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  1. Hi Ingitur, thanks for the update, here's the situation now: - the respawn problem seems gone! Yay! - I've tested what you asked about RHS: I can't replicate what you got on your part, If I try RHS with normal HC modules (without your mod) RHS units DO show up flawlessly. I should add that I was using the CUP units mod also (forgot of that) so now that I tested both RHS and CUP units, I can say that they have the same behaviour I explained in previous post. - I did noticed that If I place the High command module in the mission editor, even linking only Vanilla units, RHS and other mods do show up in Zeus after mission is started. Don't know what to think. - Still, "Add curator groups" makes OPFOR units controllable. I've uploaded two videos to show off what I'm experiencing as far as those aspects. Video 1 - I start with only my unit and a zeus module. RHS and other mods units are not shown. - After adding a group, they do show up in Single units menu. - Then I place the High command module and add to it Vanilla units. Now all mods are shown in zeus menus. - Next step, I add some OPFOR units and after hitting "Add curator groups" they can be controlled by me. - Last step, I just kill myself to test the respawn bug, which seems to be fixed. Video 2 Here, I just loaded Arma 3 with no mods at all only HC Converter is loaded to test it. Still, "Add curator groups" makes OPFOR units controllable. Again, both videos are Local MP games, Video 1 uses the mods I listed previously, Video 2 no mods were loaded at all. Hope this could be helpful, feel free to ask if you need help. Btw, one cool addition would be to add two modules to Zeus, like "Add group to High commander" and a "Remove group from HC control", would make life easier since right now via zeus we have to play with grouping a lot (which in zeus isn't user friendly, sadly). Something like ARES mod, if you know what I mean. Keep up the good work!
  2. I just tested that option and it works! Great work this mod REALLY makes the difference! I was so tired to use combinations of mods and Zeus to move groups around, too much hassle and limited options. This could really be a game changer for me! Anyways, I've just noticed couple of "quirks", some of them have been reported already (like the RHS problems) I'll try to share my experience. - As pointed out previously, RHS is buggy. The first time the a curator enters Zeus, only vanilla units are displayed in "single unit" menu. On "Group menus" RHS groups are displayed. As soon as curator add a Infantry group, the next time he enter Zeus all RHS infantry units are displayed in the "Single unit" menu. If curator add a Motorized infantry, the next time he enter Zeus, Single motorized units are available. If curator adds a tank platoon from "Group" menu, single tank units become visilble in "single" units and so on, you get the picture. Units placed using this method, cannot be moved or deleted by the curator, the message "Not enough resources availableto edit" or something like that. Vanilla units obviously work as intended. So probably it's really nothing big maybe only some configuration lines to be added to fully support everything. I know it could be really hard to try even imagine supporting every third party mod available for Arma, but there are a couple of mods that are really the comunity standards so try to incorporate those two or three could really spread the use of HC converter in all communities (big and small). AFAIK the big and famous mod teams (and I mean ACE, ALIVE and RHS in the specific) are trying to collaborate with each other to mantain full compatibility (cause realistically, 99,9% of the times communities that are using ACE also use RHS). Maybe they will help you in case of need. - Using the "add curator groups" command After some OPFOR units are created in Zeus, make it available as Groups to command in HC. It obviously shouldn't be like that. - I've just realized that in a MP session, sometimes player looses the ability to enter High Command mode after death and respawn. I know you haven't tested MP yet so I can offer some help if you need! Other than that, the rest is preatty rock solid, finally a dream to play Arma. Lately I was really getting tired of Arma3, to really have some kind of pleasing experience I had to install way to much mods. One mod that offers 12 features, even if I am only interested in the CAS portion of the mod ('cause vanilla CAS sucks). Another mod that offers 100 features even if I am only interested in the commanding tab that comes with it. Another mod that offers 200 features even if I am only interested in the way Choppers are handled to support troops ('cause vanilla support modules sucks). Just to give you an example, for months I used MCC for the commander tab that ships with it. MCC gives the player hundreds of features, I just wanted to use the commander tab. I really dislike Zeus when it comes to command groups that are on my side, it's really not realistic and I feel like immersion totally disappear when I have to leave the first person view, the battlefield, to enter "RTS mode". High Commander was a really cool idea, I played a little bit with it but still, in typical BIS fashion, very nice idea poorly implemented. Vanilla HC is limited, and AFAIK still doesn't support Zeus and realtime mission making eg: you can High command editor placed units but you can't improvise anything using Zeus so it sucks a bit. Ok sorry I had to take this off my chest xD again, thanks for the amazing work. Ps: I'm testing HC Converter in Local MP session with these mods installed: - Alive mod - ACE - CUP Maps - ARES - RHS
