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  1. Thank you for your work Rock. I wouldn't play Arma without addons like yours.
  2. Hartmann_E

    PAK-FA (T-50) AddOn: Work in Progress

    Thank you for your work !
  3. Hello DarkGiver, Thanks for this mod, I was waiting for swiss rifles. Will your mod include the SAN 511 ? Cheers
  4. Hartmann_E

    German Armed Forces Mod

    This Chopper is amazing, thank you for the great work !
  5. Hartmann_E

    Clarion WIP thread

    Nice work !
  6. Hartmann_E

    Clafghan Map 20x20 Beta Release

    Awesome map, would love to play it in A3 too
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    Hello KoffeinFlummi, Hello Jagheterjan, First at all, thanks for this mod, BWMod is definitly one of my favorite mod and the quality level is simply amazing. I'm testing your Puma and it "seems" that the AI as locking issues with fast aircrafts (over 350kmh). I'm using different addons and aircraft like SU35 (Saul n Spartan) and Su25 (Swedish forces MOD) + TMR. All aircrafts have been successfully locked by AI Puma once or twice but often at low alt and slow speed and it seems to be only Spike missiles and not the 30mm canon. One last thing I've noticed, the Puma seems to be undestroyable by anti tank missile like AGM65 (HAF MOD), KH29 (SU35 MOD) and ATGM Scalpel (ARMA3). The missiles ricochet off the Puma. I hope this might help Thank you for great work and for reading me.
  9. Hartmann_E

    F-35B Lightning II

    @Sakura_Chan & @Chortles, I have a question, "a bit OT", but are the F35 or the F22, still stealht at those short range (WVR), I mean arent they stealht only BVR ? And many thanks for your addons @ 87th_Neptune thx
  10. Hartmann_E

    ArmA 3: Speed Radars!

    You killed me!!! X) Totally awesome, they exactly look like ours! Thx
  11. Thank you for the release !
  12. I encounter the same issue, when I'm trying to lock my R77 ("BVR") at the F/A-18. Btw thanks for making the vector thrust so amazing to look.
  13. Hartmann_E

    FGM-148 Javelin, can we fix it?

    Great ! Can't wait to see the Javelin back, thx.
  14. Hartmann_E

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Sorry to hear that, take your time.
  15. Hello Aplion, First at all, thank you for your brilliant work, I enjoy Arma 3 much more since you released your aircrafts. And speaking about you aircraft, the feeling is great, thx again. I have a question. When I'm flying one of your aircraft over a ZSU-39 Tigris, I don't get any warning when it fires missiles. Do you plan to integrate warnings for incoming missile, like FA/18 from John_Spartan n Saul ? Thanks for reading me.
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    Nice work ! Thanks a lot !