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    Missing (capturable) Airports in CTI[...]

    Hey dude those files are missing any way you could re-post them???? I would greatly appreciate it!!! I'm building my own warfare map. Also to make these maps with an airport did you just add a game logic??? And if so how did that work? After doing more research here's what I found. So you can edit the map and add a warfare building (airport) to the map http://sandbox.darrenbrant.com/arma_ii/creating-an-airport-factory-in-arma-ii-warfare & here is the Bis Manuel https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Warfare_1_-_Editing_Guide#Modifying_the_island Enjoy!!!!! I know this helped make my mission AWESOME!!!
  2. xXPinkFloyd92Xx

    Pbo Tools (PBOView & cpbo)

    Hey I am new to editing can you please tell me which program would be easiest to edit in the editor? Like how do you open it in the editor? I have a mission that's in .pbo file format how can i place it in the editor? P.S I'm using steam i heard somewhere that you can put a command in the "Set launch command" to open a mission in the editor haven't tried it yet ill go check it out....Thank you!! Got it sorry just unpacked/extracted and then placed in my Mission folder super easy sorry to waist your time!!!
  3. xXPinkFloyd92Xx

    How Do I Host a Private Server on Arma 2 OA?

    Thank you so much such a well written answer!
  4. xXPinkFloyd92Xx

    Combat Medical System 0.5 Released

    THANK YOU SO MUCH that worked happy hunting my friend Thanks again!!! This mod!! What can i say its the coolest thing ever!!! good work really well done !! couldnt be happier right Now
  5. xXPinkFloyd92Xx

    Combat Medical System 0.5 Released

    Thanks for the help...but whats the code for ? sorry again im way new to this ---------- Post added at 21:06 ---------- Previous post was at 20:49 ---------- ok i got that figured out no error message any more. when i put it into the editor it dose nothing how do i pull up the med card?
  6. xXPinkFloyd92Xx

    Combat Medical System 0.5 Released

    "Please make sure you merge the userconfig cms folder with the arma 2 userconfig folder" I never had a userconfig folder so i just extracted the one off the mod into the directory but i still get the error i never had a userconfig folder to begin with...? any ideas on next step? Ps ill also check userconfig folder in the BI and get back as to this post. any help greatly appreciated thanks