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  1. Hi, I'm trying to rotate an object with: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ctrlSetModelDirAndUp Which is a command for GUI that is the same as: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setVectorDirAndUp I have the rotation working as I wish this is the code I'm using, the code bellow rotate's the object based on the direction the player is facing: While {true} do { _vD = vectorDir player; _c ctrlSetModelDirAndUp [ [(_vD select 0),(_vD select 1),0], [0,0,1] ]; sleep 0.01; }; However I'd also like the object to tilt towards the player at all times. Does anyone know how to achive this? Ive done some experimentation and found: The object is tilted correctly when the player is facing north: [(_vD select 0),(_vD select 1),0.20] [0,0,1]The object is tilted correctly when the player is facing south: [(_vD select 0),(_vD select 1),-0.20] [0,0,1] I would like to know how to get it to tilt correctly towards the player no matter which way the player is facing. Hopefully I've explained that well enough. Thanks.
  2. Attually the function libary has a task frame work that does all of that stuff automatically. Obviuosuly this in your init.sqf will give you your breifing (works in mp). player createDiaryRecord ["diary", ["diary subject 1", "cool stuff be happening yo.."]]; player createDiaryRecord ["diary", ["diary subject 2", "cool stuff be happening yo.."]]; For tasks: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Task_Framework Example (could also go in init.sqf): if (isServer) then { /* BIS_fnc_taskCreate. Parameters: 0: BOOL or OBJECT or GROUP or SIDE or ARRAY - Task owner(s) 1: STRING or ARRAY - Task name or array in the format [task name, parent task name] 2: ARRAY or STRING - Task description in the format ["description", "title", "marker"] or CfgTaskDescriptions class 3: OBJECT or ARRAY or STRING - Task destination 4: BOOL or NUMBER or STRING - Task state (or true to set as current) 5: NUMBER - Task priority (when automatically selecting a new current task, higher priority is selected first) 6: BOOL - Show notification (default: true) 7: STRING - Task type as defined in the CfgTaskTypes 8: BOOL - Should the task being shared (default: false), if set to true, the assigned players are being counted */ {_x call BIS_fnc_taskCreate;} forEach [ [ WEST, "BWCSM_Task_1", ["Your team is to search For Captured Resistance Leader, he is believed to be been held in or around the town of Ifestiona (129,197) by an elite CSAT unit. When you have identified his location your team is too rescue him and defend him against CSAT until the UMSC 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion reaches Your Location. <br /><br />Bring the Resistance leader back to Altis Airfield to complete this objective.", "Rescue Resistance Leader", "Rescue Resistance Leader"], getMarkerPos "ObjectiveOne", "AUTOASSIGNED", // "Succeeded" "Failed" "Canceled" "Created" "Assigned" , "AUTOASSIGNED" 1, true, "Rescue Resistance Leader", false ], [ WEST, "BWCSM_Task_2", ["Remain Undetected, until you have begun your attempt to rescue the resistance leader.<br /><br />To complete this objective some of your team must be within 250m of the captive when your are detected by the CSAT forces.", "Remain Undetected", ""], getMarkerPos "ObjectiveOne", "Assigned", 1, false, "", false ] ]; }; Update your tasks in this way via a trigger for example: if (isServer) then {0 = ["BWCSM_Task_1","Succeeded",true] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState;}; If the module is broken report it on the feedback tracker.
  3. @cba_a3 also has a function that checks marker ares.
  4. You really need to add more details to your posts. I'm guessing what you want is.. an example of only running code if the map click is withing 500 of a position: if (_mapClickPos distance _centrePos < 500) then { /* run your code here */};
  5. big_wilk

    Eden Feature Requests

    FIrst of all EDEN is a great revamp of the editor. Keep up the good work. A few suggestions (maybe we can already do these thing?): 1. Can we have a play animation option in EDEN (not preview) as it would make createing scences like this much easyer: Though much easyer now animated objects in genral are quite hard to place as you can't see the exact world position of the objects once the animation has been run by switchMove / playmove ect. Im guessing this is posible as when you change the face of a a unit via eden it updates in eden. 2. Saw this one mentioned, before in this thread but; quickly editing the loadout via arenal in addition could this be shown in EDEN before hitting preveiw as well, for the same reason as above makes placement of units/objects easyer. 3. Small one but thats buged me for a while ( that I dont think can currently be changed at all) : http://imgur.com/RbjWOXq Changeing the call sign of a group in a MP lobby:Can the call sign option in the group window be appllied to the mp lobby screen? Small thing but helps with organisation, currrently its the number is based on what order the units where placed in. (Seen people trying to find out how to do this so many time on this fourms also). 4. Manipulate multiple objects at the same time in a simlar fasion to how you can change the atributes of a group. 5. Some guidance as well how many objects is too many objects its now too easy to get carired away :P.
