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  1. Thanks for the help previously, it worked after some more messing around. I must have forgotten to reply.. :eek: Nice update. :)
  2. I'm getting "No entry 'config.bin/CfgMagazines.hlc_50rnd_762x51_M_M14'." when spawning M14's adding the mag provided with the classname list.
  3. Any chance you could add a bleeding icon when the player is bleeding? Especially for when you don't have some kind of hud running which shows health, but either way I think it would be cool.
  4. A personal request, would it be possible to make the GP25/M203 launchers compatible with the CUP weapons HE/smoke/flare nades as well? HE_GRENADES_M203 = ["CUP_1Rnd_HE_M203","CUP_1Rnd_HEDP_M203"] HE_GRENADES_GP25 = ["CUP_1Rnd_HE_GP25_M"] SMOKE_GRENADES_M203 = ["CUP_1Rnd_Smoke_M203","CUP_1Rnd_SmokeRed_M203","CUP_1Rnd_SmokeGreen_M203","CUP_1Rnd_SmokeYellow_M203"] SMOKE_GRENADES_GP25 = ["CUP_1Rnd_SMOKE_GP25_M","CUP_1Rnd_SmokeRed_GP25_M","CUP_1Rnd_SmokeGreen_GP25_M","CUP_1Rnd_SmokeYellow_GP25_M"] FLARES_M203 = ["CUP_FlareWhite_M203","CUP_FlareGreen_M203","CUP_FlareRed_M203","CUP_FlareYellow_M203"] FLARES_GP25 = ["CUP_FlareWhite_GP25_M","CUP_FlareGreen_GP25_M","CUP_FlareRed_GP25_M","CUP_FlareYellow_GP25_M"] Thanks for your time, regardless of yay or nay.. :)
  5. Hey, downloaded all your packs and tested them out in a bit of a shooting range. Models and sounds are great, love the variations especially. Hope to see more packs from you, so thanks! :cool: So far I've noticed that the M60 irons sights are useless, they're quite high so you can't see where you're aiming under < 500m I think, probably more. Vietnam style hip firing is forced, or a 2035 scope. ;)
  6. I need help running this on laptop objects spawned in later during mission. My objective system isn't reading the T8_pubVarDataTask variable, I'm not sure how to get a reference to that on spawned objects. I hope you understand what I mean, it's 1am here :bb: Where _obj = laptop and _id = task ID... 0 = [_obj, _id] spawn { [[_this select 0], "T8_fnc_addActionLaptop", true, true] spawn BIS_fnc_MP; _DT = format [ "%1_%2", "T8_pubVarDataTask", (_this select 0) ]; waitUntil {sleep 5; !(alive (_this select 0)) || (_this select 0) getVariable ["_DT", false]}; if(getPosATL (_this select 0) isEqualTo [0,0,0])then //was deleted / despawned { [_this select 1, "Cancelled"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; } else { [_this select 1, "Succeeded"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; }; };
  7. I noticed that the cargo/passenger seat for the UGV stomper does not have firing from vehicles enabled. It's a shame really :rolleyes:
  8. LowFlyZone


    Thanks, perfect
  9. LowFlyZone


    FileNotFound on server :|
  10. For me personally I barely get any effects, or not enough to my liking, is there any way to increase/decrease the sensitivity? A config option would be nice. :) [EDIT] I'd also like the effect to be able to stay around for a bit longer, when I do get suppressed it lasts about 1 or less second with decent blur.
  11. LowFlyZone

    ASR AI 3

    Hey not sure if it's been reported, or maybe it's just me, but running with AI skills off gives me a slow looping script error. _this spawn: Undefined variable in asr_ai3_sysaiskill_fnc_modunitskill
  12. Nice mods, adds some fluff to a otherwise stiff game :P I like that guns have more feel now, and you can feel explosions...
  13. Create a radio Alpha or whatever. In on activation field put: (thislist select 0) addaction ["Supply Drop", {[[["","CargoNet_01_box_F","FncSupplyCargo1"],"supply\supply.sqf"], "BIS_fnc_execVM", true] call BIS_fnc_MP;},[],1,false,true,"leader group (_this select 0) == (_this select 0)"]; I have not tested this yet... (thislist select 0) should be the unit that activated the trigger. leader group (_this select 0) == (_this select 0) makes sure the activation is only available to a group leader. Technically I think this method is better... Create a radio Alpha or whatever. In on activation field put: if(leader group (thislist select 0) == (thislist select 0)) then { [[["","CargoNet_01_box_F","FncSupplyCargo1"],"supply\supply.sqf"], "BIS_fnc_execVM", true] call BIS_fnc_MP; }; I'm not sure if the latter method will work in MP. I don't know MP coding yet. Then concerning limiting to a unit class, I presume you mean the classname of the unit. You can use typeOf unit == "classname" if(leader group (thislist select 0) == (thislist select 0) && typeOf (thislist select 0) == "B_recon_JTAC_F") then { [[["","CargoNet_01_box_F","FncSupplyCargo1"],"supply\supply.sqf"], "BIS_fnc_execVM", true] call BIS_fnc_MP; };
  14. No luck, but I found my problem and tested a few times. I had to change the line _supplyBox attachTo [_supplyChute,[0,0,-0.5]]; to _supplyBox attachTo [_supplyChute,[0,0,-1.0]]; It needed more space between the center positions of both models for me, I guess the parachute was still colliding with the box (despite double checked disableCollisionWith) thinking it's hitting the ground, because it performs the parachute drop animation in mid air too... Weird :P Anyway, it works fine now.
  15. Thanks was looking for something like this. The chemlight and smoke addition is cool.. I seem to have a problem where the supply box is detaching just after the parachute deploys, I think the waituntil inside supply.sqf is giving problems for me. I also tried changing it to waitUntil {sleep 1; ((getPosATL _supplyBox) select 2) < 5}; [EDIT] Nevermind the waituntil, I tested by adding player globalChat "Detaching Chute"; and it does wait until the box hits the ground. Still can't understand why it detaches and falls.