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  1. LtBlackFire

    Ragdoll Physics Plus+ v1.0

    Small bug encountered, Using ACE 3 with the Mod. When the unit is hurt and does an animation on the ground after getting shot, it over wright ACE 3 damage which stops the unit from bleeding and any more damage done to the unit would register, until some point ACE 3 Unconscious Animation overwrite the mod animation... If this can be fixed it would be amazing. I know it's a small bug, but it would help alot :) and btw, this mode is great, shame ARMA 3 vanilla dont uses these :( Thank You
  2. LtBlackFire

    Arma 3 64Bit Worst FPS than 32Bit

    Thank you, This is the fix... I did managed to add arma 3 x64 to the control panal but i forgot to set it on GTX 850M process, it was running with the intel process.
  3. LtBlackFire

    Arma 3 64Bit Worst FPS than 32Bit

    I Don't know what i missed, but i think something maybe corrupted in my files..
  4. LtBlackFire

    Arma 3 64Bit Worst FPS than 32Bit

    I have tested all that been said here, Arma 3 64x in the control panel, updated my driver and verified the files again but nope.
  5. Evening, As you know by now that 64bit is out, and i updated then launched the game with out any mods or Prams To be shocked of how low fps i get. In 32Bit i used to get about 40-50 FPS on daily bases but with 64Bit i get about 15-20 FPS LOW Settings. I Derangement the files and verified the integrate via steam and still no improvement, I Have no clue what is wrong here but if any one knows a fix or steps to take it would be appreciated My Specs: Windows 8.1 GTX 850M I7-4700HQ CPU 2.40GHz 12 GB RAM 64Bit Operating System x64-Based Processer 1TB Storage Thank you!