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  1. Are you talking for the entire forum? or the entire internet?... I post the video to show a video using the LOW SETTINGS that came with the game - do you see the video? - and using an OC 7700k the game cannot achive the 60 fps. I find this funny when I see people posting "fantastic" fps performances using others OC's settings... One point: the 7700k isn't a processor of the 2017 ... is the "CPU" of the year 2017 the difference with an 9700k is a 10% more fps... You can see the power of this "old" 7700k in this video using STOCK settings: Second point: the main upgrade of the ryzen series 3xxx is the AVX2 instructions, now this cpu i-set isnt emulated anymore and you can achive a lot of fps in the yaab test using the CMA memory allocator and the AVX2 version for free. I suggest make a bench using AVX2 instructions and the 3600.
  2. This say all right now...
  3. djotacon

    Arma 3 Memory Leak 2018 (Aug) Is there a fix?

    I think you dont know how to read and use properly the STEAM SPECS PAGE, in this page you have the minimum specs to play his game: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz o AMD Dual-Core Athlon 2.5 GHz and you have this cpu i7-3537U @2.00GHz 2.00 GHz probably you are playing in a laptop and this fps drop is caused because your laptop is running from bateries you need to play using the cable permanent connected. Your CPU is below the minimal requirements and theres no way to improve the fps with this kind of cpu, buy a proper cpu - if you can - or enjoy playing with a setup below the minimun specs.
  4. I make a test related with memory latencies using intel memory latency checker: Intel(R) Memory Latency Checker - v3.5 Measuring idle latencies (in ns)... Memory node Socket 0 0 64.1 64.1 I think is an good result using only the XMP profile, I dont see any improvement adding more tunning. I think this link can be useful to low latency hunters like us: http://www.qdpma.com/ServerSystems/MemoryLatencyII.html
  5. Not right now. First I need to fix some issues with my config: * Change my old mobo ( 350 to 450 chipset) * Fix the constant problem of irregular fps: based on my own research this can be easily fixed ( see the video irregular fps). * Fix the fps spikes ( video min 1.52-1.56 ) I think the power source isnt very good. * Fix the heat ( Madrid right now 35º-40º in my room) etc,etc.. When I fix all this problems I try to make a good memory tunning to improve even more the fps.
  6. A new test with the new CPU RYZEN 2700x and a 1060 3G NVIDIA GPU with the previous RAM gskill 3200 MHZ CL14, but with the awesome temp of 35º in my city. Stock CPU SPEED no OC, Arma 3 VERY HIGH settings and DISTANCE VIEW 1500.
  7. djotacon

    Free Games

    Hacknet today free on Steam: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hacknet https://store.steampowered.com/app/365450/Hacknet/?l=spanish
  8. I post here my videos based in OC/no OC configuration: ArmA 3 RYZEN 1700 STOCK + 1050 TI (KOTH ) 75+ players
  9. djotacon

    Tanks DLC: Premium Content Discussion

    Mmmmm It sounds interesting I will give it a chance... ( malefic laughter)
  10. djotacon

    World Cup 2018

    Ronaldo makes a good drama with scubadiving in the area to force a penalty, and 2 marvellous gifts given by a poor goalkeeper performance.
  11. djotacon

    Free Games

    On Raid https://store.steampowered.com/app/511800/ONRAID/
  12. djotacon

    Free Games

    Cuisine Royale: https://store.steampowered.com/app/884660/Cuisine_Royale/
  13. djotacon

    Free Games

    More free games: https://store.steampowered.com/app/272060/Serena/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/391270/Fingerbones/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/648390/Maries_Room/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/310370/The_Way_of_Life_Free_Edition/ More free games here:
  14. I think some posters dont have a RYZEN and only post in this tread to raging or trolling but... My own RYZEN 1700 with 3200 mhz ram ddr4 with a 3500 mhz stable bios oc: Without OC I leave here my personal thoughts about my new RYZEN:
  15. djotacon

    Thank you BI [2018 Roadmap Update]

    Spanish words: "Algo es algo" - it's something -
  16. djotacon

    Tanks DLC: Premium Content Discussion

    I like the DLC but I'm feel so sad because I dont have to create another tank based mission like TANK COMMANDER but I see there's an scenario with new "tank buster" unit, I'm happy with the DLC.
  17. Mod Description Ultimate Soldier 3 changes the way you play Arma 3, it puts you in control of a veteran soldier perfectly prepared to survive on the battlefield. Mod Features Increased weapon Damage Increased Stamina Better rag doll physics Improved aim system ( No sway, and reduced recoil) Improved damage visual model. MP/COOP/SP compatible BI signature added Credits Lao Fei Mao - 3rd person mod Incon*** - Incon*** Effects Mod NikoTeen Recoil Fix Mod Disclaimer This mod isn`t compatible with other damage mod - causes stacking -, use at your own risk. File link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/brx3sv1zp8u90lu/%40ULTIMATE_SOLDIER3NS.7z?dl=0 Updated to ver 1.3 Added support for recoil in IFA3 in Ultimate Soldier no stamina
  18. djotacon

    Ultimate Soldier 3

    Depends if you have enabled the bi keys for a secured server: BI KEYS = Server + Client Not BI KEYS = Clients only SP/COOP = Client only
  19. djotacon

    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    I dont understand what are you saying and I make a post explain that M.Glade's and I have the same opinion. I make a post explain everything very clear. Again who say that, and why we need the BIS STANDARD? Right now - as I know - BIS is only reading proposal, I dont see any "pitch"... and where's the BIS STANDARD in a game mode? like BATTLE ROYALE ? now... is a great success and a perfect example of a mod based only in script that someone can buy and play ( coff, coff, PUBG, Fornite). I dont see any problem with third party development and I see people very interested and a great future with this inside our community but I think that "lobbiers" anti-mod inside Steam probably try a boycott against third party premium content.
  20. djotacon

    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    Sorry but no, I buy the games that I like and I dont believe in "gaming religion". And an actual game is created by an complete set of workers ( engine-dev, scripters, graphics devs, missions/map makers, etc,etc) all of them are game developers, if you make a mod, a map, a sceneario you are another game developer, even an scripter can be another game developer and a profesional mod developer.
  21. djotacon

    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    I think you have not understood what I am saying. Basically I am saying the same thing as you, and criticizing someone saying if it is worth spending money or not based on the criteria of a single person. My previous comment is related to another previous comment that is highlighted.
  22. djotacon

    Alguem me ajudaaa!!!

    As proibições no jogo por matar companheiros de equipe geralmente são temporárias. Os companheiros de equipe carregam uma marca sobre suas cabeças ou mostram seus nomes no mapa, preste atenção antes de abrir fogo. Translation: Team killing usually raise a temporary ban in the game or in the server. Teammates carry a mark over their heads or show their names on the map, pay attention before opening fire.
  23. djotacon

    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    Who say that? you? and who you are? Who are Pufu? Who am I? We are not the entire mankind and the people spend money in something if they like it. Instead posting comments that seems full arrogance let the people make his own decisions.
  24. djotacon

    Catalonia: is Europe’s next independent state?

    I would take this thread seriously if I did not know the background of the creator of it. I have been reading your erroneous information about my country for a long time and I do not take any of its affirmations seriously. He does not know what he is talking about or he invents his affirmations, he has spent a lot of time in the forum making my country pass by a banana republic and this post is nothing more than another petty and mean attempt to insult my country. Another flame with bait. I have better things to do that reading this nonsense. "you are free to eat"...
  25. djotacon

    Hello, I'm a "cheater"!

    I think this video explain better the thread status: