raise like 1-2m in height and move slightly. I've been in the business long enough to know I'm not moving my whole model. Does the game generate a location when placed in Terrain Builder off the Geometry, and if I add more geometry it Regenerates it's position? Cheers, Mattaust.
  11. /////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ MATTAUST'S CHANGELOG V2 AUSTRALIA LIFE /////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ FIXED - Shadow LOD Residential Buildings ADDED - NEW! - Double Story Brick Veneer Home FIXED - Walking Through Walls in Residential and some commercial Buildings. FIXED - Red Glow Pub - (lighting fix on map) FIXED - Bug In Post Office Geometry/collision, FIXED - Centrelink And Commonwealth Bank Roadway Lods To Match Renovation Of Bank V3. FIXED - Map Texture Icons Too Big FIXED - Dropped Fps Due To Proxies Within Model, New Method Has Been Placed CHANGED - All Buildings Scope Set To 2, Can Now Be Seen In The Editor And Debug Config. FIXED - Updated Glass Texture & Rvmat On Police Station As Old One Choked Itself. CHANGED - In The Australian Correctional Facility, Changed the Furniture/fittings within buildings. EG. Visitor Desk and Cafeteria CHANGED - NEW! - Australian Correctional Facility now has a rooftop, replaced old roof with new one to allow for landings onto helipad etc. CHANGED - To accommodate dropped FPS, buildings now have furniture placed manually. ADDED - Added basic fixtures to small Residential building. CURRENT - No Fixtures within double story home. Currently in Beta for V2 before I add more variations! CHANGED - Commonwealth Bank proxy model of Stair Railing, Cleaned it up to make it more presentable. FIXED - Shadow LODS on commonwealth building. ADDED - NEW! - Some buildings have AI Pathways to allow AI to enter buildings, This is the PUB SMALL, POST OFFICE, RESIDENTIAL SINGLE, MORE FOR V3 There is heaps more, I'll keep posting if I can think on the top of my head, I probably might start typing these as I go through them. ///////PLANS FOR V3\\\\\\\\ COMPLETELY MAKE BUILDINGS AI FRIENDLY PLACE IN LARGE PRISON AND OPTIMISE ADD VARIATIONS FOR LARGE HOUSE NEW COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS BUG FIXES FROM V2 ADD IN MY WHALE AS AMBIENT ANIMAL That's the plan for the future, but It depends how much free time I get within my next break as I need to work for the $$$ and study. Cheers, Mattaust P.S. Please donate to our cause : )
  12. Not long now guys till release. I'd love to post a changelog for my buildings, but you would all find the fixes too boring, plus it's a big list!
  13. We took those buildings into consideration, but the problem is that they are not ready to be on the Australian Map. Reasons: 1) American Themed 2) Interiors Missing 3) Materials on buildings need to be improved. If a time comes when they do improve, we'll definitely be more interested.
  14. Bug Tracker back online: Same link. CLICK HERE FOR BUG TRACKER
  15. I'll look into it ASAP.