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  1. 3lackrose

    What Difficulty settings do you use?

    Veteran with most of extended info and crosshair disabled except for vehicles (can't see yourself or units on map, can't see friendlies hexagon etc), i use either a nametag addon with limited range (usually actived remotely by a key press) to keep track of nearby friendlies. AI difficulty is modified by various addons: ASR AI, TPW CAS (AI suppression system). I use other addons, a mix of AGM, TPW MODS, TMR and others tweaked in order to not hardly conflict with each other, so there could be something else affecting AI there. I usually play SP only when testing stuff, most of times is multiplayer so in the end AI difficulty settings etc depends on the server settings i play in. I keep 3rd camera on mostly to check how my character look, otherwise while in action i switch to 1st. I was considering to use "The Fourth Wall" addon as a good compromise to not overuse 3d person camera, but i've readed it is not working anymore if i'm not wrong.
  2. I'd be perfectly fine with suppression affecting heavily my aiming sway (as it already does anyway), in fact i still like how suppression work, but the only problem is when you are suppressed your movements become very slow (maximum fatigue as if you sprinted way too much). Any way to affect just aiming and not movement speed?
  3. 3lackrose

    ShackTac Stamina Bar

    Yea seems like it disappear when you switch teams, not sure about revive or respawn.
  4. Weird question.. is it possible to make the tactical glasses to not work properly when being underwater? During a mission i was swimming undersea and able to see the footbound targets on surface even if my eyes couldn't actually see them (the glasses were showing me them).. what do you think about it? Would the glasses work in those circumstances in your opinion?
  5. 3lackrose

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    @Greenfist and @Variable Ok screw whatever i wrote about the fatigue suppression thing, i tried to disable mods one by one and apparently it was related to something being triggered in TPW_MODS, probably tpw_fall during the fall animations and not sure what would cause the bullet crack to increase the fatigue. After disabling the mod i'm not experiencing the same effect. I was never aware of it, however the effect probably became more obvious with this 1.24 update due to weapon sway and fatigue being tweaked in general.
  6. 3lackrose

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    Just ran a quick test, on a custom mission from editor (so no fancy scripts) i just witnessed my stamina bar increasing by chunks instantly by being fired at and also when being hit. I experienced the same when playing on multiplayer, regardless of the server. If more people confirm it doesn't drop for them, i guess it has something to do with some addons i'm running but i can't think of anything affecting stamina there.
  7. 3lackrose

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    I'm sure your fatigue increase when you are being engaged by the enemy, not totally sure if is the nearby bullet crack or passing by. I think it is just the fact that enemy are engaging you though; so maybe it could be some sort of induced "panicking" or stress due to being under fire. I'm using a stamina bar indicator from Dslyecxi and i was able to see the bar dropping almost instantly from "green" good rest to "red" (fatigued) when being engaged from enemy. It makes it difficult to "return fire" at them since your aim sway all around in those situations, unless you try to spray and pray. So you have to look for cover and wait for the character to "calm down". The stamina doesn't seem to drop when friendlies are firing at you. At least not from friendly players. @MadDogX: Thanks i'm aware of the JSRS 2.1b update, but i was getting error messages anyway concerning "40mm" of some cannons or "distant sound", something like that. I decided to turn off the addon temporarily. It seems to work regardless of that, though.
  8. 3lackrose

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    Nice "Bootcamp" update, a bit late (almost one year after the official game release) but I hope this will address many players who found the game too complex to play and learn. Virtual Arsenal is a super fast way to check gear/equipment and works with addons too. I'm positively surprised by the new fatigue / sway system, will indeed slow a bit the pace of infantry combats in arma 3, less run & insta-aim right clicking. Apparently now you can be suppressed from incoming fire (fatigue increase dramatically when player is under fire). I like the weapon swaying and fatigue, makes your soldier movements in general feel less "perfect". Nice to see some new gear (face masks, new guerrilla uniform, flare gun etc), and apparently there is a new "map" (Virtual Reality) available but i still have to test it. As some users already stated, i cannot finish the second part "Common Denominator" of the Prologue Campaign: after the sprint for the fatigue demonstration you are supposed to shot the targets again but they seem invulnerable. I had to disable some addons, especially sound ones such as Speed of Sound or JSRS to prevent getting error messages; but that's something that had to be expected with some changes incoming with this update.
  9. 3lackrose

