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  1. suprememodder

    Tripwires not detonating explosive

    heh that's wasted potential right there. to be honest, the moment the door opens and trips the wire, it should explode.
  2. suprememodder

    Farmers in Arma 3

    ever hear the phrase you run like a girl? there are clear differences in cadence and pattern that cannot be reflected by just using a smaller female bone. this is more important than cars and clothing which can be easily modded in. no one here owns a mo-cap studio.
  3. suprememodder

    When is this game going to be good?

    modders doing the work of devs is fine, but not when it's essential things that everyone wants but the devs chose not to implement. hence the argument to push back so it can be implemented officially by the devs. hopefully custom content can be co-opted by the devs, because i see many of them as essential and i don't want to have to download 50 mods just to play on a server.
  4. suprememodder

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    use dayz standalone's animation set for the civilians. their animations are more relaxed and they hold weapons differently.
  5. suprememodder

    Can't make windows...

    texture needs suffix _ca
  6. suprememodder

    Is the TOH flight model implemented yet?

    wasn't it always stated that it would be implemented for full release. unless they reversed that decision?
  7. suprememodder

    There's always a way to land a helicopter!

    you sure about the realistic part?
  8. suprememodder

    Arma 3 FanArt

    lmao no one is using aimed fire in this screenshot, not even the soldier
  9. suprememodder

    Farmers in Arma 3

    when are we going to see the females? i hope they give them female specific animations. the first female we saw in arma 3(bikini girl from a demo video) had the male sprinting animation.
  10. only if they switch engines for arma 4.
  11. suprememodder

    When is this game going to be good?

    except in pvp, people behave even more dumbly than ai. at least with ai there is realism and consistency, and believable levels of unpredictability.
  12. suprememodder

    how wip is the animations?

    it would be useful if they added the ability to scooch around. and the one where you roll onto your side is the urban prone, it lowers your profile. they're all useful and should affect shooting accuracy and stability, they just need movement animations for turning, because right now you just spin around like a glass bottle.
  13. suprememodder

    how wip is the animations?

    so the game is getting close to release now. are you going to add movement animations to the intermediate stances? also, some of the animations aren't very believable. for example, when kneeling with the pistol lowered, when you turn, even a little, your leg moves, which is realistic. but i don't see this for any other stances or weapons. and it makes it look like the character is spinning in place. also, what happened to the supine shooting position? will that come back or is that scraped?
  14. suprememodder

    Project Mars One

    does project mars one involve extra vehicular activity on the planet?
  15. suprememodder

    Stencil shadows vs Shadow Maps

    would shadow maps negate the need for shadow lods? also, i'm not too keen on the arguments for keeping stencil shadows. even on a sunny day, i don't cast super sharp angular shadows on myself. they're still a bit diffuse. the work offload to gpu would definitely be welcome as well. my gpu is barely being challenged by the game at the moment. very cpu heavy.
  16. thread to keep track of my works iraq m1 abrams crew http://imageshack.us/a/img832/6250/jlyp.jpg (196 kB) http://imageshack.us/a/img163/2749/15yt.jpg next up is afghanka. eta 10 hours.
  17. suprememodder

    nearobjects performance on altis and stratis

    they could decrease the lod switch distance for man made objects. on altis, there's a lot of buildings, guard posts, random things basically everywhere you turn. turning down object distance also helps, but that makes the game look completely barren beyond a certain distance.
  18. suprememodder

    Tweak the graphics presets!

    "My thread was just a simple solution to a common problem with this game...new players expecting Arma to perform like 99% of other games (which it won't, ever)" the flip side to that is bis not taking full advantage of modern technologies. multicore support is currently pathetic.
  19. suprememodder

    Too many destroyed cars in Altis

    that's like saying there are too many bases, guard towers, buildings, etc, etc and the whole map should remain neutral by being bare. the environment is being designed around a certain context, that of an agrarian war torn country. the various dumps, chapels, wrecks, etc are all part of the atmosphere. the devs can't listen to everyone who requests a new layer for wrecked cars, guard posts, bases, chapels, etc, etc.
  20. suprememodder

    Random stutter + slowing down

    for me, it's anything but random. i can pinpoint some things that cause it, i'm sure there are other factors but hopefully we can narrow it down gradually. the game usually takes awhile to load the terrain textures right after you enter the level. you have to spin around slowly to make the game load the surrounding areas as well. this causes some stuttering as each quadrant is loaded. i find i can improve it a little bit by going into map right after entering the game zooming out and letting the white squares load for awhile. but if you reach a new area, maybe traveled for a bit and a new quadrant gets streamed in, then it starts stuttering again. terrain, not so much, but buildings, definitely. so i think maybe building lods aren't optimized? maybe the game needs an even lower lod level with an even more basic mesh? because the objects/buildings in the game is a definite stutter causer in my experience. i'm on low object detail btw.
  21. suprememodder

    scarves and shemagh

    will we have them in the game? i need one for my tank crew mod. if you don't have it, i'll have to make one. the mods i've seen (the half face) one isn't very well done.
  22. suprememodder

    PKM Machine Gun

    looks a little too clean.
  23. suprememodder

    Serious injuries (graphic) - gore/violence

    sim is relative. dcs might be a sim, but compared to something used by the military, it's still a game. besides, sim or not isn't the point. realistic violence and game are not mutually exclusive. plenty of games have far more realistic visual damage and injuring systems than arma 3, ro2 for example. but considering that ro2 has weapon resting and proper cover system, it might be even more of a sim than arma 3.
  24. suprememodder

    Where is the highest point on Altis?

    thronos. but it's not that high. wish there was a cliff or something but likely height map resolution would not allow, unless it was a huge static model.