  3. Nope I really missed that option! I'll try it as soon as possilble! Thank you very much!
  4. Great mod Igitur! A more powerful HC system was missing badly in Arma 3! Just a question, there is a quick way to just add to HC a group spawned with Zeus? Like, add a group/unit via Zeus and use some kind of command / code / whatever. I've tried commands you posted above but seems they only work by using them in the mission making phase
  5. Hi AntonStruyk, thanks for the update! Looking forward to test it deeply! As for Headless clients stuff (see previous page), you should take a look at Werthles Headless Kit. Basically it's a script that automatically checks if headless clients are present, and moves units to it. The script do its stuff every 30 seconds (it's an option you can change) so even units added via Zeus or other methods are passed to Headless clients. It's amazing! The only limitation, right now is that there is no way to exclude only some units from being passed to HC, and sometimes it's important that some units remains local. Like special units in ALIVE missions, or just because having them local gives mission maker full editing capabilities. So I was thinking "they should help each other out", something like a module that you throw on a unit, a pop up is shown so you can choose between a list like "don't pass to HC - this unit OR his whole group OR Side"
  6. markrev

    Chessmaster's Wounding System

    Hi! Congratulations chessmaster, this mod is AMAZING. Relatively simple to use and so fun to play with. Plus, the ability to use it in Zeus is so cool. I spent some hours playing with it, and wanted to share what I found out, like odd behavious and strange stuff. I use MCC as a mod, and play as a zeus game master (playing normally, and sometimes switching to zeus to spawn stuff) on a local server created game, just to let you know. Odd/buggy behaviours: - If you order some unit (soldier X) to "Drag soldier Y", X either ignores your order and just starts resuscitating soldier Y as soon as he reach him (in the middle of the battlefield, which could be a problem) or soldier X sometimes gets stuck in the drag animation pose, and he just remains glitched forever. Can't move, can't do anything else. - Strange Icon on units heads. When I use the "load cws" module on a group/faction, a csw icon appears on everyone's head. Should not be default behaviour, looks like some kind of debug stuff that gets activated even when I don't want. - Part of the features in the CWS options module seems to do nothing. I cannot switch on or off "Show 3D icon" and the other "Show" options. Nothing changes. Other parts, like the slider to set the amount of bleeding seconds seems to work ok. - 3D Icons ingame and on the map tend to appear VERY RARELY. Very rarely (like every 20 wounded units sometimes 40, sometimes 5) the icon appears. Sometimes, still rarely, a big text will appear on screen sayin "Unit X is being assisted". Feels like it should appear everytime a unit is being assisted, not so rarely. So feels like buggy behaviour. I could post a video showing the different problems. Some images can tell more than a thousand words. Thank you for your work, Chessmaster, I would be very happy to help you test this and help you improve this game changing piece of mod!
  7. Hi! Is there a way to load a mission's .sqf code saved with Ares, directly into headless client? Or some kind of code. Sorry, I'm a noob at coding. ;) Can you guys point out the workflow? Right now: - I populate a mission - I save the sqf code with Ares new module - I put everything back on the map with the Execute code module Is there a way to get the units created by the Execute code module to be handled by headless client? Thank you in advance!
