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  1. Hey I've got a problem when running Arma 3. Simple things like a squad on squad editor battle, I can run fine. But when it comes to playing campaign missions, showcases, large-scale editor battles, or multiplayer, the game will glitch out in a few minutes then crash. I've recently had to downgrade my PC, and it now runs on 32-bit OS (3.3 gigs of RAM at most), GTS450 GPU, and i5 760 2.8Ghz CPU. But people run Arma 3 on 32-bit too, so I'm wondering what the problem with my PC is. Also, if any of you can tell me how to minimize Arma 3's memory/CPU usage, that would be great, too. Thanks!
  2. I copied that code verbatim and added it to properties. Still no luck. Any other tricks that might help?
  3. No joy, SavageCDN. I opened Arma3.cfg and typed in maxMem=1536 but it didn't improve anything. Did I do that right?
  4. oryang

    Episode 3, "Game Over" mission

    I have unlimited save enabled, and I can't save once!! Also, I can't use medikits and toolkits, although I am carrying them, and I can't start up the engine for any civilian vehicles. Any help?
  5. Just an additional bit of info, if you drop something at the base and go off on a scouting mission, it might not be there when you come back
  6. Hi guys I began to play over the campaign a week ago, and I've seen that ever since we (Kerry and Co.) get contacted by AAF, our team leaders, Sgt. Adams and Lacey (after Adams unfortunately gets blown up) will begin to walk, gun raised, and will not start running again, not even tactical pace. It's very frustrating, because all the rest of the AI will walk with Sgt. Lacey, and the mission won't progress until they reach wherever we're supposed to go. I've tried reverting the episode, but they won't quit walking post-contact. Any help?
  7. No mods, no injuries (Sgt. Adams is set on setDamageFalse or something so he doesn't die till the mine blows him up). I still have no idea why, but I've finished the missions now, so I'm cool with it.
  8. Zero Dark Thirty-ish soldiers for the next DLC PLEASE!! Paranomic NVGs, Ops-Core FAST helmets, AOR1 camo(though US4CES Arid camo would be better) , and all the other good stuff!
  9. In between separate missions, when Kerry is supposed to report in and rearm in Gori, you see FIA just milling around at the base, right? And whenever Kerry approaches group of them, they start to talk about how they're running low on first aid kits or how a AAF jet crashed, then when they finish chatting, Kerry gets assigned a task, usually "medical supplies" or "burning buzzard". My question is, how do you proceed to those tasks? (because to be honest, they sound pretty interesting to me) I've tried opening my Map (the one you open by pressing 'M' and not the one Miller is standing next to inside the building) then selecting it as my current task, but it doesn't work. I'd love to play through them, if they are designed to be played at all, so please help guys! Again, thanks to the whole lot of you!!
  10. oryang

    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    I didn't run into any serious trouble. No APCs or tanks. The only thing which bothered me was the Mi-48, but there's a AA launcher in an ammo crate next to the FIA trucks, so that's all taken care of. Like Mr. runekn, I can't relate (though I'd love to get myself an APC to steal)
  11. It's not a very hard mission to beat, if you're lucky. All you have to do is ambush the first CSAT helo troopers, and you have a nice array of weapons and optics at your disposal. My problem with the whole campaign situation is, I'm pretty sure Cpl. Kerry was supposed to be a maintenance soldier in Stratis, packing up all the scrap vehicles for the NATO withdrawal, and here he is single-handedly wiping out a whole platoon of enemies, just minutes after a very disorienting wash-up on the shores of Altis.
  12. oryang

    The AAF Tank is freaking amazing!

    Really? And I always though the Strider was the most armored, while the Hunter was the least armored. From my experience, Striders and Ifrits withstood more damage than Hunters when I accidentally rammed them into trees and rocks and whatnot. (Yes, that proves my skills behind the wheel) But good info anyway. Next time I'll trust the Hunter a bit more when I go crazy on the roads of Altis.
  13. Tell me lads, is it just me, or does someone else agree that the new changes BI made to NATO helmets is just complete b*llshit? Cuz seriously, it doesn't fit with the rest of their uniforms at all. Especially the tan desert camo helmets and the striped camo helmets. I mean, NATO is a regular army, and should have similar gear with same camos, and now BI's got them looking like a ragtag bunch of unorganized guerillas scavenging for supplys. Can any kind soul post a consoling comment or two below to ease my grief? And BI, could you guys please return the NATO helmets to how the used to look like? Please? (I mean, if anyone wants NATO to look like a bunch of guerillas, they can always script it up in the editor, right?) Thanks:D
  14. oryang

