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  1. I had been hoping to discover Tanoa in Breaking Point. As an environment gamer, the new setting will refresh the survival genre for me. Unfortunately, I keep getting kicked from all servers because of a weapon.cfg related error. Some poking around on the internet tells me that Bohemia have tightened the rules on letting errors go unresolved. This is beyond my understanding of how programs work. Is there a known fix for this problem? I've verified Arma files through steam, and reinstalled the mod as admin, using this guide. http://www.thezombieinfection.com/topic/31742-how-to-fix-most-launcher-problems-in-12-steps/ Still the error persists. I am updated to Apex 1.62. Thanks for any leads, or search terms you could suggest.
  2. icarus99

    HAFM - Eurocopter EC-635

    Great helo. So good that it starts to beg for the fine details. I'm having an issue where it explodes if it tries to land on any building. Are there any solutions for that?
  3. Yes, thank you. I have switched to the Advanced flight model, but it's still a simplified flight model compared to TOH. For example, you don't need to apply anti-torque pedal to take off. The ship still points straight forward no matter how much collective you apply.
  4. If I understand correctly, Arma 3 removes interdependence of controls. I like to play the rescue helicopter mods. I know it's not flight simming, but the scenery is beautiful. Can't wait for Tanoa. I'd like to be able to add a mod to the list on startup and have, basically TOH in Arma.
  5. icarus99

    Any old farts playing Arma 3?

    You guys from Response Force Alpha are killing me. Start an evening mil-sim event, I beg you. The website is organized. The conditions and expectations are spelled out exactly. Every bit of information I was looking for was there. Times, time zones, organziation, expectations, age limit; there's a mission statement. It's organzied like a business. I have every reason to believe that you start training and events on time, and when you say they're going to run. If there are enough other older mil-sim guys looking for two nights a week, 20:00h EST, speak up. If you know of a group please let us know. I played in the 15th MEU and they have excellent people, run on time, and provide excellent training framework. The only part I didn't like was how far the mil-sim went out of game. I don't really need to track my ammo count from when I played Arma. Some hard core mil-sim clans have members that hang a bit too much on the ranks as well. I would take a dressing down for not knowing my job in the military since it follows months of day in, day out training. I don't need a dressing down in arma because the boat mod deploys strangely and I'm not familliar with it, and we've never trained on them. My Arma unit is out there somewhere.
  6. I'm looking for Age 30+ mil-sim clans. I found one. http://responseforcealpha.enjin.com/ But their times don't work for me. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.
  7. icarus99

    Any old farts playing Arma 3?

    I know I'm resurrecting a thread here. Just wanted to add my name to the list of 40+ gamers looking for mil-sim clans where the teenage exposition of identity isn't a nightly thing. Currently I've only found Response Force Alpha, who are min age 30, but the time slot doesn't work for me. If I could join a clan just like theirs but evenings EST, I'd be so happy.... to use a meme that the youth are fond of.
  8. Is it possible to map the axis for turret/mortar controls to a joystick axis? It doesn't seem that putting infantry axis on the joystick will move the turret. Nor does view/turn left Thanks.
  9. I've seen epoch and breaking point. To me these do not have the feel of the DayZ mod. I really loved zoombies, because it had all of DayZ and Arma3 controls and systems. Now with advanced flight, I would love it even more. So my question is: Is there a mod Chernarus or not, that doesn't use DayZ content, but still has the feel of the mod? 2017 may never be done, so if it does release I'll certainly do that, then. However, until 2017, when the team feels pressure to release, I'll be needing something else.
  10. Is there a reason that BI have excluded a simple feature like copying a profile? I know I can copy and edit file names. Why wouldn't it be in the menu?
  11. icarus99

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    Just want to add weight to the control delay issue. If it's a smoothing setting, server level (multiplayer) and player level (single player) would be fantastic. Xplane dreamfoil robinson r22 has good reviews for realism by real world pilots, as does DCS UH-1H; Both feel significantly more responsive to this. I understand that the goal isn't perfectly realistic simulation, but there is an option for legacy, or advanced flight models. The advanced flight model, seems to me like it's going to cater to a sim-enthusiast crowd. I also find that the requirement to use anti-torque is nearly negligible. That may be because I got used to touchy tail rotors in other sims.
  12. This is an old post. I will dredge it up anyhow. I would investigate your control setup. I can take off a hummingbird with no anti-torque. To me the flight model has too little torque.
  13. Dear Bohemia Interactive. Thank you for the advanced helicopter flight model. Thank you. I admire what you have done to add value and realism to the role of helicopter pilot. Your software alone was responsible for launching me into helicopter enthusiasm. I've since tried many other reputed helo simulators. I have to say that I find the control delay rather sluggish on the little bird, and I'm wondering if I can edit that setting locally? I've tried upping the sensitivity of my controller and it makes things worse. I find then, that I get more extreme movements, or two different movements happening long after I would expect a response from the first input. From playing with sensitivity, I think I've determined, that it's the time for input to take effect that feels so different from the xplane/dreamfoil robinson R22 and the DCS Hh-1H. I can see that smoother controls would make the transition from the old flight model, to the new, easier for non-sim-enthusiast pilots. It would be awesome if we had some local control over the inputs and delay to get things feeling as responsive as sim.s which are evaluated by real pilots as being realistic simulations.
  14. Of further interest. I get a different initial ping in the list if I put the port with a colon in the first line, than if I put the port in the lower line, of the remote window. Performance seems to be the good rate, regardless of what the listed ping is, as long as I use the remote connect window.
  15. So, I've found a work-around, but I don't understand why it works. If I learn the IP address of the server I wish to join, and use the "remote" button in the bottom right of the server browser, get only that server on the list, and then use the join button in the bottom right, I get proper ping at 23ms. Pings are 100 times this if I double click a server from the list.