  8. Well, I'm one of those who are a bit sad for the stuff added in the latest update. Please understand that for me it's not a problem of whatever new feature you want to put in YOUR MOD. What bothers me is that some stuff like the Laser Designated bombs are still buggy despite what I read in the changelog. I first pointed the bug like 4 months ago, I recorded videos to show the problem... But still looks like nothing changed. It's really cool that you guys want to add new features, it will surely create an incredible platform, but please, squash the bugs that are present ;) Again I report: Laser designator bombs called from commander console just don't work. - I disable all mods but MCC - I create a new local multiplayer session - I place a random guy and a ammo box in a empty mission - Ingame, I pick up Laser designator and Designator batteries - In MCC Console, I "Add" 10 rounds of HE Laser Guided bombs from Artillery Tab - In commander console, I insert coords in the forward artillery menu, Virtual Cannon 1 - Wait - As usual, bombs just spawn in mid air, they are inactive, and fall REAAAALLY slowly
  9. Hi Shay! Thanks for the reply! Let's Recap: - I always play on a MP local host session - What I mean for "I can't get the same behavior twice" is that MCC won't do what I selected in the parameters or at least it's not consistent eg: On the virtual cannon, I select 5 shells but only 1 gets actually fired. If it is a laser guided bomb, It won't work (falls from the sky but does not react to Lasers designators). On the other hand, by using actual units like a Sholef, If I choose for example 5 shells, sometimes it fires a couple of shells, sometimes only one, sometimes the shell falls only a couple of hundred meters from the Sholef position. If I request Laser Guided bombs from a Sholef, the first bomb sometimes works (follows Laser designators) the second and third etc won't. That's what I mean for "unexpected" behaviour. I fully understand the intent of leaving the artillery on a more random setting and a less exact science, but this looks to me like a buggy behaviour ;) - Laser guided bombs don't work when called from the observer artillery console no matter what I'll repost these old videos. It's from an older build but the same exact behaviour is present in current build (r11) (btw there are other issues like "delay" not working but I know you just fixed that stuff. All I want to show is the bombs behaviout! Just tell me if you need more informations, I'll try to post them as soon as I can) Here you can see that If I launch Laser guided bombs from MCC main interface, they do work as expected (I know 10 Guided bombs are quite a lot but It's a lot easier to see the behaviour this way) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_rVIWRjLIE This is same thing, but called from the forward observer artillery console; as you can see Bombs fall down totally ignoring my laser designator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVpLAbfymTU The mods I use right now are MCC, AGM and TFAR, nothing more (but problems are present since months with other mods configurations)
  10. Hi guys! It's been a long time since I posted in here, but tonight I spent some time testing the artillery module of MCC and I still found some bugs I had in the past. So Here we go, I'll try to point things out so you guys can point me in the right direction or confirm a odd behaviour. So: Using the virtual "Cannon 01" in forward artillery module: 1- even if I set multiple shells, only one is actually fired. 2- Can't get Laser guided bombs to work. No matter if I choose "Type -> Laser guided" and "spread -> Precise" or "spread -> Laser" when the bomb falls from the sky it totally ignores Laser designators. BUT, if I "Call" Laser guided bombs from the main MCC artillery menu, they work as they should! If I use actual artillery units placed on the map (like a Sholef ): 1- still choosing multiple shells doesn't work 2- Laser guided bombs do work sometimes, sometimes they don't. It's quite random. Overall the forward observer artillery module feels a bit buggy, I can't get to have the same behaviour twice in a session. What am I missing?
  11. Some stuff I noticed: 1) since the last few updates "Save/Load from profile" doesn't work anymore. - Place objects - click on a profile slot to select it - give it a name - hit "Save to profile" - reload mission - select the profile you just created - hit "Load from profile" Nothing happens. Don't know if problem is upon saving or loading. 2) MCC ignores some init commands you put in 3D editor while spawning objects (don't know exactly what is the problem, if it's only certain objects or certain commands or a combination of both. I'll add just my example) - Enter 3D editor - select a M4 Scorcher - select "Forward artillery" option in presets and click "add" (code is inserted in init field) - select "Set empty (fuel)" option in presets and click "add" (again, code is attached after the previous one) - close GUI and hit Space to spawn the M4 M4 has fuel. M4 is not added to the available cannons inside of the artillery computer. In artillery computer you still see the default 5 virtual cannons. If you try to fire any of them, spawned M4 doesn't move (to prove they are all virtual). EDIT: upon further testing I can say that other stuff is indeed working eg: place object with "VAS" preset works ok etc. 3) HE Laser guided bombs STILL won't work - fire He laser guided bombs with artillery computer - no matter what the options, them still won't follow Laser designators. Just as clarification: what is the meaning of "laser" option in the "spread" dropdown menu? Should be used only for He Laser bombs? Or can be used even with other types of ammunition to designate a general area? Sorry if I appear so anal about Artillery stuff, It's just that me and my friends are a very small team, so JTAC and stealth missions are the best right now to play for us. I'm trying to report "bugs/strange behaviors" as best as I can to help you guys!
  12. Yea you are right. But I tested it while having only Task Force Radio enabled. All other mods were deactivated!
  13. Ok so here it is... In this first video, you can notice the following behavior: by calling rounds through the MCC main interface - HE Laser guided bombs do indeed work, they follow laser designator normally - Delay option isn't working (?) : no matter what amount of delay I choose, there is no gap between rounds. All ten rounds are fired almost immediately. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_rVIWRjLIE On the other hand, in this second video you can notice by using MCC console "Steel rain" - HE Laser bombs don't work anymore (laser designator is ignored) - Even using NO DELAY AT ALL, rounds are appearing with a huge delay between each another. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVpLAbfymTU Tested with only Task Force Radio and A3 Wounding System by Psycho as active mods. But I doubt they create conflict with MCC at least not in regards of Laser bombs (hehehe I hope ;) ). Maybe as Shay mentioned it's BIS's fault?
