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  1. What if I am using the medical system of AGM. Can I disable the MCC one? Fantastic work you did btw. :) Cheers chris
  2. Looks nice! How is the communication done? Would something like TFAR be possible, so you can talk only to players nearby and maybe even find radios?
  3. Sounds like a pretty damn good mission pack! Do you think it is doable by 5?
  4. What does in theory mean? :) Anything we have to consider if we wanna use it on our dedicated?
  5. Are there any recommendations for bandwith? Especially for upload, will 6mb be enough for 10 players?
  6. Same here! When I am spawning AI via Zeus they are pretty damn accurate. We dont use a hc so.
  7. Ok that is new for me....But I am a noob :) So I DON'T have to install the @ALIVE mod on our dedicated server for a ALIVE mission?
  8. ChrisB76


    This really fixed the error! Thx for the quick help!
  9. ChrisB76

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Same problems here. Does this mod run on a linux dedicated server? What do I have to do?
  10. ChrisB76


    Hm, I don't think it is Alive related, another Alive sample mission is working with no errors. Could this be CAF AG related?
  11. Hey, I am running into some issues as well. I did rename all files and dirs in alive to lower chars using the command: rename 'y/A-Z/a-z/' * This should do the trick?
  12. ALiVE is not working on my dedicated linux server right now. I am trying to find and elimante the error tonight. Some day I will have a proper system running... :-)
  13. ChrisB76


    Hey, yes indeed i am trying to use ALiVE on the linux server! Thank you so much for your hint! I just renamed all files to lower case with a rename command. I guess that wasn't enough? I will give it a try tonight. Thank you so much EDIT: What does this tolower.c different to the command for each directory: rename 'y/A-Z/a-z/' *