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  1. You can use playSound3D for vanilla sounds, and don't even need the description.ext at all. The command only needs the path to your file and a position / object to play at. playSound3D ["A3\music_f_exp\Music\AmbientTrack02a_F_EXP.ogg", myObject]; If you'd still prefer to have the sound defined in CfgSounds, use a @ instead of \ at the start of the path to the file. Same applies to CfgSFX if you want to use it. class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {}; class MUSIC1 { sound[] = {"@A3\music_f_exp\Music\AmbientTrack02a_F_EXP.ogg",50,1}; titles[] = {}; }; }; See the NOTE on wiki. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Description.ext#CfgSounds
  2. feuerexcz

    Arma Translation

    Hey there Kydoimos, I'd be happy to offer my help and translate to czech, just let me know. :) cheers
  3. Congratulations to all winners! I was kinda skeptical at first, especially when the contest was re-opened, but at the end it's only the opinion of BIS that really matters here, and I respect their decision. I hope to see other contests, fun actions and opportunities for creative people in the future - maybe not necessarily that huge and 'rewarding', but I'll leave that to the people that distribute the money. This contest was a good idea, and quite fun, at least for me.
  4. Thanks, Tupolov, for taking the time to go through the entries. I was going to do that as well, but didn't find the time, you saved me some work. I checked several entries mentioned by BIS, and only a small portion of them is actually in need of some adjustments. In many cases it's a reserved spot for a mod, that wasn't made in time, so it's just a place-holder for something that doesn't exist. Now consider what zapat said. Technically, there is a place for twenty (or so) completely new entries, that could have been made after the deadline. The only thing needed is to contact the author of the original entry with nothing in it, and publish the mod under their name. The description can be changed, new images added, and suddenly there's a completely new mod, that legitimately got into the contest a whole month after the deadline. Also, if you take into consideration, that many modders were unwilling to release their entries publicly, saying that their work could be stolen by others. Unpack a PBO and copy the insides is an easy task. Some of these mods were uploaded within the last few days, most probably to avoid anyone copying the scripts and placing them to other works. Now, a month after the deadline, there has been more than enough time to download all of the entries, look inside, and use any part of the code for a different mod, that can now be uploaded with little to no problem at all. I'm not saying that there are lots of people waiting to cheat the system in any way possible, but everyone with any mod now has a possibility to sneak into the contest. You are also punishing all others, who were able to get things working properly, by allowing all these small exploits to happen.
  5. My apologies then, I read the whole thing some two months back and don't remember reading about reopening. I did some research and it seems it changed on the 22.10., as it doesn't appear on my stored page from 19.10. It's still a change before the original deadline, so it's okay I guess. I still don't agree with this decision, and I'm going to continue questioning the contest, especially if one of the finalists is going to be a mod/mission that was originally unavailable/not playable, and got into the contest only because of this decision. Once someone participates in a contest where's this much money, they should at least check their own work, or contact support immediately, if there's a problem. As this re-opening appeared after a whole month, I think that most of the problematic entries are unfinished demo versions, that simply couldn't participate in any form at the time.
  6. Taken from MakeArma website: mission of Entries will be closed on 28th October 2014 at 12am (GMT+1). (...) The jury will exclude from the Contest any of the submitted entries which: d. have been submitted belatedly. Okay, now this is something I will probably never understand. The rules are clear, the deadline was a month ago, and nobody can submit anything after that. It was mentioned literally everywhere. So, where exactly is the problem? Can the works be downloaded, are they unfinished, or are they just submitted ideas without any actual files? You know, some people use to plan big, write down some ideas, but maybe they couldn't finish the work in time so they didn't upload anything...? I understand that you want to see all entries, but this is just a punch in the face for everyone who accepted the rules and did their best to do everything in time. People who did only half the work can now submit something entirely different, and completely ruin the one and only rule of the contest, and that is to do the work in time. Okay, whatever. It's your contest, so yeah, do what you wish.
  7. I strongly believe that all works should be publicly accessible. The first line on the About page says "Open to anyone, benefit for everyone", private mods for devs only would kinda break that thought. Also, as St. Jimmy said, all entries are downloaded when the deadline ends, and there is no option of updating it after that.
  8. Letters to Kate A single-player mission containing several unique concepts that use all possibilities of the Arma editor. Uncover the story of Gavin, a NATO soldier on a mission on Altis. He sent several letters to his wife, and as she reads them, she discovers what happened to her love. Did he succeed, or was his mission a failure? Features: - A story that enriches the gameplay and brings the whole mission to life - Sabotage-style mission with increasing, but not impossible difficulty - Multiple endings with different ways to achieve them - Full use of the Arma 3's excellent features, including underwater world, lightning system or the uniform switching system - Bunkbeds! (sort of) - Detailed surroundings with plenty of hand-placed objects for a better experience - Hidden secrets and cheats that entertain players who are already familiar with the mission Official release informative video containing a small part of the gameplay (Not a trailer) Make Arma, not war link http://makearmanotwar.com/entry/TvJz839CBM#.VEn92_msWVg Please consider voting for the entry if you find it worthy. Steam workshop download link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=330568128 Manual installation Mediafire Have a great day! Feuerex
  9. feuerexcz

    Mission name not updating?

