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  1. Hi Completely new to scripting, what i'm trying to do is set a trigger to perform a module its synced to when the player enters a vehicle. What I have done in the condition field of the trigger is... man1 in car1. Despite this however nothing still happens and I couldn't find much information in order to execute this properly. Is there anything missing I need to add or create an sqf file to perform this action? Thanks for reading.
  2. Right, just to clarify a few things the script actually works, its just the module which I'm using from a mod doesn't seem to work when your entering a vehicle. On top of that though thanks a lot guys for the information and event handling scripts, that'll help a lot along the way.
  3. Hi George Thanks for the information, never knew this existed. Just another question as I'm having trouble getting the trigger to activate, do I need to have the addeventhandler code into an .ini file and have it execute a .sqf file with the "GetIn" code that's listed with the link you sent me. Hi Pierremgi I tried both of those in the condition of the trigger that's synced to the module, unfortunately neither worked. I have... SOIEV_1_0_1: vehicle player == SOIEV_1_0_1 <--- This being the actual name of vehicle I'm trying to activate the trigger with.
  4. Hi I wish you guys the best of luck, i'm sorry to hear about the dilemma relating to the other mod but hopefully all goes well this time and its good to see this still in action.
  5. Hi I just want to say what a brilliant mod you've made as I had hoped something like this would be created and it has so thank you so much for time and publishing this :). However I have got the L85A2 mod working alongside the Beret mod and the L85A2 are a welcome edition but the Beret seems to have clipping issues and part of the Beret covers half the screen whilst in First-Person-View. This also applies for all units wearing the Beret (possibly an error in the texture path as it does say an error loading a texture when you preview a mission). I don't know if anyone else is encountering these problems or whether it's just me making mistakes as I haven't seen any other post anywhere with this type problem. Apart from that everything is as expected, hope you can solve this issue and once again thank you so much for your content :). Thank you for reading.