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  1. TomNedry

    Exporting with Blender 2.8

    Alwarren has created a superb Blender-Plugin for that. Please see: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/145290-arma-toolbox-for-blender-arma-23-exporter-script/
  2. The main difference between v2.1 und v2.2 is that in 2.2 the data is stored in a database and the xml is created on the fly everytime there is a change in the database. In v2.1 the data is stored in the xml file only. So, there is no need to update to v2.2 as long as you're happy with v2.1, because v2.2 has no new functionality from the user point of view. I'm sorry to say that i didn't implement a method to import an existing xml file to the v2.2 database and won't do in the near future as i havn't a personal need.
  3. Download link is working again. Thank you for the advice.
  4. UPDATE to version 2.2 Changed to Sqlite PDO database driver Sqlite3 support added; Thanks to "sancron" for beta testing Italian language file added; contributed by =FSI=FlorianGeyer Download link see post #1
  5. I extended my "single squad.xml" editor a while ago and realized that i never published it. After extensive use by www.panzergrenadierbrigade37.de i think it's a reliable, small and helpful tool. Don't wanna miss it... Requirements: A webspace with "PHP 5.x". As database the PHP build-in SQlite is used... Licence: GPL3 For further information take a look at the Readme. Download-link (106KB, Zip) ... UPDATE to version 2.2, 01mar13, see post #3 for details
  6. I'm sure that someone will be interested... Just post the stuff! BTW: Why a cron job? I'm assuming that you're using a form with some sort of "Apply" button to write to the database. Just run the XML update process with the same script (after confirmation of the database entry of course) and you're done...
  7. Update 03nov2011 Add UTF-8 support Removed "Auto-removes all non-ASCII characters" Readme.txt adopted See the first post for links... The UTF-8 support was tested with German-"Umlaute" (e.g. ä, ü, etc.). I would appreciate it to get a link to a live "squad.xml" with cyrillic letters. Please PN me...
  8. Update 02nov2011 Typo corrected in sidechat message at fire request Calculation for corMarker adopted, so coordinates on ArmA2 OA maps are correct now ReadMe changed. Remark to disable "_UTMCorr" on ArmA2 OA maps Added an example for "Zargabad" Thanks to SigintArmA for feedback! See first post for links...
  9. Good point... Can you give me a link to a russian squad.xml (via PN) so i will able to test it?