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  1. Hello, im using the "new" respawn menu, everything is working but spectator! After the player is dead, and choose to "Spectate" the camera is stuck, at the position of dead body and cant move or look around. here is the template set-up: respawnTemplatesWest[] = {"MenuPosition","MenuInventory","Tickets","Spectator"}; respawnTemplatesEast[] = {"MenuPosition","MenuInventory","Tickets","Spectator"}; respawn = 3; respawndelay = 3; respawnOnStart = -1; respawnDialog = 1; enableTeamSwitch = 1; aikills = 1; showWatch = 0; debugConsole = 2; disabledAI = 1;
  2. endbored

    Arma 3 - Spawning as a Seagull

    is this still supported to spawn in as a seagull, i cant manage to do this, is this still working? i try to use 1 and BIRD in description but game let me never spawn as a bird, goes right to mission failed after death the other options seem to work but not the bird best regards
  3. is it possible to make specific infantry units ignore air targets? because only the aa infantry units should aim and shoot at air targets, not every single solder, it just looks weird.
  4. hello, this works with in editor placed waypoints, but im having problems getting this to work with scripted waypoints _boat = createVehicle ["LIB_LCVP", getMarkerPos ("boatspawn"), [], 180, "FORM"]; _driverguy = [[26761.4,24593.4,0.000909805], resistance, ["LIB_US_pilot"],[],[],[],[],[],300] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; ((units _driverguy) select 0) moveInDriver _boat; {_x allowFleeing 0} forEach units _driverguy; _wp1 = _driverguy addWaypoint [_posLand,0]; _wp1 setWaypointType "TR UNLOAD"; _wp1 setWaypointBehaviour "CARELESS"; _wp1 setWaypointCompletionRadius 50; _wp1 setWaypointStatements ["true", "_boat animate[""ramp_rotate"",1]; hint 'goodbye'"]; it works till the goodbye without any warning, but it doesnt animate best regards
  5. endbored

    EDEN Editor BUGS

    The placement radius setting does not work with ordnance module, its always reset back to 0 after coming back to editor
  6. endbored

    aikills description.ext

    some are, but not all of them
  7. endbored

    aikills description.ext

    not sure if i get this right, does this show the npc´s i killed in my stats or the statistics of other npc´s? cause even in mp i can only see my statistics..
  8. Where is this shown, in debriefing? is this not working?
  9. endbored

    [WIP] Female base model project

    Great work, keep it up
  10. Hello, when my mission starts, the friendly ai has entered the gun positions of all the empty vehicles placed, is it possible to not let them enter by self? edit greets
  11. endbored

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    can we make them speak no english somehow? sorry if this has already been asked, couldnt find in search.. i really like this addon, thank you very much:yay: