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    Static UAV Terminal

    Check out ARP2 objects if you wish, but it's a simple UAV cam not an actual UAV, comes with a neat UAV box you could use tho, for ambience. When the player approaches or opens the box, you could add your traditional UAV terminal to the player as you already do.
  2. Hey there.. You need to use more parameters of addAction. You also need to add it to the units you want to be investigating, not the actual player unless you want to investigate yourself, which is why it's always showing the action. Here's an example from a script I made that adds an action to take first aid kits from bodies that have any. The last string contains the conditional code, the unit must be dead and less than 2 meters away for the action to show. I don't know how you're placing your units, I used this on spawned units but it will work in the init lines of editor placed units, just replace "_unit" with "this" or the name of the unit, maybe "Officer1" etc... _unit addAction ["<t color='#FF0000'>Take FirstAidKit</t>", {(_this select 0) removeItem "FirstAidKit"; player addItem "FirstAidKit"; (_this select 0) removeAction (_this select 2)},[],1,false,true,"","_this distance _target < 2 && !alive _target"]; In the last string with the conditional code, _this is the unit that called the action (ie: the player), _target is the unit that has the action, your enemy soldier or whatever. The action will remove itself once activated as seen in the (_this select 0) removeAction (_this select 2) part. Study the params here carefully: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction Btw if you do need to remove an action from somewhere else in your code do this: myAction = unit addAction [blah blah]; Some other script or trigger a while later... unit removeAction myAction; Good luck, shout if you need more help.
  3. LowFlyZone

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    I've had great fun with your east EU and ME tribal fighters, looking forward to the updates! Still find them to be the best guer/none uniformed type geysers to swack in the head with an M107 :681: Last time I started my SP mod launcher profile from scratch I somehow missed your units and spent days wondering what happened to a certain selection of ME's from MCC and the editor, I was not happy... :p
  4. LowFlyZone

    UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    For me it seems UPSMON stops working when I get detected. AI groups stop patrolling soon after first contact, and they don't move to flank me. I'm only running bcombat as another AI mod.
  5. LowFlyZone

    Cosmos Engine; This Mod Blew Me Away

    I'm getting an out of memory error every time I reach about 29-30 000 meters up, like some engine transition is failing. I have 8 gig ram and ~33% used before launching Arma 3. It's dissapointing. [uPDATE] Fixed using -malloc
  6. LowFlyZone

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I think the gun sounds need to be a bit louder. I know RHS is still 0.3 and isn't really supposed to be compatible with other stuff, but LAxemann's Enhanced Soundscape, and possibly JSRS just doesn't sound right with this mod. The wooshing sounds, snaps/cracks and echo's are now too loud. I haven't done much testing yet tho. Other than that, amazing mod so far.
  7. Am I the only one thinking of a fun aliens mod to go with this? Arma needs more lazers and pew pew.
  8. I have checked yes. I did some more messing around and noticed that going out of the spawn menu or MCC itself, then back in, allows me to manually spawn 1 group or something, but they won't be assigned waypoints in the case of a patrol. I have to repeat the procedure to place more units. The spawn in zone option still doesn't work at all tho in such cases. I also noticed that loading saves seem to persistently not spawn the same units or patrols, so the zones having problems always stay that way. After everything has loaded (but likely failed), all my issues are present. My best option seems to be making a new mission every time, and hoping it doesn't break before I placed everything I wanted. I'm using MCC 4 R9 since yesterday, R8 had the same problems. Before that I never used MCC...
  9. I'm having problems saving and loading missions from profile... Usually not all the groups want to spawn, some zones stay empty, another zone may spawn all garrison units but not the BIS_patrol units etc... Infact, I notice that MCC then refuses to even spawn manual units in the zones, this can happen without having saved or loaded, so I can be busy making a mission and suddenly the spawning breaks and I cannot occupy zones any further. Anyone else noticed this?
  10. I noticed that when running this aditional pack with A3MP I get: no entry 'config.bin/cfgpatches.praa_sound' This is when trying to run Zeus in the editor. Without this pack and only A3MP I can run Zeus no problem.
  11. LowFlyZone

