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  1. There are two ways of doing that: - edit the mission as @DarkWanderer said - copy the ace_server.pbo from the optional folders into the addons folder. Then copy the userconfig/ace folder into your arma userconfig directoty, and configure whatever settings you want there. Bottomline, editing the mission makes the most sense, because if you want to use ace medical in a third party mission you'll have to add the correct items too, etc.
  2. I don't know what you are trying to do, but this is certainly not the way of doing it.
  3. @Opsixdelta, yesterday @EddiePrice helped us track down the cause of the fps degradation he was observing. In that particular case it was due to AI unit standing to close to Campfires! (https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/1297). There's already a patch to fix that behaviour. The BFT bug is already solved on master and will be fixed on the incoming hotfixed version.
  4. OK, there's probably something leaking on non-dedicated servers. TBH we don't usually test that setup very much, so it's very possible some bug sneaked by. If you want to help pinpoint this a great way is reproing with different amount of ace pbos. That's an easy (although time consuming) way of determining which piece of code is creating the problem, which we can then analize in detail. Could you do that and report back?
  5. Toadie, congratulations on the new release; top notch quality as usual. Thank you very much. To support the current and upcoming configs for ACE3 (some of them coming on next release), you should add the following entrie to the weapon: class hlc_lmg_minimipara: hlc_saw_base { ... ACE_Overheating_AllowBarrelSwap = 1; // Same as in AGM // ACE 3.0 (same as AGM), deprecated after ACE 3.1.0 ACE_Overheating_Dispersion[] = {0,-0.001,0.001,0.003}; ACE_Overheating_SlowdownFactor[] = {1,1,1,0.9}; ACE_Overheating_JamChance[] = {0, 0.00004, 0.0002, 0.0011}; //Corresponding to 23400 MRBS. // ACE 3.1.0+ ACE_Overheating_Dispersion = 0.00075; // Corresponding to the array above ACE_Overheating_Slowdown = 1; // Corresponding to the array above ACE_Overheating_MRBS = 23400; // Corresponding to the array above ... };
  6. Vehicle repairing isn't included yet, although it is mostly ready. It will probably be on the next release. ---------- Post added at 01:04 ---------- Previous post was at 01:00 ---------- I never tested this, but from looking at the code you should be able to write something like this: [player, MyHandcuffedUnit] call ACE_Captives_fnc_doRemoveHandcuffs
  7. Short answer: magic Long answer: if you want, hop on the public slack and I'll give you some pointer into understanding the code.
  8. I assume you are displaying the interactions for the cursorTarget, right? Various actions won't show using that (e.g. cutting fences, doors, ladders, disarming explosives) ---------- Post added at 23:17 ---------- Previous post was at 23:15 ---------- AFAIK most of the test sessions for ACE3 had Zeus on them, and no issue like this was reported. EDIT: do you have the ACE code extracted on the P drive? If that's the case, and you don't set the -noFilePatching parameter on Arma, the bin version will be patched on startup with the current code. That'd screw up signatures, which could be the cause of not being able to connect.
  9. So choosing a seat makes sense in 3d but chosing a body part doesn't? Technically nothing is NEEDED, not playing Arma 3 nor using ACE. But we do feel it enhances interactions, hence our decision to push in this direction. ------ Just one of the upcoming features I mentioned above:
  10. There's an setting now for that too. It's called "Interaction Text Shadow" -> "Outline". It's not that great, but it's really the way outlines work on the the engine, so there's not much we can do about that
  11. About the whole interact-menu-sucks-let's-go-back-to-fleximenu-gate: really nice to see people playing with our backend code already and kudos for bootstrapping that good old fleximenu for basic functionality. However, keep in mind: - ACE has not even made the first stable release yet! - We'll continue to improve the interact menu as time goes by. There's already a few branches with tweaks and improvementes that won't be on first release. - We are planning on a lot of features that will be based on 3d interactions. Some of those are already on branches in various states of development (reparing, get in actions, doors, ladders, etc, etc). Some are still TBD. - Many of those, and even a few that already exists today on master, are simply not feasable without 3d interaction. Thinking a replacement is good enough based on how well it supports current features is missing the bigger picture. - There are a few advanced features on the interact menu that I'd be really surprised to see supported on third party implementations. Those features are still not widely used on the current version of ACE, but they will be increasingly over time. Bottom line, I think it's way to early to look for replacements of the interaction menu. On the contrary, I encourage you to: - Join the public ACE3 Slack channel and report any problematic use case you find with the implementation and pitch in and discuss ideas for potential improvements. - Help us upvote the following issue for BIS to fix: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=23679 . Having that would allow some important functionality improvements. Regards
  12. Sure, THS seems great for ACE3; our current hand signal system was temporary, due to be replaced after first release, so it would be great to base the replacement in your code and anims. Just be aware that we have an open source license, so THS assets would have to be released under the same license. Hop an our public slack or contact us on our issue tracker to discuss this further. Cheers
  13. To anyone naughty enough to try getting ACE3 to work; ACE3 requires the new version of CBA for keybindings and other things to work. Make sure you grab that.
  14. Regarding ACE 3 settings system, it is a completely new. It's probably a bit more similar to the one of AGM that to that of CSE, but hopefully customizable enough to suit all needs. Of the many features ACE3 contains, about 75% are on by default; those we feel are "core" to the ACE3 experience; however, many of those features are configurable through mission modules (to turn them on/off or change important parameters). There are a also a huge amount of advanced setting that can be modified too, even if they are not available through modules. All settings can be customized at server level (by the server userconfig file) and at mission level (on the description.ext file or on mission modules). There are a lot of client preferences too, accesible through an ingame menu. However, the server or community admin or mission creator can lock any or all of them to create tight custom experiences. The way the system works is designed so that: 1 - MilSim communities can create a settings userconfig for their servers, and have completely standarized missions without having to worry again. Same for public server admins. 2 - Mission makers can tailor the experience as much as possible (within the leeway provided by the server) 3 - Players can tweak many usability preferences themselves (those that don't give extra advantages; again server or mission maker can chose to limit those options too). Unfortunately there are still some features that are not tweakable while the game is running (cause they depend on config modifications). Those can be modified by either adding/removing pbos (modular system) or maintaining a custom ACE3 source version.