    I am talking about the mission selection screen, the one that appears after clicking 'Scenarios' in the main menu. I am experiencing the problem quite similar to the one on the image - no matter what I do, the mission doesn't seem to register that there is a name defined in the Intel (as the first mission on the image) and only seems to read the name of .pbo (as the 2nd, 3rd...). Mission loading screen and all other screens are working perfectly. Edit: I finally solved the problem. Clicking Intel and setting a name within the editor did nothing, so I read something about campaigns and addons. Finally I tried to add a new line to the description.ext file: briefingName = "Mission name"; And it worked. At long last.
  10. All right, I feel kinda silly because I think I should be able to deal with this, but, as it seems, this problem is beyond my knowledge. I made a mission and wanted to test it, but instead of the official name I get only the common foldername.Altis, which isn't very nice to look at and makes a bad first impression. I know that this name can be changed in the Intel section and I quadruple-checked on that, both in the editor and in the mission.sqm. I do have a custom name of the mission set up properly, but the game doesn't pick it up for some reason. So I restarted Arma, deleted all saves of the said mission, renamed the folder of the mission, I even made a stringtable.csv and tried to change the name with that. No visible effects. Then I restarted Arma again, deleted all saves of the mission, unsubscribed from all steam missions, triple-checked my launch settings, deleted the .pbo and tried to save the mission again with it's proper name. And once again, I only got the ugly xxxxxx.Altis instead of a custom text. I opened a different mission on Altis, added a name in the intel section, saved it. It was fine and worked as it should. Then I tried to save the cursed mission again, no luck in changing it's name. Lastly, I copied the folder with the mission and saved with a different folder name. It didn't help. Am I correct that the displayed mission name is defined in mission.sqm in this part? class Intel { briefingName="Mission name"; For some strange reason, the game still shows me the foldername.Altis, but only with this mission. What could it cause? Is it possible that the game generated an error in the mission.sqm and cannot read it now? Btw. the mission works perfectly in the editor even with -showscripterrors and this whole issue appeared only now. It worked 5 days ago, when I saved the latest beta version. I only added a few sounds and some triggers since then. Any help is welcome!
  11. Looking for any adult male voice actor for a single player mission (some cutscenes). Clean english with no accent or an accent from any of the english-speaking countries preferred. It's only about 35 lines, narrating-style only (no shouting, yelling, nothing fancy). Please PM me if you are available. The mission should appear in MakeArmaNotWar, so the sound is needed ASAP. Read here or contact me if you need more information before you decide http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?184503-Need-a-voice-actor You have a guaranteed place in the credits, readme and all my other works related to the mission. And if I win the contest (unlikely), I'll buy you something nice as well. Feuerex Edit: Nevermind, don't need anyone. The time is up anyway.
  12. feuerexcz

    Need a voice actor

    I'll make sure to check that out and search for voices there as well. Thanks!
  13. I'm currently making a single player mission that would really benefit from having someone read a few lines. Ideally, I'd need someone with a lower, clear voice, but I guess anyone is welcome, as I am currently short on time. If anyone's interested, here's more info about the role: - I need a voice for the main protagonist / narrator in intro and cutscenes. - It's around 30 - 35 lines, not a lot of talking at all. It doesn't include emotions like screaming, yelling, or too elaborate feelings. - I can't offer you money or anything, but you have a guaranteed place in the credits, readme attached to the mission, and all that stuff. I won't forget. - The mission will most probably be featured in MANW contest. I don't dare to say it achieves something, but I want to at least participate. - I'd need someone with a decent or good microphone, so that the voice isn't too disorted. Also, Audacity or other recording software, so that we can get the best possible result. If you would be interested, please contact me either here, PM, or: email - feuerexcz@gmail.com youtube comment or message or something - youtube.com/user/Feuerex I will be happy to talk to you on teamspeak or skype during the recording if you wish, but I'm also perfectly okay with you recording by yourself and sending me the results. Your choice. Have a great day everyone! Feuerex
  14. These may be a little bit too dramatic, but hey, at least the player will feel truly epic with sentences like these. Czech translation! Navzdory zdrcující přesile nepřátel se Coleridge připojí k obráncům v Selakano. or Tváří v tvář drtivé přesile se Coleridge připojí k obraně Selakano. or Navzdory mizivé naději se Coleridge připojí k posledním obráncům v Selakano. (this last one is more like 'there's no hope, but they still stand to the last man', it's very dramatic)
  15. So here's the czech translation, revised and slightly edited. It should fit more, now that the examples are here. I spent some time figuring out how to avoid all possible syntax problems, but there are still some little details that will seem a bit off. It's because there are like tens of different forms of almost every word, so if I change Uniform for Backpack, the sentence will slightly change. I tried to avoid that as much as possible, but it's not perfect. I added some notes down below there, so if anyone's interested, you can rephrase what I translated. My notes: