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  1. Thanks for the answer, I'll try that Is it not going to generate a lot of traffic when a player connects since the command is global? Because essentially it is the same thing as remoteExec[0,true]
  2. Hi, I've been trying to do this for a while and I can't seem to get it right. It is quite simple, it is a function that destoys a certain part of the buidlings in a array of buildings. params["_houses","_amount"]; private _number = (count _houses) * _amount; for [{private _i = 0}, {_i < _number}, {_i = _i + 1}] do { (_houses select _i) setdamage [1, false]; }; It works in SP without issues, however in multiplayer weird stuff starts happening. It will work as intended for some players, but other with see both the wrecked building and the original building, most of the time flickering. I thought it was a JIP issue, and it probably is. But I've read a lot a posts and the wiki about a dozen of times and setDamage is global, and should work with the JIP queue (as said here http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-scripted-charges-v2/ at the end) And I trust bohemia with what they do, it usually works. So I guess I am missing something I could just do everything with a remoteExec[0,true] but that seems a little brutal and will generate a lot of unecessary traffic, I would rather not include that feature if that is the only solution. i could also store the buidlings somewhere and destoyThem whenever someone enters the server, it is less worse than the remoteExec but it still is a bit nasty since their is no local version of setDamage. So the question is, has anyone ever managed to do that in a "performance friendly" way? Thank you for your time :)
  3. It's so weird I can't find you : I typed "ALiVE - Public Channel"-->nothing "ALiVE"-->a lot of people but not you
  4. I can't find you on skype, what's your exact name on skype please?
  5. Thanks for your help, I think I've done everything on this link http://dev.withsix.com/projects/mso/wiki But when I launch the the server with the MSO my server crashes
  6. Thanks but I already know this one and I didn't understand it. I've installed MySQL but I don't understand how it works What do I have to do? I've never used MySQDL
  7. Is there a simple tuto to set the database on my server because I don't understand anything with MySQL and all the stuff. Thanks a lot
  8. Hello, I have a little problem, I created some units and when I play with them, I can't open ACE menu or see my weight. Here is an exemple of my config: class cfgVehicles { class US_Soldier_Base_EP1; class GOG_Soldier_Olive_Base : US_Soldier_Base_EP1 { expansion = 1; identityTypes[] = {"Language_EN_EP1","Head_USMC"}; faceType = "Man"; genericNames = "EnglishMen"; model = "\soldier_olive\soldier.p3d"; portrait = "\Ca\characters\data\portraits\comBarHead_usmc_soldier_ca"; picture = "\Ca\characters\data\Ico\i_null_CA.paa"; icon = "\Ca\characters2\data\icon\i_soldier_CA.paa"; scope = 0; faction = "GOG"; vehicleClass = "GOG_FR_olive"; cost = 80000; camouflage = 1.8; accuracy = 2.0; class Wounds { tex[] = {}; mat[] = {"ca\characters2\Rus\DATA\soldier_flora_vsr_vest.RVmat","ca\characters2\Rus\DATA\soldier_flora_vsr_vest_w1.RVmat","ca\characters2\Rus\DATA\soldier_flora_vsr_vest_w2.RVmat","ca\characters2\Rus\DATA\soldier_co_flora_vsr_vest.RVmat","ca\characters2\Rus\DATA\soldier_co_flora_vsr_vest_w1.RVmat","ca\characters2\Rus\DATA\soldier_co_flora_vsr_vest_w2.RVmat","ca\characters2\Rus\DATA\soldier_mg_flora_vsr_vest.RVmat","ca\characters2\Rus\DATA\soldier_mg_flora_vsr_vest_w1.RVmat","ca\characters2\Rus\DATA\soldier_mg_flora_vsr_vest_w2.RVmat","ca\characters2\Rus\DATA\soldier_at_flora_VSR_vest.RVmat","ca\characters2\Rus\DATA\soldier_at_flora_VSR_vest_w1.RVmat","ca\characters2\Rus\DATA\soldier_at_flora_VSR_vest_w2.RVmat","ca\characters2\Rus\DATA\soldier_pilot_flora_vsr.RVmat","ca\characters2\Rus\DATA\soldier_pilot_flora_vsr_w1.RVmat","ca\characters2\Rus\DATA\soldier_pilot_flora_vsr_w2.RVmat","ca\characters2\Rus\DATA\soldier_crew_flora_vsr.RVmat","ca\characters2\Rus\DATA\soldier_crew_flora_vsr_w1.RVmat","ca\characters2\Rus\DATA\soldier_crew_flora_vsr_w2.RVmat","ca\characters2\Rus\DATA\Commander.rvmat","ca\characters2\Rus\DATA\W1_Commander.rvmat","ca\characters2\Rus\DATA\W2_Commander.rvmat"}; }; class TalkTopics { core_en = "Core_Full_E"; }; languages[] = {"EN"}; class EventHandlers; }; //lizard class GOG_Soldier_Olive_marksman : GOG_Soldier_Olive_Base { scope = 2; accuracy = 3.9; displayName = "Marksman"; canCarryBackPack = 1; model = "\soldier_olive\soldier2.p3d"; weapons[] = {"gog_mas49_sniper","Throw","Put","ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemWatch"}; magazines[] = {"10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","HandGrenade_West","HandGrenade_West"}; respawnWeapons[] = {"gog_mas49_sniper","Throw","Put","ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemWatch"}; respawnMagazines[] = {"10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","HandGrenade_West","HandGrenade_West"}; }; class GOG_Soldier_Olive_rifle : GOG_Soldier_Olive_Base { scope = 2; accuracy = 3.9; displayName = "Rifleman"; canCarryBackPack = 1; model = "\soldier_olive\soldier.p3d"; weapons[] = {"gog_mas49","Throw","Put","ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemWatch"}; magazines[] = {"10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","HandGrenade_West","HandGrenade_West"}; respawnWeapons[] = {"gog_mas49","Throw","Put","ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemWatch"}; respawnMagazines[] = {"10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","10Rnd_750x54_MAS49","HandGrenade_West","HandGrenade_West"}; backpack = "TK_ALICE_Pack_EP1"; };