    (SP) Operation Morning Booking

    That is weird... Maybe his offroad vehicle got stuck somewhere or he ran away due to some mods causing him to flee from the hotel... I will look into that. The computer and documents are inside to the right if you go in by the front entrance, at the "reception" counter, can't really miss it. ---------- Post added at 22:05 ---------- Previous post was at 22:00 ---------- I will be removing the script, using an older different version or maybe use UPSMON for the mortar support. I rewrote the script before release but it still ddn't turn out as great as I wanted, I've actually found it to be buggy even tho intial tests seemed fine before release. ---------- Post added at 22:26 ---------- Previous post was at 22:05 ---------- Just for the record, I wanted the mission to be challenging, even with the mortar fire. The idea is to keep moving to prevent the mortar from zeroing in on you, the enemy units will also converge on you. You need to keep them moving around, mainly the UPSMON groups if they are in range. Your experience will differ with different mods and settings. For example, running ASR AI A3 with the radionet turned on will allow all units on the map to move around to your location, like the UPSMON groups do, including most sentries which ruins the mission... The mortar fires at the perceived positions the enemy have of blufor units, within a certain accuracy allowance and random chance of actually firing if targets are found, there are also sleeps or cool down periods. However I've also found it a bit too much, especially when you have the rebels rolling around with you, they will likely die from mortar fire everytime.
  12. I ran a test by running tpw_mods\init.sqf from the debug console many times over, and indeed all the mods are executing on top of one another as is expected. Only a problem when the init.sqf is run again which only ever happens by moduload.
  13. I don't use LOS but just tested and got the same when loading and clicking on the moduload button, also goes for tpw_houselights. I think TPW just forgot to remove the checks on those two scripts, I see they're still present. This does open an issue tho.. From what I remember out the top of my head, moduload runs the initializations for addons that execute using CBA to try solve the issue of GUI mods not working after a save. Script loops that run GUI variables will die after a game load, and TPW built in a simple new genius way to have them reinitialize themselves. However, it's built into all the scripts and when moduload runs, I think it's running the init.sqf which spawns the scripts again, including the save/load detection. Since the two culprit scripts don't throw out the error by themselves after a game load, we know they aren't dying, thus not handling GUI variables and just continue where they left off. The error only comes when the init.sqf is executed again for the addon, which only happens when the moduload button is clicked, it spawns the save/load detection again which runs every 10 seconds, and thus every 10 seconds, it shows "**** already running". The main issue now is that it possibly means all the scripts are running twice, especially those from which the "**** already running" has been blocked out, in order to allow the save/load detection to work without blocking themselves from getting the GUI stuff to run again. But... "Moduload adds a button to the bottom right of the Escape Menu which, when pressed, runs the initialization code for any addon that uses CBA's Extended Pre or Post-Init EventHandlers for its initialization (allowing the player to reinitialize mods after loading a save-game). The button is only enabled when CBA-dependent mods require initialization (to prevent initializing mods multiple times)." Now I'm confused because maybe it should not happen, but I don't know exactly how moduload chooses what to load and why... Regardless, TPW should add this to his mod config so that moduload will never attempt to run it: disableModuload = true; Like this... class Extended_PreInit_EventHandlers { class TPW_WickidMod { clientInit = "handler = [] execVM 'coolScripts\init.sqf'"; disableModuload = true; }; }; Sorry, I just love to figure out random crap ;)
  14. LowFlyZone

    US Destroyer Ship (WIP)

