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  1. intermaus

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    Hi vilas ! Do you still have the old files for P'85 ? I need some of those stuff if available. Mostly the BrDM-1 and the D-442 FUG, T-64 MBT. Thank you.
  2. intermaus

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    Hi master Vilas ! :) Some questions about your older stuff. What happened to the P'85 and ArmA2 content you have created ? Any chance to see them in ArmA3 ? And for the last one, Armaholic. Are those content lost or did you backup it for yourself ? P.S. i am Vilman, from the old times of ArmA/ArmA2 😁
  3. intermaus

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    There IS a Mi-24A for ArmA3... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1440194894
  4. intermaus

    PRACS: SLA Faction 2017

    Those MiGs and Sukhois look awesome. What loadouts (and/or systems) will be available for them ?
  5. Thanx egg, i will do it tomorrow. :o
  6. O.k, got ArmA 2 installed and activated on Steam. Then the same with OA. Now how to combine to CO ??? How to patch to 1.63 on Steam ? This is an unnecessary problematic thing in my opinion... As im using ArmA II launcher, it wont start CO, only ArmA 2 or OA. Please forgive me, i was used to the original game starting way.Man im tired of this... :(
  7. So i downloaded, reinstalled the mod but not worked, i will reinstall ArmA 2 OA and all of my mods. My .RPT was totally full with several kinds of error reports so its clear for me that i have to reinstall all. Thanx for the help guys ! ;)
  8. Not worx for me guys. I use to start the game with alpinestars ArmA II Launcher, there i can switch the option for "No file patching" so i made it, not working. So im out of ideas, but theres one last, i will download the mod again, maybe the compressed files were damaged...
  9. Yes i see all those maps. Done, p85 is off, not working. If i place a russian T-72A or B or a T-90 in the editor with crew, ArmA2 crashes to desktop.
  10. O.k. eggbeast, my version is ArmA 2 CO 1.63.112555 <--- main menu version number I did not patched the game on Steam to 1.63 The list of mods im using : -CBA_CO v1.0.1.196 -P85 -PRACS -Tk_extension -BAFX and Rangemaster -Beta expansion and nothing more. The buildings were there.
  11. Thanx egg, i will try it. Im not using steam, i installed, registered, but wont use that. ---------- Post added at 11:46 ---------- Previous post was at 11:19 ---------- Huh, im in trouble. I loaded the Rangemaster_v2 mission in the editor, there was a longer error popup, saying: "C:Users\bla\bla\bla\Item12.: Vehicle class BAFX_bulldog_D_RWS no longer exists". Then, i looked around me. There was NOTHING around me than 3xT-55s and 5xT-34s and a Bulldog, a Scimitar, a Spartan, then a Scorpion behind them. These were in front of the left hangar. :391: So i think i rather reinstall all my mods and addons...
  12. Okay, i installed the mod, but without 1.63 just to try it. Well, the flamethrower effects are great, as the new ammo effects too. I cannot see any T-72 variants that i place in the editor, only the T-72M4. Maybe its just because the lack of 1.63 ?
  13. Thank you for this release eggbeast ! OFF I will look after how can i update my CO to 1.63 by the most simple way, then i install this mod. I got ArmA 2 and OA on original DVD and im not so happy with that Steam update thing. And im not alone with that. ON
  14. Hurray ! I was waiting it so much. This and Unsung 2.6 will be the only mods i will run with CO...
  15. Ah correct, i was meant Zsu-57-2. Well this will be a bigger content as i see. Models, fixes, other stuff. File size ?