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  1. -PzGrenBrig37-commy2


    You have to understand that we don't feel obliged to adjust our models to a third party addon that ignores the standards of the base game. Our vehicles will be just as incompatible as those from the vanilla factions are. ---------- Post added at 13:12 ---------- Previous post was at 13:10 ----------
  2. -PzGrenBrig37-commy2


    We removed it. There is no Fennek in this mod though. Nothing we can do about that. RHS armour system is not compatible with vanilla content. Our stuff is designed to be as close to vanilla as possible. It just doesn't work together.
  3. -PzGrenBrig37-commy2


    Yes there are. We made a few new small items since our last release. ---------- Post added at 22:44 ---------- Previous post was at 22:39 ---------- And I'm posting these again, because I love 'em. Don't expect them for the next version though. We have still other stuff to do and these don't have the highest priority atm. - 2D animated PIP optics
  4. -PzGrenBrig37-commy2


    Yes. Forgot about that.
  5. -PzGrenBrig37-commy2


    The chopper is the UH Tiger. It will probably not be ready for our next update though. Here some older WIP screenshots: And more stuff that will be released after our next update, the Eagle:
  6. -PzGrenBrig37-commy2


    * cont. * - Camo netting for both Puma and Leopard in Fleck- and Tropentarn. - Textures and camo netting parts will be selectable in the Virtual Garage... - ... and inagme by action menu - other / new content, will post soon
  7. -PzGrenBrig37-commy2


    Update on our progress. We are currently working on making our content compatible with the stuff introduced since our last major update (which was over a year ago). Here are some screenshots from the BW forums and a summary of what will change in v1.2. - Correct weapon sway and weapon inertia (from Bootcamp update) - Recoil fixes (stuff that was screwed up by the marksmen DLC) - Working weapon resting and bipods (animated, without sinking into the ground etc.) - Firing from vehicles compatibilty wherever possible (Here: Leopard commander) - Belt part ejecting SFX (from Marksmen DLC) - Physics updates, so our vehicles can move over obstacles easier - Reworked interiors for Puma and Leopard (selection) * image limit ... *
  8. Public slack! https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/429
  9. I'm pretty sure thats not possible.
  10. All ACE items do show up in zeus and the VA. The Outfit Gear mod uses a half config search - half whitelist system to figure out what items to process: get_config_all.sqf: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // place Authentic Gameplay Modification items under 'items' // NOTE: AGM items have type '4096' instead of '131072' if ( IsClass(ConfigFile/"CfgPatches"/"AGM_Core") ) then { ... Please contact the mods author. He has to update his modification for ACE3. ---------- Post added at 19:30 ---------- Previous post was at 19:26 ---------- Everyone who is tired of such incompatibilities can vote on this ticket: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=23925 Maybe we can finally get an engine solution for miscellaneous items that do show up in the VA.
  11. There is no AI support for medical yet. Everything in basic and advanced medical is still subject to change. Once things settle down, I can make something similar for AI as I did in AGM. Same approach as in AGM.
  12. We are already doing that everywhere thats possible. HOWEVER, some things simply rely on config changes that can't be disabled on runtime. The game simply doesn't allow to change configs without restarting and changing files. It just turned out that many things AGM did relied on configs, while CSE had more features that where done by scripting alone. Even though we are now all working together on ACE, that doesn't mean that these engine limitations are magically gone now.
  13. I think you want to delete ACE_AI and diable the hearing via module (hearing at least until https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/619 is finished).
  14. ACE_common_fnc_setForceWalkStatus https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/blob/master/addons/common/functions/fnc_setForceWalkStatus.sqf _unit getVariable ["ace_captives_isEscorting", false]; _unit getVariable ["ace_captives_isHandcuffed", false]; _unit getVariable ["ace_captives_isSurrendering", false]; No idea about medical.