  6. Wow, thanks Karel / Killzone. I appreciate the effort, I'll check them out tonight.
  7. Thanks a lot for your help everyone. I guess if this is ever used outside of the vanilla then I can tell people to load @cba as they'll probably be using that anyway.
  8. gettext then? if so it returns "" I had a look through the config veiwer at: configfile >> "CfgWorlds" >> "altis/stratis" Don't see it unfortunately. Will look again later when I get sometime.
  9. @ (DE / Badluck) What I mean about the axis is some maps for example VR have strange X or Y coordinates. VR starts with the Y000 in the middle of the map (if you go south its the grid is 999, if you go north its 001 (as VR seems to be on the equator :confused:)). The X axis on VR is how you might expect with 0 on the far left of the map. So to take Badlucks or DE's examples entering this grid 010,020: [] spawn { _grid = "010020"; _gridRefSize = ( count _grid ) / 2; _multi = 10^ ( 5 - _gridRefSize ); _gridX = ( parseNumber ( _grid select [ 0, _gridRefSize ] ) ) * _multi; _gridY = ( parseNumber ( _grid select [ _gridRefSize, _gridRefSize ] ) ) * _multi; player setpos [_gridX,_gridY,0]; }; Will place you at 0100,9765. (some maps have one axis complete reserved for example I think Bystrica from the ACR Dlc in Arma2 had that for some reason). @Moricky I had a look around in CFGworlds earlyer and cant find the "grid" entry has that changed in arma3, _num = getNumber (configfile >> "CfgWorlds" >> worldName >> "grid"); Or is the above wrong?
  10. DreadedEntity your my hero! Thanks for that I've been trying to figure that out for a while now. I'll trying and make it work with reversed axis tomorrow (haven't tested it on a reversed yet but I assume from looking it wont currently deal with that). BadLuckBurt thanks for your help I'll look at that tmrrow also.
  11. Thanks for the reply's, @ Heeeere's Johnny! Thanks, I'll have a look for the map control to see if posScreenToWorld will work, but not sure how to go about detecting the map dialog to test it. @DreadedEntity that makes a nice pattern :) I was trying to do a similar thing after seeing what the CBA function does to check the maps scale: Its here if you want to look at it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pw79bi5p16k7ryc/fnc_mapGridToPos.sqf?dl=0 I cant figure that out. The CBA one has attualy figure out Unless I completely misunderstand how internal positions work I think you could convert a grid reference of any size to a world position. For example the CBA one converts up to 10 figures. [12345,54321]. In my script above to get a 10 figure grid reference into an internal potion I do this (works on altis): Put this into your debug consol on Altis in the editor to end up on a nice stretch of coast line :). GRID 12355,12505 [12355,12505] spawn { private ["_x3","_y3"]; _x2 = _this select 0; _y2 = _this select 1; if (_x2 < 1000000000) then {_x3 = _x2 / 10000;}; if (_y2 < 1000000000) then {_y3 = _y2 / 10000;}; if (_x2 < 100000000) then {_x3 = _x2 / 1000;}; if (_y2 < 100000000) then {_y3 = _y2 / 1000;}; if (_x2 < 10000000) then {_x3 = _x2 / 100;}; if (_y2 < 10000000) then {_y3 = _y2 / 100;}; if (_x2 < 1000000) then {_x3 = _x2 / 10;}; if (_y2 < 1000000) then {_y3 = _y2 / 10;}; if (_x2 < 100000) then {_x3 = _x2}; if (_y2 < 100000) then {_y3 = _y2}; if (_x2 < 10000) then {_x3 = 10 * _x2;}; if (_y2 < 10000) then {_y3 = 10 * _y2;}; if (_x2 < 1000) then {_x3 = 100 * _x2;}; if (_y2 < 1000) then {_y3 = 100 * _y2;}; player setpos [_x3,_y3]; };