    Hate the BLUFOR helmet changes

    Yeah I know. But I'd love it if BIS gave us some "official" helmets/plate carriers in Multicam. It would make the difference between individual NATO soldiers' helmets so much bearable.
  15. Maybe it's time you learn to be grateful, SayJimwoo. I run Arma 3 on medium settings at 30~40 fps. (I've also bought Battefield4 which I get about 15fps and glitches which take up about 60% of my monitor; lol) So perhaps you could consider yourself lucky that you own such a high quality PC. I'm sure I don't speak for myself when I say that having some people complain about not being able to run a game on ultra settings at 60 fps really ticks me off, not to mention that it turns me green with envy :D P.S. I'm very sorry if my comment ticked you off. I mean no offense whatsoever by posting my reply.
  16. oryang

    Rate the first episode!

    A huge improvement over A2:OA. I gave it a 7, though I think it deserves an 8(lol) No bugs, and had an intriguing storyline for once. I do think that NATO/CTRG are WAY too overstrength. I mean, the AAF is supposed to be invading Stratis (sort of) but NATO wipes out every attack, every time. Shouldn't the AAF be a little bit more capable, and NATO suffer some decent attacks on Camp Maxwell, or at least have their missions compromised a bit more? But other than it being too easy, it was great!! Thanks for the awesome work BI. Keep it up guys!!
  17. Hey antoineflemming i downloaded it from Armaholic. (the US Army mod) I clicked the download option, and it did it straight away without the window popping up asking me where I wanted to put it.
  18. hey I downloaded this mod yesterday (because it looked absolutely f*cking awesome) and I CAN'T FIND THE FILE ANYWHERE. Not under Arma 3 in My Files or in Steam under Program Files (x86). Any help? oh, and by the way, does this mod include an multicam version of the ECH-light, or is it just the standard ECH?
  19. oryang

    Tipping point mission

    The CSAT helos aren't hostiles (although the soldiers inside definitely are!!!) They won't attack you. Avoiding the arty can be helped by unpredicatable movement of your character, Cpl.Kerry. What I mean is,sprint alongside with your squad, then stop moving for a few seconds, then start moving again. The computer tracks where your character Kerry is, and an arty round hits near that position. In other words, the arty will chase you, not your squad mates.
  20. What's up guys I've had a problem with Arma3 (and Arma2). Whenever I start the game, sounds will not come out, AI will not obey my commands, and SP showcases will not load. This began about 2 months ago, when I had a problem with my external hard disk drive and uninstalled it. But now it's been fixed and I've re-installed it. Arma worked fine for about 2 weeks after, but it started crashing again. Every time! Right now I' so frustrated. I've tried everything, re-installing the game, resetting the PC to default, installing the game on a different hard disk, and nothings worked. Please help! PC specs OS: Windows 7 Ultimate K 64Bit RAM: 4GB CPU: IntelCore i5 2.80Ghz NVDIA GeForce GTS 450
  21. Problem began AGAIN. Tried everything, but as always nothing worked. I'm just sick and tired of this. Maybe it's time for me to move onto BF4... mamasan8, although it didn't work, thanks anyway. You've allowed me to play several hours of the full game. You're awesome.
  22. mamasan8, I tried, and for now it seems to be working!! I don't know if it will last, but thanks a lot. I've managed to enjoy showcases Armed Assault and Gunships due to your advice. I'll be in your debt forever, dude.
  23. I've bought Arma3 since Alpha, and it's been fine till the Final Game update. Then nothing worked, not even Arma2. When I start playing, the sound cuts off, I am unable to give orders to my AI, and showcases do not load (specifics below) This happens any time from 1~10 minutes after starting the game, but usually it happens a lot faster when a lot of AI are present (i.e. armed assault showcase). I use a NVDIA Windows 7 64Bit computer with plenty of RAM, so it shouldn't have a problem. The computer was built in Korea, but I don't see why that's a problem either. I've tried both reinstalling Arma and totally reseting my PC to default, and still nothing worked. I wondered if my PC's the one messed up, but everything else works fine, so maybe it's a problem with Steam (where I downloaded Arma 2/3). It's been hugely frustrating to be unable to play Arma after I've been waiting for the Final release. Please help BIS! Problem specifications: Sounds do not come out (all other sounds work fine) I cannot speak to AI during singleplayer Showcases will not give me new tasks after I've completed one PC spec: I'm not all that into computers and tech, so I don't really know my specs, but it's something like Intel i5 2.80Ghz Intelcore, GTX 650 ---------- Post added at 15:06 ---------- Previous post was at 15:05 ----------
  24. oryang

    Game crash using Korean PC

    NicotinKick, I ran the verification, and it says all files were sucessfully validated. Thanks for the help anyway!