  14. Oh I see. I am preatty sure was working fine on previous patches, was one of my favourite options :) Ok. But I should mention that with a MCC console fire mission, HE Laser bombs doesn't work. They work if spawned from MCC main interface (if you click "CALL" instead of "ADD" and click on the map, bombs will follow laser designators) I checked it and right now, at least with HE laser bombs, it doesn't work. Even after choosing a delay, all bombs are spawned one after the other resulting in some preatty heavy Steel Rain xD Anyways I'm upping a vid right now to show you what I mean. Stay tuned.
  15. Hi, Im gonna try and do some bug reporting.. - after the 1.18 patch, the Smoke Signal insertion type for evac is broken. The script seems to work ok until you issue the GET IN order to your squad. At that point the script seems to end abrouptly and the chopper just use some bad AI code to regain height, find a spot to land etc. - If I request a fire mission through the MCC console ordering HE laser guided bombs, no matter what settings I use, the bombs will ignore the laser designator I use and hit the same spot. - in the artillery menu, the delay the DELAY dropdown menu is not working. There is no delay between the click on the map and the splash down. I m doing couple of videos to show the problems I described, tell me if I shoul up them on my YT channel! Cheers ---------- Post added at 04:54 ---------- Previous post was at 04:49 ---------- Btw, can some of you guys shed some light on how to use the coordinate system in the artillery section of the MCC console? "Height" is player current height, or target height? Correction distance? Correction left/right?
  16. Hi Shay, amazing work with the update! I just noticed something minor, but pissed me so much ;) Basically, after a relatevely long editing session, I hit the Mission Failed button by mistake instead of "teleport". It just exited the mission. PLEASE, can you consider to put a confirmation box, like "Do you really want to end mission?". Now, I'm sorry, I'm gonna play with MCC some more ;)
  17. Hi TPW, I came here to suggest to check a little bug in multiplayer, but now I'm reading some infos and seems like your mod suite isn't multiplayer compatible? Wow, I missed that! Anyways, the bug I found is that after enabling TPW mods, AI soldiers randomly get stucked after respawn. Basically, sometimes (totally random) AI soldiers totally freeze after respawing. Hope you can solve the issue, and if you can't cause TPW Mods are a single player mod only, you are still the man! BIS should pay you and implement your stuff from the source...
  18. Hi Shay, I pinpointed the solution for my issue (I can't access MCC after respawn). It has nothing to do with MCC itself, there are some conflicts with bCombat mod. As soon as I removed bCombat from the active mods, I can respawn infinitely and still enter MCC console again. Thank for the patience.
  19. Well, simple missions created by me.. I import a template with couple of playable units, two markers for respawn.. then I simply launch the mission and add zones etc..
  20. Yeah sorry for being so vague about the situation. I'm gonna add some details... - I'm using the mod version - I create a multiplayer session over the internet with my machine, we are not playing on a external dedicated server - Problem is there both using the MCC module to grant permissions or deleting it - Other people respawns normally - I use no revive scripts - Problem is there when being killed both by AI or other players - I use vanilla "BASE" type respawn with waiting time, I usually don't press any button to respawn Hope this helps!
  21. Nope, Vanilla Arma 3 respawn system with the "BASE" option
  22. Thank you Shay... I will investigate further more! But can you point me out how to solve the "after respawn can't access MCC anymore" problem? That's my only real concern right now with MCC, this is something BIS should learn from. I'm thinking about to just cheat and enable ghost mode for now so I can't be killed. Can you tell me how I can keep accessing MCC after respawn? Keep up the amazing work!
  23. Hi guys, what about my issue I wrote about in previous page? :) Also, I've noticed a strange behaviour with respawn. Sometimes when I die, I can't respawn. My mates can respawn normally, but when I die sometimes I get no respawn messages, and the camera keeps being stucked in first person view. Sometimes I can respawn normally, but as I said, with no more mission maker privileges..
  24. Hi guys! I got a problem, hope someone could point me out in the right direction: I play with some of my friends, and I act both as a normal player, and as mission maker. When I die and respawn I am no longer able to enter MCC anymore, I get no option in the action menu! So basically if I die, mission is over cause I can no longer move groups, create dynamic things.. You know, what makes MCC so cool xD Sorry if it's already being answered somewhere but I'm in a bit of a struggle by reading 150 page thread! I sugget to add such info into the first post, cause probably is not a rare scenario. Btw, great video update! Looking forward to get my hand on the new release!