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  1. On Github there is a temporary fix https://github.com/michail-nikolaev/task-force-arma-3-radio/issues/1186#issuecomment-271336501 I should add that i was not able to test it because we just did not update our TS yet. And you just could download the older version too, as an additional approach :)
  2. 1, hopefully not, annoying shit. DayZ okay, whatever, your play one char for days and so on. But i don't want to think about that annoying shit when playing a 2-3 hour mission. 2, nah 3, what for? Maybe nice to lock doors so enemy can not get in that fast in PvP, but that would be absolutely low prio... 4, Divers have rebreather, without you should drown (never tried this one?) 5, as someone said, more ACRE related imho 6, yeh, gasmasks, gas, wohoo! Do it! 7, don't know what i should think about that, somehow it would be nice, somehow it would be annoying as fuck like field rations 8, climb is already implemented? 9, yepp, that would be really nice for logistics 10, wasnt there something like that in AGM already? So i think we will get this one too... 11, was in AGM too, afaik, it was possible to tell them "Get away!" and "Get down!" but just if you were armed. 12, Mag-throw? Sound not to bad actually ^^ @alleycat It was possible to deactivate at least the names over the heads via options. Why would anyone would deactivate the real names? *shrug* And the scope thing is a "take it or leave it" thing, they decided it and they won't change it for one person.
  3. natrius

    User Mission Request Thread

    A shooting range for Snipers where it shows me, where i hit the target, so i can calibrate the whole thing and get the settings i need. I was searching and found one shooting range, not available anymore, and another one with just some turn-down targets. pointless for my needs. So it would need: compatible with AGM Range about 500m upwards to 2.500km is possible (airport on Altis? virtual thingy?) as flat as possible target can be static, so they don't have to turn down - the hit should show somewhere else? Maybe like that http://armed-assault.de/news/sniper-shooting-range.html so its easy to check everything. set windage somehow with mouse PROJECTILE DATA to allow you to know: muzzle projectile speed, final projectile speed, speed loss, range and projectile point of impact for every vehicle/unit Nice-to-have: Bullet-cam Asking myself: Multiplayer will be a bit pointless when its possible to set windage with mouse or something like that? Possible to get something like that?
  4. natrius

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Thats right, it should be like that. Its like IRL, you are able to bandage everything everytime. If you diagnose you know what bodypart requires the bandage and also how much.
  5. natrius

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    @chal00 Whats wrong with you? Its Flummis decision, if he want to implement range tables or not. And he said no and also told us why he dont want it. And if you want these nice little Ballistic Computers, just go and buy one and don't bother us anymore. AFAIK it should be possible to use it with the ballistics Flummi added with AGM. Have fun.
  6. natrius

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    @cook off Dict.leo.org: *lol*
  7. natrius

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Actually i don't have a clue, but why not set the setDamage NOT to 1 and instead to 0.9 ? Should be enough damage to be unconscious i think. But again, i don't have a clue.
  8. Thanks for the replay anyway, buuut... LRPS is already clear, just missing a SOS. I got it, that there is a ton of similar looking out there, but i have no clue about that, so maybe its possible someone tell me "Its THIS". But not a Paintball thingy, it should be something usable because the real values are needed. Its for AGM guys and it will be used hopefully^^ EDIT: Oh, SOS looks ingame like that: http://wiki.7thcavalry.us/w/images/thumb/5/51/Arma3_weapons_optics_sos_3.jpg/900px-Arma3_weapons_optics_sos_3.jpg
  9. Maybe update this list: "TFAR-related addons: TFAR add radios to vehicles from:" because i thought BWMod vehicles are not supportet. They are and the LR radio is in there already, but not listet. I heared that its not possible to hear the guys around you when you are "over hatch" (sorry, dont know how to translate that) at the Leopard, but i was not able to test this out, later maybe.
  10. Nice, thanks @RobertHammer @MikeTim Well, do you have one of the more known? Realname + company + specs or something like that? Thanks for information, hope this is usefull for some modders. We will see ^^
  11. Thanks, but not the ingame whatevername for the editor, i mean if anyone knows how this optics are called in real life. Or are they just fictional?
  12. Hello, anybody knows whats the real name of this 2 optics? I was not able to find anything about it. Short question *g* Greets
  13. natrius

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Same here, i have tried with YAK and A-10 with keyboard only and was able to land without getting damage. I tried too with Little Bird, Comanche and Ghost Hawk and also no damage while landing - checked with debug console. Even when i try a fast landing and glide, no damage at all.
  14. natrius

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    So, not the mod.
  15. natrius

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Just interested, what decisions would that be? I mean, what would you like to decide, its pretty hard to get what you think if you don't write it down.