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  1. Files not signed by a key accepted by this server... ---------- Post added at 16:26 ---------- Previous post was at 16:13 ---------- I need help :/
  2. Now it works but it says; addon 'ca_communityconfigurationproject_e' requires addon 'ca_baf'
  3. Can i add you on skype or something cause its easier there.
  4. Activation process has been terminated The SERIAL was not found in the database. Most likely the SERIAL has been entered incorrectly. Press 'Back' to retry activating (please verify the correct input of the SERIAL) or click 'Cancel' to abort. If the problem persists, please visit our support homepage for possible solutions: https://support.securom.com/PAunlock/?c=1200 That happens when i put in my Installation Key
  5. I just installed the game and then it asks me for a serial key and i only find a installation key in my arma 2 oa case. it says like this;Please enter your serial number in the supplied text area and click 'Activate' to unlock. This will connect to the license server via the Internet and request an unlock license. Press 'Cancel' to abort. So Please help :P I just wanna play some DayZ