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  1. MindLLeX

    Refined Vehicles

    For the love of god it's T80UM2 not T-105E Black Eagle....
  2. Have you ever seen T90 rollin in real life? i gues not... watch from 0:42 :)
  3. Yep and real name of that tank is T80UM2 Black Eagle (Черный Орел). I see alot people online thinking that Black Eagle is T95 :D BTW as much as i read here i see too many WIKI kids that think that they know something about russian vehicles. There is very good way to get new info about those things is to watch russian tv becouse they have really good shows where they show off their weapons and vehicles. I can see them in my country and they are damn epic. Real russians in this forum can help you the most becouse others knows nothing. BTW as much as i know "Armata" platform is going to be made from mixing aspects from both T80UM2 and T95. BTW allmost all russian vehicles, hellicopter and other stuff have theyr own nicknames made by russians, so when people says that it's made by fanboys they are mistaking. BTW BMPT is build on T90 platform but can be easily be constructed on T72. i still wonder what they going to show with upcoming BMP-T and BTR-T on armata platform..
  4. Man how epic would be operate these beasts in ARMA 3: BMPT ARMATA http://media.desura.com/images/groups/1/3/2074/41571970.jpg (349 kB) T90MS http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/db/T-90MS_at_Engineering_Technologies_2012_(1).jpg (2023 kB) man i so pumped for your mod!!! 2014 going to be HUGHE YEAR for ARMA 3!
  5. Finnaly someone is working on RUSAF mod. Getting sick of all thos USAF USAF USAF shity mods :D RU 4 DA WIN. Hope to see T90A, T90MS, BMP1, BMP2, BMP3, TUNGUSKA M1, T72B/T72BM, T80BV/T80U, BTR(ALL MODELS), BMD(ALL MODELS), Pantsir-S1, ZSU-23-4, and other russian goods. would love to see Mi-28N too! I understand that mods like this takes long time to model, texture and script everything together but i am ready to wait as long as it can take! Love you guys!
  6. Wow! Looking really nice dude! I wish i could model like this... would do all russian vehicles right away. I wish you biggest luck with this project dude!
  7. MindLLeX


    Wow BTR needs fixing! Plus weapons don't work with JSRS (No distant fx, no inroom shopoting fx) Would like to see T90SM or BMPT later in this pack.
  8. MindLLeX

    Russian Naval Infantry

    Another sugestion for mod author. Could you make camo like this for vehicles? And other thing... Could you make your units to use Massi Weapons Pack for alll those sexy AKs :) And one more thing, are you planing on inplementing Arma Samples Mod when it gets released?
  9. MindLLeX


    Nebaigtas tas modas. Apuoke tu blet :D
  10. MindLLeX

    Russian Naval Infantry

    To the mod author. The tank name in real life is not T95 Black Eagle. T95 and Black Eagle is two different prototypes. Tank in ARMA3 is T80UM2 Black Eagle. :)
  11. MindLLeX

    arma 3 Ammo Cook Off?

    Anything more than that? They could atleast give us more info about it here on forums...
  12. MindLLeX

    arma 3 Ammo Cook Off?

    i tried to find something but no luck, i can't find any confirmed info that ACE is even being developed for A3...
  13. MindLLeX

    arma 3 Ammo Cook Off?

    You know fanboys gonna hate me but with vehicle warfare ACE is really great i don't even argue about that but when you have in mind how ARMA engine is broken in PvP based multiplayer... infintry combat gets way too clunky (if thats the word at all :D) But thats just mine opinion. + Recoil of weapons is wayyyyyyyy too big in ACE. i own AK74 and AKM and recoil isnt that big when you know how to shoot and how to properly hold it. Again, thats mine opinion, everyone have different ones.
  14. MindLLeX

    arma 3 Ammo Cook Off?

    Don't get me wrong but i think ACE 3 will be broken as ACE 2 was in arma 2... ARMA 3 with current mods is pretty fun and realistic for COOP gameplay... With big mods like ACE PvP becomes unrealistic and it just ruins the game... Thats my opinion. Stil wondering would someone port Ammo cook off to A3 as stand alone mod.
  15. I was watching some Arma 2 ACE videos on youtube and saw this crazy fx where ammo in vehicles cooks off before or after explosion... is there alternative for arma 3? Maybe someone working on mod like this?