  12. Hi, I am trying to make a Grid Reference to World Position script. But have run into a dead end. Could anyone help me understand the maths needed to make this work for all map as I don't want to write a script for every map? The World Positions are always numbers less than 10,000. If the number is greater than 10,000 then up to two decimal places seem to used. What would I need to do to scale something like the script pasted bellow to work for every map, and work with a minimum of a 1 figure grid reference up to at least 8 figures. (There does not seem to be any BIS functions for this, though CBA does have one, the script is not using mods so unfortunately I cant use that and I cant get my head round what it does either). This is as far as I have gotten by myself (it works but only for Altis): _pos = [123,321] call BW_fnc_GridToPos; private ["_x3","_y3"]; _x2 = _this select 0; _y2 = _this select 1; _condition = worldName; switch (_condition) do { case "Altis": { if (_x2 < 1000000000) then {_x3 = _x2 / 10000;}; if (_y2 < 1000000000) then {_y3 = _y2 / 10000;}; if (_x2 < 100000000) then {_x3 = _x2 / 1000;}; if (_y2 < 100000000) then {_y3 = _y2 / 1000;}; if (_x2 < 10000000) then {_x3 = _x2 / 100;}; if (_y2 < 10000000) then {_y3 = _y2 / 100;}; if (_x2 < 1000000) then {_x3 = _x2 / 10;}; if (_y2 < 1000000) then {_y3 = _y2 / 10;}; if (_x2 < 100000) then {_x3 = _x2}; if (_y2 < 100000) then {_y3 = _y2}; if (_x2 < 10000) then {_x3 = 10 * _x2;}; if (_y2 < 10000) then {_y3 = 10 * _y2;}; if (_x2 < 1000) then {_x3 = 100 * _x2;}; if (_y2 < 1000) then {_y3 = 100 * _y2;}; }; [_x3,_y3];
  13. There is no documentation on the new waypoint types, I just got that by looking at the .sqm. I'm fairly sure the syntax is correct, so since I'm not the only one getting the issue I started one of these: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=21835
  14. Hi, Am I using the "Hook" waypoint correctly? As doing the following steps results in the game crashing: 1. Name a Hunter "car". 2. Name a Huron "heli". 3. Place the following into your debug console and press local execute: [] spawn { _wpxx = (group heli) addWaypoint [getpos car , 0]; [(group heli), 0] setWaypointCombatMode "red"; _wpxx setWaypointType "HOOK"; _wpxx setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; _wpxx setWaypointBehaviour "SAFE"; _wpxx setWaypointFormation "LINE"; }; 4. Drive the car a few meters from its position when you pressed execute. If car remains still while the Heli is trying to pick it up Arma does not crash, however if it moves a small distance it crashes 100% of the time. I don't think its a game bug as attaching the "Lift Cargo" (Life Cargo == Hook) waypoint in the editor to any vehicle that your are driving around does not crash the game. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. big_wilk

    Sling Loading Feedback

    Usability - Its impressive, especially they way individual ropes can be stressed to breaking point :). From mission making perspective Ive noticed two things with the Ai that dont seem right (They praobly have been mentioned as they are fairly obvious): * If you use the "Drop Cargo" / "Lift Cargo" waypoints or setSlingLoad command the helicopter will rock back and forth while in forward flight as if its got auto hover on. Meaning it flys very very slowly. * There is a feedback tracker on this: The "Drop Cargo" waypoint does not seem to work as I'd expect as it only places the cargo on the ground and does not detach the ropes (you have to script this to get it to move on). Difficulty - The system is simple from players respective and works like most Arma sling loading mods / scripts have over the years so should be fairly easy for most people to pick up. Multiplayer - One thing me and a friend noticed is that it would be nice allow the co-pilot to release as well as grab the cargo. (he could hook but not unhook while co-pilot). Its a useful feature to the game, nice work.