    Looking forward to this, been itching to get a decent ship in the game. Good luck!
  15. Just did a test and it seems to be the case. Your mods work great now, thanks again!
  16. You turn off your computer? I can no longer trust you... In the meantime I fixed my status_hud after figuring out extractPBO was corrupting it, almost blamed the killzone code! Ok so downloaded 200 OK this time and the loading works! Hopefully overkilling killzone on the tpw mods that might not need it doesn't accidently cause dual threads of said mods. :computer:
  17. He he ;) Btw got a 404 on the DropBox link so can't check it out yet. :rage: Isn't the save/load issue only for scripts/loops running with GUI variables? I'm sure I've loaded save games and your tpw animals/tpw fall scripts were working. RainFx I think doens't work tho, just haven't noticed it yet tbh...
  18. Aah thank you! I actually just got the HUD to load on save games myself after some fudging around. Should've checked back here earlier but I learned something at-least... Just for kicks here's what I did. In tpw_hud.sqf: I removed the check for hud active: //if !(isnil "tpw_hud_active") exitwith {hint "TPW HUD already running."}; The check would not allow the hud script to run again as the tpw_hud_active variable is already set to true. I then added a single waituntil on one of the loop spawns so the script won't exit after calling and spawning its functions: [] call tpw_hud_fnc_activate; _sl = [] spawn tpw_hud_fnc_shortloop; [] spawn tpw_hud_fnc_longloop; [] call tpw_hud_fnc_brightness; waitUntil {sleep 1; scriptDone _sl}; //never dies unless the game loads from a save In init.sqf: I modified it to check when the tpw_hud.sqf script had finished (would happen after a game load) if (_hudactive == 1) then { [_hudrange,_hudcolour,_hudenemycolour,_hudsquadcolour,_hudalpha,_huddata] spawn { waitUntil {!isNil "BIS_fnc_init"}; while {true} do { player sideChat "TPW Hud loaded!"; _hudrange = _this select 0; _hudcolour = _this select 1; _hudenemycolour = _this select 2; _hudsquadcolour = _this select 3; _hudalpha = _this select 4; _huddata = _this select 5; _h = [_hudrange,_hudcolour,_hudenemycolour,_hudsquadcolour,_hudalpha,_huddata] execvm "\TPW_MODS\tpw_hud.sqf"; waitUntil {sleep 1; scriptDone _h}; // Wait for script to end then run it again }; }; true };
  19. Maybe you're busy on it already, but please try and fix the save game load issue with the hud mod. I tried to modify it myself for personal use but I know nothing of GUI's in Arma 3 so it's all sorta confusing to me... Here's where I found some info and examples, this has links to more stuff >> See Post # 21: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?170378-Mods-won-t-load-from-a-save-game/page3 See Post #6: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?153884-loadable-permanent-GUI I tried to do as the one from post #6 above but couldn't get it to work at all. Maybe someone with ninja skills can lend a hand if needed. :)
  20. Hmm, the HUD mod isn't loading after a save. I also use moduload. I save my game, go back to menu, load game, initialize mods with moduload, but no TPW Hud shows up with tac glasses anymore. :(
  21. Just wanted to say how awesome the HUD is! It feels a bit like cheating but very handy against scores of AI when alone, it is the future and I sometimes need the help with those damned cheating aimbots! Tactical missions feel tactical now, with actual technology... :cool: Thank you for your work! Here have my excited banana
  22. LowFlyZone

    UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    I'll try it out and post back. I had the share distance set at 400 and it was in range of another group and my position when this happens. It was another group that would have seen me. I tested by placing myself in the town by these groups as an OpFor and had an invincible BluFor placed at the objective. The patrols end up reacting to the distant gunfire or bullets flying over and then make their way to the position, way outside of the rectangular marker area.
  23. LowFlyZone

    UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    I'm busy testing a mission I made and noticed that 3 patrols I got in a 'town' to patrol along the roads will leave the marker area to attack me, despite using "NOFOLLOW". They never return and later when I get to the town it's almost empty except for patrols and units not using upsmon. All 3 groups are running this >> nul = [this,"area0","NOVEH2","NOFOLLOW","ONROAD","SAFE"] execVM "scripts\UPSMON.sqf";
  24. LowFlyZone

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    I knew it was a joke because: 1) 1st April, 2) Super duper realistic physics blah blah pleez, SIM racing is a seperate hardcore techniocal challenge / genre on it's own, and the Arma engine would run it like a slide show ontop of everything else... No, Nvidia Physx does not count. /Referring to what I saw and read on Armaholic\ That video rip off made my day! :D
  25. Quantum computing will struggle to keep up with this game one day :j: