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  1. Megadeth_

    Death Pack vs SWORD

    Well since swedish forces pack are not listed as a required item at the workshop i guess you have extracted the .pbos? Have you permission to use them?
  2. Megadeth_

    Death Pack vs SWORD

    Hey. Where did you get the vehicles and RWS module from? Looks like the ones from the Swedish forces pack? Edit: In fact looking at the listed files at armaholic it is the models from the swedish forces pack: sfp_patgb203.pbo sfp_tgb16.pbo sfp_weapons.pbo
  3. Megadeth_

    Blender > O2

    Hi. Most likely you need to apply location and scale before exporting. Read the parts regarding "Apply Object transformations" https://wiki.blender.org/index.php/User:Fade/Doc:2.6/Manual/3D_interaction/Transform_Control/Reset_Object_Transformations
  4. Megadeth_

    4096px Textures ok?

    Thanks alot! I was totally unaware you could change UV map withing the rvmat itself, this explained all of my questions regarding the _MC texture. This is really powerfull. U got any good examples regarding the _DT texture aswell?
  5. Megadeth_

    4096px Textures ok?

    Not meaning to hijack this thread but If anyone would be interested in showing me some examples on how to use _MC and _DT textures im all ear. I´ve always used them as procedural textures.
  6. Megadeth_

    4096px Textures ok?

    Silly me, i never read the full post.....
  7. Megadeth_

    4096px Textures ok?

    Are you talking about the _DT and _MC texture?
  8. Megadeth_

    Working Stun script

    Thank you for this script, i have been searching for something like this for a time now. However i cannot get this to work using the method you have written above. I guess this was written during the beta, is there anything that might have changed since then? //Ultradeth *Update* I got a screenshot of the script error. http://imgur.com/jZ0Rgjw