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  1. lt.maddii

    Project RACS

    you read my mind man, i have a scenario in my mind now related to coup :P
  2. lt.maddii

    Project RACS

    Great :) Yes, it would be nice to have it work with CUP and RHS, such great mods. It would be cool to have Pracs mod overhaul the RACS Faction from CUP. Hmmmm, this is a hard choice, well a few tanoan factions like Gov vs. Pol Pot kind of Red faction But although the Green Sea region needs their factions also, the Aziz Takistan would be an ok choice also But what about remaking the old Sahrani war maybe? the old kingdom of south sahrani vs quote on quote democratic republic of sahrani? I remember back in the day when the north had a few mig-23's and mig-27's I miss those days anw just some things I would like to add in past year or so I've been trying to mod in some stuff in my free time one major addon I made but was buggy as hell was the Kingdom of Karzeghistan a faction never interpreted in arma 2 oa, I made it based on 1950->1970 kingdom of Jordan and a bit of Kuwait. stuff included some old british equipment like the centurion mk5 and saladin, Saracen apc and a few other things, old weapons also, even the royal guards had ww2 English rifles, airforce included 2 rusty late era spitfires, lol, but I scrapped the mod cuz I got bored from arma 2 anw, I want to give you something I'm currently working on that you might need more than I do, I wont tell u what it is yet, but its something not overpowered, not new, was used by many countries, something made in the commonwealth the only thing I will tell u is, do you know those Super Etendards? huh? how do they get around the and into the warzone?
  3. lt.maddii

    Project RACS

    Great news, cant wait for Pracs3 :D
  4. lt.maddii

    Project RACS

    Pracs in arma 1 queens gambit was my number one mod, remembering how Pracs mod made a mark in my life Pracs for Arma 2 was great, starting with the task force lion group and ending with all the new and wide array of addons Arma 3 has always been empty for me, though i have CUP mods, i was playing on Sahrani map today, remaking the sahrani war of unification, playing as RACS it felt that there was a lack of everything, then i told my self "ahhhhh the old days, project racs, where are you wld427..." :/ a few hours later, i started searching for a mod that can be in one way close to the RACS armory, nothing on armaholic,... googled Racs arma 3 mods, after a few failed searches O_O omFg!!! i found this thread!!!! Welcome Back wld427 im very happy to see you again its me maddii, welcome back Project Racs,welcome back everyone this is he best thing that happened!!