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  1. Hi, so I'm working on a custom special mission and I'd like to make it so that blufor and opfor are still hostile to each other but they simply don't engage each other under any circumstances. Regardless how many of the opposing side gets killed or if there is an active engagement, neither side engages each other. But they're not allied so you don't get penalized as if you're killing friendlies. OR this but opfor vs indy. OR simply that if a team teamkills another member of the same team, aka opfor v opfor, AI doesn't turn on you for it. How can I script this? Edit - Meant for Arma 3 Mission Editing and Scripting section, misplaced post.
  2. Ink.

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    So with all default Arma 3 + Bohemia DLC and RHS; all functionality for RHS works. Gotta be a compatibility issue with my other mods. Do y'all have a master list of known incompatible mods? Else, I might just have to test each individually. The issue is definitely on my end though, so that's good!
  3. Ink.

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Very odd because they do not work for me. I've tried entering the vehicle as both blufor and opfor, and in no vehicles can I control any of the windows. It's quite weird lol!
  4. Ink.

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I assume the M1025 unarmed doesn't then. The game acts like the seat is a FFV seat, but weapons cannot be raised. I saw in a video of someone using the pack that they could raise and lower the windows. But I assume that's a scripting element they made for their mission.
  5. Ink.

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I see. I've noticed a change but still can't figure out why I can't FFV from my humvees. Surely gotta be missing something! At least now I'm updated.
  6. Ink.

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    So I saw a video of people firing from closed humvees through the windows. They even had window controls for protection. However; I have the M1025 unarmed version spawned in game, and I can't do this. Is there a piece I'm missing? Could I have an old version by chance? I'm on 0.3.5. Or is this vehicle not a variant that can use this or?
  7. Went away for a few days and came back to a hailstorm of bad news. Well this is depressing. =/
  8. ALiVE always expanded my load time for me, even if I didn't have many mods installed. I ended up removing it since I didn't use it as much and my load times significantly increased. Anyway, I'm excited for the falcons and buildings. Question about the buildings, will they be all military based or will they be more general? The reason I ask is for example let's say I make a mission where UNSC is trying to raid an innie base or capture an innie HVT from his hideout, will there be any buildings that could decently accomodate this within the aesthetics of Halo?
  9. OMG that pelican chase video though. Wasteland Halo in ArmA. The dream.
  10. I think he means, when you apply a pair of sunglasses, it change the filter on the screen to be relative. I.E shades will make it darker and make it so light doesn't affect ones vision as much. He means that to get the sort of thing when the visor is polarized. I think.
  11. Was polarization disabled until the most recent hotfix? I haven't played on the hotfix yet but on the initial download it didn't work for me. Unless I had to activate it...which I don't know how. =)
  12. The best part about that article is the people bitching in the comments. Ahah.
  13. Really liking the lighting on the vehicles. http://i.imgur.com/aVEop1k.png (148 kB) What would be cool is if we could have certain helmets that had attached flashlights that we could turn on, in addition to weapon ones or vehicle ones for lighting purposes.
  14. I gotta say, I'm super impressed by the warthogs. Size wise they feel like they would. Warthogs were always considered to be massive in comparison and they definitely seem it. Driving them honestly feels like what I personally would expect it to be like to drive one of them.
  15. Gonna be a great thing to wake up to tomorrow. Gonna get a nice dinner from a local grille and have a romantic night for me and ArmA.
  16. Ooh. Meant to ask. Where should we post media from playing the mod? Would y'all prefer it on the sub-reddit to avoid spamming up this thread or what?
  17. One of the mods I recently installed: @A3L @DIS_Masks @ascz_missing_content @Lakeside @Mocap Have caused a thing where my third person view has become fixed at a certain position, much closer to my character than wanted. I assume it's @A3L, mod files for Arma 3 Life. But I don't want to remove the mod, but rather I want to find the part of the mod that is responsible for this view, and remove it individually. Any idea what file it is or where to find it?
  18. I'm definitely interested in participating in an EI group if one formed. Can't guarantee consistent activity due to college and obligations but would attempt to participate. Anyway, super excited for the release. Will there be a release notes come Friday so we know what is included and what isn't or will we see for ourselves?
  19. I mean, this definitely seems possible. In either case, it would be up to the creators of the mission(s) or the administrator(s) of the event/server to manage the balancing act of Spartans vs Non-Spartans. Personally, I think that it is better to have content that not everyone wants as opposed to not having content that some people wants. If you have it but don't want to use it, you simply avoid doing so. But if you don't and you want to, unfortunately you're out of luck. Another option would be allowing third party devs to create spartan equipment as an add-on to this add-on. But that would require capable people of doing so, permission from the EI team, and other factors. It would free the EI devs from the task, but it also brings complications, more than if they did it.
  20. Ink.

    Create custom weapons with zeus/mcc

    I am having this same exact issue. We can spawn vehicles and what not, so it would be nice if we could spawn weapons and move them around.
  21. Right. So for SS' I tend to set playable units and then I play as the leader. I make the leader order all units to "STOP" and they do. Previously, once I did that I could then just switch to each unit and position them as I need and they would stay. The problem is that the leader unit will order them again. Now, yes, I know I can use enable simulation and freeze the unit, but the problem is that it doesn't work in a vehicle and what happens is my leader unit will just order the units out of the vehicles and to regroup. This is problematic. Any ideas on how I can just stop the leader unit from making any orders? I should mention the vehicles (not the units) are spawned in zeus.
  22. First, I apologize for such a late response. My PC busted, and while I was unable to play/use I forgot about this issue. As I've come back, I've realized I still have it and it reminded me that I created this thread. Anyway, so the issues still exist, and I've tried both of the suggestions posted above. --- This might work. It makes it harder because when they're in a group, if I needed to quickly load a vehicle up I could just tell 2-# to get into the vehicle and they'd do it without me having to control each one to get it done. It also allows for quicker selection through the command interface rather than using team switch around. But that being said, it is a failsafe option if I cant find a fix/better option because though this requires a lot more effort, I can use this. This must not be the case anymore because the switch to unit button no longer exists and in replace is a greyed out "command unit" button, that cannot be used. Now, I can use team switch, but the same issue applies. --- A few notes, I have quite a few add-ons. Many of them are new units/missions/gear, but I do have addons like ALIVE and AGM, which is most likely what I think is causing it. As a side note, I've also tried playing with the ranks of the soldiers, and it seems that it's the same problem (regardless if my main unit has equal or higher rank and is squad leader or not) Ideas?
  23. Posting to follow. It already looks incredible, I cant wait to see it finished.