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  1. Alex Dyre

    [Release] MIL_CAS

    Just wanted to add a little bit of info for others to this awesome script. At least for me, this does not work on a dedicated server. To run the MIL_CAS on a dedicated server you need to remote execute the function to the server as the BIS_fnc_moduleCAS will exit if not executed on the server. I call in CAS through radio triggers and the command looks something like this for it to work on a dedicated server. _tr3 setTriggerStatements ["this", "[[screenToWorld [0.5,0.5],getDir player, 'I_Plane_Fighter_03_dynamicLoadout_F', 3], 'MIL_CAS.sqf'] remoteExec['BIS_fnc_execVM',2];", ""]; Which uses the position of the terrain the player is looking at, and the direction the player is facing.
  2. As it stands currently, I have recently added Trucks, Static and Water vehicles to the online library. This completes the vehicle section. If anyone spots any faults or changes that need to be made, please reply to this thread or PM me :)
  3. Could be something to look into, thanks :) ---------- Post added at 10:20 ---------- Previous post was at 10:14 ---------- As I'm working on this project for not only myself to have access to the library but the community as a whole, I see no harm in sharing the images or cooperating for it could only benefit the community :)
  4. Haha thanks! I'll get there though! Already have screenshots taken and organised for all vehicles in the game. Just a matter of getting the time and putting them online :)
  5. It's definitely something to think about in the future, it would look cool. For now though, I will aim to get the basic screenshots and classnames up first as intended, and then I could look at doing something like that.
  6. That does look like a cool idea, but it looks like it needs multiple images to be created for every single object I would want to do that too. The website I linked currently has the "Armored" and "Air" vehicles up, and that was a bit of work just taking and re-sizing all the images to work.
  7. _pos = (getPos (vehicle player)); _pos = [(_pos select 0) + 5, (_pos select 1) + 5, 0]; _dingy = "B_Boat_Transport_01_F" createVehicle _pos; Creates a Blufor "Dingy" X&Z +5 from the players vehicle. Edit: You could use something like this to set the direction of the spawned boat if it is not right. _pos = (getPos (vehicle player)); _pos = [(_pos select 0) + 5, (_pos select 1) + 5, 0]; _dingy = "B_Boat_Transport_01_F" createVehicle _pos; _dingy setDir ((getDir (vehicle player)) + 90);
  8. Alex Dyre

    Set variable in item

    Ok, here you go. I have written you all the code you will need to do this. As one last note though, this by no means is the best or most efficient way of doing this, but it works. The money can be dropped via whatever means you like (addAction, GUI ect), but it must contain a line like this: ["drop", 1000, "X", "X"] execVM "drop.sqf"; Don't edit "Drop" or remove the "X" 's. 1000 however is the amount of money that you will drop, this could be changed to a variable if you are dropping differing amounts, or left as a number. drop.sqf _target = _this select 0; _value = _this select 1; _name = _this select 2; _item = _this select 3; hint format["%1 %2 %3 %4", _target, _value, _name, _item]; if (_target == "drop") exitWith { if (myMoney < _value) exitWith { player groupchat format["You tried to drop $%1. You only have $%2", _value, mymoney] }; _pos = getposASL player; _createMoney = "Land_Money_F" createVehicle _pos; _name = format["item_%1", round(time)]; curItem = _createMoney; curName = _name; curValue = _value; [[["Create", curValue, curName, curItem], "drop.sqf"],"BIS_fnc_execVM",true,true] spawn BIS_fnc_MP; myMoney = myMoney - _value; player groupchat format["You dropped $%1. You now have $%2", _value, myMoney]; }; if (_target == "create") exitWith{ hint format["%1, %2, %3, %4", _target, _value, _name, _item]; _item setVehicleVarName _name; curItem = _item; curName = _name; curValue = _value; _item addaction [format["Pickup $%1", _value],"pickup.sqf",["pickup", curVal, "X", curItem]]; }; pickup.sqf _item = (_this select 3) select 3; _value = (_this select 3) select 1; deleteVehicle _item; myMoney = myMoney + _value; player groupchat format["You picked up $%1. You now have $%2", _value, myMoney]; As a final note, the variable "myMoney" can be changed to whatever variable you are using for your money. Enjoy.
  9. I have seen this, but there is just something about the layout of the website that I greatly prefer over the Six Project Config Viewer. Not to mention that the six-project page is out of date and is fairly hard to navigate, other than that, is is a great tool, I'm just looking at taking a more visual approach to it, in a way I have previously been attuned to. Edit: Not so out of date anymore by the looks of things. Check it out!
  10. I have received some great feedback from community members about this project and the response has generally been great! I'll be taking the project forward and continuing to work on it. If anyone has any suggestions or changes they think should be made, feel free to put your idea forward, I'm just one guy making this and as I want this resource to be available to the community itself, your input is quite valuable! Thanks to www.arma3.fr the website is now properly hosted on a server and is now available on either of the following links: http://object.arma3.fr/ http://objects.arma3.fr/ Available in the library currently: Vehicles: All vehicles currently present. Weapons: To be started. Objects: After weapons. Original Post: Back in my ArmA 2 scripting days, I would constantly be looking for the classnames of vehicles, weapons, objects ect. For this, I would always go to the "Arma 2 OBJECT LIBRARY" ([url]http://dayzsuperhive.co.uk/object-library.html[/url]). I have begun work on such a website for ArmA 3 [url]http://unc.netii.net/object/home.html[/url] The webpage is currently hosted on a free web-host so sorry for any slow loading times, and I have only completed one section (Armored Vehicles). I am however open to feedback on this (good or bad) and would appreciate to hear if I should continue developing this (as to not waste my time). Example Image: [url=http://i.imgur.com/Ol3qD9a.jpg]http://i.imgur.com/Ol3qD9a.jpg[/url] (109 kB) So what are you waiting for? Check it out! [url]http://unc.netii.net/object/home.html[/url]
  11. Alex Dyre

    Set variable in item

    Things can be a little complicated as far as dropping of items go. I have a somewhat of a system working on a mission I have been creating. You need to have it not only create (and potentially set the objects name), but also tie a variable to that object. If your mission is MP then you need to remember to sync this in MP. If you like, you can PM me and I can give you access to my mission/code so you can look at how to do it. However, I wouldn't say that my way is very efficient, though would definitely work for singular objects dropped.
  12. Alex Dyre

    INIT box troubles

    When using the editor, you can't press "enter" to go to a new line. What you need to do is use the ";" character to tell it it is a new action. For example you might have something like this in your init field: this allowDamage false; this addItem "ItemGPS"; Edit: If you were wanting a new line to make it look pretty however, the above reply is correct, you cannot.