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  1. Kinda defeats the purpose of claiming that the mk 14 is main DMR of FIA Fraction, when theirs not even one the campaign. Replace FIA presently armed mk 18's users with mk 14's In campaign, The Mk 14 is the FIA Main DMR But they Never been impalement in to the campaign.
  2. thegodfather

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

  3. thegodfather

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    A nice feature to have in the future, is that of any gun barrel that is touching or surpassing the object, such as a wall or rock etc...., prevents the user from using hes weapon in till he backs away form the blocking object, this would greatly improve the realism of close quarters combat situations and give the real purpose of Sub machine guns and carbines, So far I seen many Arma players use LMGs or HMGs such as Navid or Zafire to clear small rooms, but the fact of the matter is in a real situation, the barrel is to long and requires the user to maneuver the long barreled weapon in such closed in areas, this feature would create better balancing for the Arma weapons and give the fans and players a better game play experience, I also think it would be very simple for the developers to implement. Since you have already created the player animation of the user posing hes barrel toward the air when aiming towards hes friendly's in the offroad vehicle when the backseats. and you also have made weapons able to deploy, when there is an object underneath the weapon, for weapon resting or deployment, so with these features already added in Arma, it would be a nice additional feature to the Arma 3 series. P.S: I do not know if these was the right form to post feature requests Thanks for reading.
  4. thegodfather

    MX rifles what are the differences ?

    Thank you for information.
  5. thegodfather

    MX rifles what are the differences ?

    I thought so, very little difference. I asked for mathematical proof and people starting giving me propaganda, Yes, the wight is different I know that, i forgot to put that in, but that's the only difference. I only want to know the differences between the MXC, MX base, and MXM, the rest I know they are different. ---------- Post added at 19:08 ---------- Previous post was at 19:05 ---------- I ready have done that Ceeeb, But I don't I don't Understand the Commands, given in the script, if you can explain to me, that would also be nice, form what I understand most it is for AI.
  6. I'm trying to determine what are the difference's between the MXC, MX, and the MXM i'm confused :confused:, mathematically I think they are the same, I compared them many different ways, they have the same accuracy, same max range, same speed, same damage, I even did the ballistics mode to see if one is stronger after certain amount of range, I even check the spread rate, THEY ARE Exactly the same ! Can some one prove me wrong, I don't see any difference between them, they only look different. Very disappointed.:(
  7. thegodfather

    Soldier protection (dev branch)

    I would like to prove a point Using this video: In this video, you will see how effective the caliber rounds are against varies walls, and using this video to show how effective body armor would be against these different caliber rounds. I will exclude the GM6 Lynx 12.7x108mm and the M320 LRR .408 because we know body armor is not made that for that and it should be one shot kill as it is now. Mk 18 ABR, Rahim, Zafir 7.62x62mm, looking at this video I strongly doubt that body armor would be very effect for this round up too 800 meters, maybe even more, as you can see it rips through bricks walls. it should be a one shot kill form a direct shot. The 6.5mm as you can see in the video less powerful then the mighty powerful 7.62x62mm, but the 6.5mm is able penetrate through brick walls at close range, I doubt that the body armor will help much or at all form ranges form 100 to 200 meters 1 shot kill direct shot, and after 200 meters it's still parity dreadful, to 400 meter's. Body armor not looking so helpful right now. The 5.56mm now here we see a possibly for body armor to have actually effect, this bullet is still lethal of course if the target is not wearing armor and should be one shot kill if the target is not wearing armor form ranges 100 to 150 meters hard too tell. but for person wearing armor it should only be a one shot kill if it's between the ranges of 25 and 50, form my point of prospective, but you can argue form my point my view. .45 ACP armor has diffidently has part to play. 9mm​ this round will lethal vs non armored infantry, but people with armor would depend on the range 9mm would very noneffective vs high armor personal.
  8. AA-12 and more shotguns. AK-12, Scar-H, Scar-L,Kel-Tec KSG, Benelli M4 Super 90, M32 MGL. :confused: I'm surprised they are not in already in the game.:butbut:
  9. thegodfather

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I have to say I was expecting Weapons like: AK-12, SCAR-H, SCAR-L, I'm very Confused on why their is no shotguns like the AA 12, Kel-Tec KSG, Benelli M4 Super 90, Very Surprised there is no shotguns, it was best weapon too hold building form inside. I also wanted to see the come back in M32 MGL.