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  1. AWC 303 AT - Missile flying too low

    Yeah, you have to highlight and lock a target from commander's seat prior launching the missile. Scratch that, I thought we're talking Rhino for some reason.
  2. You've played to much Arma when:

    Try huge rocks. :D
  3. Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    You're technically right but this rule isn't strictly enforced. In this case it's ok to ditch the dots over Е as it doesn't introduce the ambiguity although there's a good chance that they still use "Ё" in actual vehicles.
  4. Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    The interiors are very impressive! Just so it doesn't get lost in the development process I'm going to repeat what @KiTooN have said: it's better to use "ДАЛЬНОСТЬ" (range) instead of "ОБНУЛЕНИЕ" (zeroing) in Russian tanks because "zeroing" in Russian exclusively means "reverting to zero" as in "dropping the data and starting from scratch".
  5. My first Tac-Ops DLC Impression

    I had exactly the same experience as the OP. I have more than 4k hours in both Armas spent messing around the Editor or playing COOP missions so I though that I wouldn't have serious problems with AI commanding. And yet I wasn't able to force myself to complete even the fist mission of "Beyond Hope" so far, it's just way to irritating and unenjoyable even for me. I'll give it another shot especially since there are people why miraculously had no issues with it but it seems that the mission is intentionally designed around tactics that are extremely hard to pull of with AIs. I would expect BI to do the opposite and go along with missions that are not that demanding tactics-wise because while AI can perform fine on their own, micro-managing them under such pressing conditions becomes an irritating disaster.
  6. Arma is cool idea but doesnt work for me

    Arma 3 made tremendous progress in that aspect compared to Arma 2. Software development is slow and steady process, especially when you're dealing with 15 y.o. engine so it's unreasonable to expect those issues to be easily resolved. But the progress is being made. And some problems can't be solved with our current technological level (you can't really make each blade of grass in Altis to be individually synchronized among all clients for example) and I assume that the issues you encountered were caused by people who did not realize that fact and tried to either run an overcomplicated mission with a lot of AIs/scripts and/or tried to run Arma on weak hardware. Arma handles small and medium coop missions (which are its primary scope) acceptably well but you won't get 60fps trying to simulate Battle of Kursk in Editor, yeah.
  7. Arma is cool idea but doesnt work for me

    Your thread had a cool idea of pointing out areas for improvement but it completely sucks.
  8. Yeah, it seems that there's no way to get the old system back. Well, to be honest, I find the new system way much more enjoyable and while I understand that you want an option to get the old one back and I'm not disagreeing with it, I don't think that old approach to commanding should be enabled by default.
  9. Wait a second, wasn't that feature supposed to be optional? I remember reading something about "you'll have to check the checkbox on unit's screen to allow commander to drive", is it forced now?
  10. ...two years later a strange sense of uneasement wakes you up in the middle of a night. No wonder, it's hard to stay relaxed when you can't pay the rent. Half-asleep, you turn your head to take a look at the clock. Luminodiodes burn your eyes with familiar four-digit combination. All of a sudden you freeze, you feel the spike of adrenaline and your heart stops dead in its tracks when your brain almost subconsciously notices that there's a barely distinguishable figure standing right next to your bed. You stare at the indifferently shining symbols hopelessly trying to discern the figure with your peripheral vision. You can't really tell what the figure is, but you feel it's heavy presence, you can hear the slight sounds its shapeless dress makes as the figure breathes. After what seems to be an eternity, the figure suddenly bends over you. You stay motionless as its moves what seems to be its oversized head to your right ear and whispers 2 - Ready.
  11. Arma 3 too small for fixed wing

    People, just install a DCS already.
  12. TAC-OPS DLC discussion (speculation and hopes)

    https://arma3.com/dlc/tacops Well, it's November 30 and it's 3 (three, as in one plus one plus one) singleplayer (as in you can't play with friends) operations. It's not even funny anymore. :|
  13. Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    I have my doubts about it. It's hard enough to convince people to even install a free mod, let alone pay for it. Well, maybe it's possible to convince one or two guys to purchase a certain mod (which they may or may not like) but if you want to play with more than two people, forget it.
  14. Armaholic, how did this pass under your radar?

    The mission is indecent but this thread is mostly virtue signaling coming from people who got offended on behalf of victims whom they probably don't even know personally.
  15. Arma 4 a look to the future

    Ok, apparently everybody just beats around the bush pathetically begging for imaginary 3D models mildly resembling ugly dysfunctional females instead of mustering up the courage and saying the right thing. Late 50s - late 70s the is supermost bestest era with interesting political developments between two blossoming ideas of human society represented by two young superpowers, whose bold sons were courageously operating the most interesting and aesthetically pleasing weapons and machines (and furniture!) that was the pinnacle of our species ingenuity. It was virtually the only time period worth living in and those of us who were born after December 31st, 1979 or died before January 1st, 1955 have lost the game before it even started. I know it, you know it and pretty much the whole world knows it. Think about it! Cuba, Africa, Siberia, China and even Europe if you really want to play it safe — all those fresh and unexplored settings that allow unlimited possibilities for "cold went hot" scenarios. Tanks that are actual starships instead of beaten down Abramses and T's! Proper assault weapons made of steel, heavy as a freight train, loud as a nuclear explosion firing proper battle ammunition instead of contemporary silenced plastic crap firing pathetic lightweight small-sized high-velocity pellets issued to that pussified softie that passes for a "soldier" today! True clash of unprecedented ideologies for the future of a humankind with potential post-apocalyptic follow-up instead of usual unintelligible "hurr durr we marines urrr came to save those irrelevant people from minuscule internal conflict OH HERE COME RUSSKIES AND START COMMITTING WAR CRIMES FOR ABSOLUTE NO REASON AT ALL THOSE MEANIES WE'RE GONNA SAVE THE WORLD BECAUSE OF... UH... democracy and uh... hmmm... human rights I guess?... eh... well... 'cus we're good guys... probably... I think... hmmm... <thinking-face-emoji>"! There. I've said it. Thank you, thank you, no need for exaltation, I just did what any sane person who happens to be an armaholic would do in my place.