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    I may be saying the obvious but the AGM_Fatigue.pbo module was making my character stamina almost impossible to wear off, so i had to disable it. Very good mod again, one of my favorites.
  10. 3lackrose

    ShackTac Stamina Bar

    Exactly what i needed to monitor stamina since breathing noises doesn't give an accurate idea of how much you can sprint, move around etc. Thanks!
  11. By the way here is a screenshot showing the glasses Night Vision in action. As you can see the ingame time was about 00:55am so it can give you an idea of how awesome the feature is. Quality is not top notch but if you want you can use it as a reference pic for the feature. Glasses apart, have you considered implementing a stamina indicator aswell? Along with health, those 2 indicators could be available without the need of wearing glasses since i don't think you would need them to tell if your character is in good conditions or not. The stamina indicator could be useful as that "feeling of your body condition" that you don't have ingame unless measuring it through your breathing noises; to dose and plan your sprinting and plan your movements, as stamina plays a role in aiming and in sprinting and other actions.
  12. From your provided documentation: - If the target moves out of LOS of any squad member then for up to 30 seconds its last known position is displayed by a 1/2 diamond (footbound) or a 1/2 rectangle (vehicle), with an indication of when it was last observed. What i meant is if you can make the indicators blink during this specific moment, when the glasses display the last known position (this is what i meant by "Target Lost"). I'm asking if it possible cause at least for me i think it would be easier to identify what is actually an immediate threat and what not, when the target disappears from LOS i don't realize it immediately until i check with the eyes and see the half diamond, but before that moment with tail of eye i still think it is a target. If you make it blink when it disappears from LOS, i think i would be able to separate what is a visible target and what is the last assumed positions much quickier, and with the blinking i should be able to know that without actually having to focus my vision there since i would see it with the tail of eye. I hope the post doesn't make much confusion, also you say the blinking happens when the targets are getting out of range, but i didn't have chance to see it happening. I've set the glasses to work for footbounds only within about 70 meters, so maybe the distance is not far enough to degrade the glasses tracking properties.
  13. 3lackrose

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Enable Aiming In Prone Stances Can someone make an addon or something to enable aiming while in urban prone (those prone stance variants used with ctrl+A or D or S while prone)? I play almost exclusively in first person camera with semi-disabled hud without crosshair, so i can only aim properly using the weapon sights (right click) which makes it impossible to aim from those prone stances as it currently is. And i happen to not be able to use those stances as much as i would want just because without the ability to aim whenever i use the stances it feels like i put myself in a "naked" pose (feels like you cannot really defend yourself). Yes, you can aim if you try to calculate the center of your screen but that's not the point and more like a workaround, and it should be possible to aim, if you want to check just put your character in those poses, activate splendid camera or just check from the animations list from the editor and you'll see it is not even a matter of being not possible physically, the character head is actually in a good position to use the weapon sights. I know some people may not be interested of it but when i play Arma i spend often time in prone or low stances, and maybe i feel the lack of aiming ability from the side prone stances more than others. I'll be happy to be able to aim from those stances and i'm sure i'm not the only one. I can understand it would be a problem depending on the weapon, maybe a lmg would be too heavy (or a pain to manage the recoil) to use in those stances? But still with pistols, smgs and rifles should be possible to aim.
  14. Hello, i experienced a little bug with the TPW_HUD Full color night vision: if i activate the mode from the tactical glasses and then unequip them, the mode doesn't deactivate and i cannot even disable it by pressing the related keys (ctrl+alt+h). Is it also possible to make the target tracking to light "Intermittently" while the glasses are in "Target Lost" mode? (Something like Cycle alpha of those targets on/off at intervals of roughly 0.3 seconds?) http://i410.photobucket.com/albums/pp190/3lackrose/TPW_HUD_Tactical_Glasses_zpsee94cc1b.jpg (124 kB) Regardless, thanks for the great set of mods. The new falling system, mixed with ragdoll for more serious damages is fabulous.
  15. 3lackrose

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    You are probably talking about the AGM_Noradio.pbo file that disable radio communications and voice. You can simply disable it by moving the file outside the "addons" folder. Same goes for injury system. AGM_Medical.pbo should be the file. I'm not sure what you mean with zero being incorrect on scopes, i've noticed it is harder to aim (still having hard time hitting anything past 200-300 meters) but that's probably due to wind/humidity and weapon temperature, and maybe some ballistic changes. For any other problem or feature you want disabled from the mod, you can look in the addon folder and disable modules by yourself, the pbo filenames are pretty self explanatory.