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  1. The medical system is still undergoing work. If you can reproduce stuff like that, throw up a bug on our issue tracker :)
  2. It's an error we are working on fixing. Then you probably are not running the latest version of CBA :) Try updating and seeing if that works. If not, make sure you are running version 1.42 of ArmA3 It won't happen for advanced medical I don't think, however for basic medical it's def an option. Give it a little (until release or a little after) for us to finish more of it (it's still being worked on!) and if the feature is not there, feel free to throw it in as a feature request :) On our public chatroom (https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/429) we also have a channel dedicated for discussing the medical system ;) Every community may have different settings, however most should be running the same ACE3 PBOs, so in 95% of cases you won't need to download anything extra. And sure, you'd have to figure out the differences, but it's not much different to how things were with CSE, AGM, XMed, and the others. Instead of different systems, it'd just be different settings in the same system. Different UI sizes is definitely an option! Have a quick scan through our issue list (https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/) and if you don't see it there or in our feature request issue (https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/414), you can make a post on that feature request issue (#414) and request it! We also have a channel in our public slack chatroom about the interaction menu (https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/429)
  3. Currently for bug tracking etc, we have the GitHub issues: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues Please read this first though: http://acemod.github.io/ACE3/wiki/user/how-to-report-an-issue.html (Just note that currently there is no version number as we have not released an official build/version) As for feature requests, we have an issue active: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/414 Similarly for feature requests, please read here first: http://acemod.github.io/ACE3/wiki/user/how-to-make-a-feature-request.html This thread is a bit of a discussion in itself :P However if you would also like to join a chatroom, you can see here: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/429 Unfortunately the one we are using ATM requires an invite to join, however, if you post on that issue I can invite you to it :) The same goes for anyone else wanting to join the chatroom! Post on that issue and I'll invite you to it.
  4. Guys. Please keep the bickering down plz :)
  5. We are sorting it out :) Don't worry.
  6. Neither the PWS or the Armaholic releases were provided by the ACE3 team. Both were from a member of the community taking the ACE3 repo and PBOing the contents themselves. So basically both of those are unofficial and thus unsupported.
  7. Left windows is interaction menu left control + left windows is self-interaction menu Edit: Sniped by Kremator... Good work :P
  8. You need the latest latest version of CBA (updated today or yesterday), otherwise you wont get the controls showing up :)
  9. Hey guys, New feature teaser video out :) Enjoy!
  10. kieran_s

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    I think glowbal is working on a fix for that now.
  11. kieran_s

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    Hey guys, Just so you know, the CSE website is migrating servers, so the site may be down for a day or two. Apologies for any inconvenience.
  12. kieran_s

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    Sorry about the delay in responses guys. Both Glowbal and myself have been a little busy with university and work related items. We should have answers to the previous posts up soon.
  13. kieran_s

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    We will be focusing on bugfixes, documentation, and finishing up what we have currently for the competition entry. Once we have killed a lot of the major bugs, gotten things running fairly streamlined and smoothly, and gotten decent documentation done (etc)... or when the comp entry closes, whatever comes first :P ... we will then resume adding new features. As far as we can tell from our in-house testing it was fixed. There may however be combinations of settings etc, or peoples servers, or other mods, or any other number of variables which could prevent it from working. If you believe you have a bug, check the tracker for an existing open (or in progress) bug, and either comment on it, or upvote it. If it doesn't exist, feel free to create a new bug report :) See glowbals link :) This is one of the things we will be working on in the feature freeze period. Getting decent documentation for everything done.
  14. kieran_s

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    CSE is now on a PARTIAL FEATURE FREEZE. Due to the Make ArmA Not War competition closing in about 2 months, we are doing a partial feature freeze. This means that we will not be adding any additional modules (with the exception of a revive module being developed), and no additional unplanned features will be added. The next two months will be focused on bug-fixes, documentation, tutorials, and finalising features that are currently being worked on. This freeze will be lifted either when the MANW competition closes, or if we manage to get through the bug-fixes ahead of time :) We will keep you updated! Please continue to submit any feature requests to our tracker. We will look at adding new features and/or modules after the MANW competition closes on the 28th October 2014