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  1. Thank you! To answer your questions; 1. Yes, I could put it in the CUP templates (they're separate) but generally I'd substitute it for a vanilla item so most people can benefit from the template. If an addon item somehow slipped through it should skip over it but will complain. This isn't ideal as if you put vanilla items on a CUP table and the person tried to use that template they'd end up with floating items. 2. Common sense always applies. If you put items outside you'll risk them colliding with adjacent buildings. If you put too many items it will impact performance (assuming the clipboard can export it, as it has a limit afaik). When you try to export the template it will warn you if there are likely to be issues with the number of items (iirc it's around 100 or 150). I review all the templates that go in and will trim or edit them as required.
  2. Always looking for more! People are often asking for the civilian versions of DLC buildings - I don't have the time to flesh that side of the mod out for something I won't ever really use. This has just been updated to v1.13 to support the excellent S.O.G. Prairie Fire CDLC with military templates. Apparently the garrison module wasn't working in Zeus too - I'm not a big zeus user so I hope they're all working now after a rewrite.
  3. Placed down a few template buildings/locations for others to make missions or get some mission ideas, I don't mind what you do with the map. Uses all vanilla objects - No-addons required. Each location is quite basic - I decorate each location with units and more items from ZEC/ZEI so they will be very adaptable if you wish to switch factions etc. You can download the grouped map and hide/unhide each location in 3den, or I have exported each location to their own mission files in the 'separate' folder. Download: https://github.com/LISTINGS09/WorldTemplates Objects Map Some example areas If you have any areas you have made that you think would make a good addition to the map, I would love to include them in ZEC so others can use them. New and creative objectives or any other ideas are always appreciated.
  4. Those are awesome! I know just how long it takes to decorate houses - Appreciate all your help.
  5. Nice! The mission file would be best, just upload it anywhere and PM me the link. Mod updated to V1.8 now - Contact Military Interiors and other smaller bits and pieces.
  6. I use the following to pick up a players clan/squad tag from the squad xml, it's written to work locally but could easily be worked a server check if you can identify the unit calling the chat command. if (count (squadParams player) > 0) then { if (toUpper ((squadParams player) # 0 # 0) == "YourSquadNameHereInUppercase") then { *** DO STUFF *** }; };
  7. Please fix the typo in BIS_fnc_setDate, thank you. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T82819
  8. Yes. If you're using ZEI on a dedicated server as Zeus, you might have to remote control and release a unit before the modules are shown. For some reason Custom Addons (like ZEI) aren't loaded immediately with the Zeus Interface so it's a bit of a hack to get them showing.
  9. v1.4 * 3den Module Usage Fix (thx Shukari). * UI Parameters remembered for next use. * Zeus AI Placement Fixed. * Increased wait time for Zeus Interface for ZEI Modules.
  10. Yes - When it gets to the point where buildings have a large number of possible templates this will be needed. Currently it cycles the templates so if you don't like the one you've placed down, you can erase all the items and re-run the module.
  11. Yeah - It's no quick task putting these together but the ones you've done are absolutely perfect. They'll be included in the next version. Am trying to work out a way to spawn objects correctly over the water, so we can have ability to decorate the Static Ships.
  12. In Zeus or Eden and in any specific building type? All units besides the leader should be locked since I wanted some form AI reaction on contact besides all sitting there. Couldn't implement a toggle now all units form the one group. If you're filling houses with single units then it may not appear to be working as intended - I will see if I can add a check so the leader will always stay put if they're alone in a group. More templates are always appreciated as it means more variety for everyone. Hangars and pretty much any of the military buildings to make bases look more alive would be much appreciated.
  13. Does it have to be ACE? ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToObject If not, I often use this in missions; BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd I'd put the code into the objects init field, but init.sqf will work.
  14. v1.2 * Garrisoned Units are now grouped per instance. * Garrisoned Units hold position when spawned. * ZEI Modules should now appear when Zeus on dedicated host. * Interior option added to switch building damage (to allow for breaking windows etc). * User templates added. * Non-Eden/Zeus GUI options are now hidden where not relevant.
  15. Thanks for this, more warehouses/hangars are always appreciated as they are often used! Unfortunately, the Arma clipboard only holds up to 8000 characters which only looks to be about 1/4 of your warehouse. You can do one of the following: 1. Upload the mission file containing the build. 2. Split your build roughly in half and give each half as a separate template, I will combine them. 3. Upload your Arma report log, as ZEI will output all saved objects there when using the tool.