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  1. i dont know if this is only happening to me, but for some reason, the latest version of WLA, keeps crashing when i start the mission with mods, like it runs fine when i dont have any mods activated, but as soon as i turn on 1 mod, it dies when i click continue with old save, the list of the mods i run will be listed below, do note that the previous version of WLA worked with no issues. @ASDG_JR @Blastcore-A3-Phoenix @DragonFyre @Mao @vdebug @TPW_MODS @CBA_A3 @RH Acc @SaOk @Blastcore-Tracers @RAM @bCombat-0.18 @smarter_tanks @sakumods @WW_AICOVER @RHSAFRF @RHSUSF @RPA_Refined_Vehicles @Vcom_Driving @TEC_CSAT i have never experienced any issues with any of these mods in previous versions of WLA.
  2. @Vani last time i heard Soak stoped working on the stratis version, and is focusing more on Altis, but i might be wrong about that, so don't quote me on that. You always manage to pull off awesome mission Soak and WLA is Diffidently 1 of the best mission i have ever played in Arma 3, now there is 1 negative thing about the mission and that is the damn cut scenes, it might just be me but sometimes they get me on my nerves, like a few hours ago i was in a middle of a firefight with a enemy squad when all the sudden, a cut scene randomly start, after its done, i immediately get shot up by the squad that i was engaging, and i also had a few encounters with the cut scenes yesterday first encounter was when i was driving my hunter to a new task i got, am going roughly around 100 or so, when all the sudden my screen goes black and a freaking cut scene yet again starts, and the 2nd time happened when i was being shot by 2 BMP's (yes i use RHS escalation), i get my car behind cover, but just as i hoped out a cut scene started, when i was over, both me and my hunter was in the middle of the open, and before i could say dont shoot i was shot to pieces by the 2 BMP's as well as my hunter.. so it would be nice if there could be a option in the WLA menu to disable the cut scenes or make them not pop up if your moving in a vehicle or if your in a middle of a firefight.
  3. CrazyChrisX

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    oh boy, so my download speed is going up and down from 5kb to like half a megabit and then drops to 50kb and if am lucky it goes to 1.5mb and stays there for like 1 min and goes down to 50ish kb :/ care to share a rough number of how many people are downloading the mod :P and i cant wait to test JSRS 3 here, i have been following the mod since the wip topic was made!
  4. after following this mod for a very long time, i really cant hold it soon here. me myself is a halo fan, i love the games and i play it outside of arma, i really love the work you guys have put into this mod, i do have a few favorites already! first is the pelican, awesome work you guys have put into it, i seriously cant wait to see it in-game and flying! 2nd is the rifle that spacenavy recently posted pictures about, i dont know the name of it but here is the referring pic https://i.imgur.com/VTwolYo.jpg 3rd is the frigate that you guys worked on, or as its called UNSC Charon-class frigate, it looks freaking awesome and that is 1 of the things i really cant wait to test and check out! outstanding work you guys have done and how much time you have put into this mod, me as well as a few others, are having a hard time waiting for the mod to be released, be we are holding out! keep it up!
  5. CrazyChrisX

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    care to share proof i dont trust anything that comes from that community at all, but if you are telling the truth then i take that back, i have then been misinformed by people, who clearly said he left and took his shit with him.
  6. CrazyChrisX

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    hope you know that steaker left their team a long time ago, since they deiced to randomly remove everything he had done, without even asking him, what did they change to well you have seen it, altis life even tho caiden said 100 of times, they would NEVER change to altis life, because he kept saying tonic took his shit, which has been proven that he didn't, he had made a life mission for A3L from the very bottom, delgado can agree to it, he was the person who could make everything that caiden promised would be in the server, but they back stabbed him and he left them, i dont know how much time he spent scripting everything but i would say it was well over 2-3 months of hard-work on his part... the ONLY reason why their still alive, is because of all the streamers, you lure them away or take them away from A3L and i will guarantee, they wont make it before the end of this year, maybe if their lucky they might make it to the end of January. that's probably because a vast majority of the people who play life mods, consist of underage kids who dosent know that A3L is breaking a crap ton of copyrights and so forth, their only there to play a game or something around that line.
  7. i would loved to try this out, but when i download it, winrar goes all crazy and says the rar file is corrupted so i cant really get it, and i have also tried with 7zip but that wont open the archive either :( would it be possible if you could download the addon PBO to like dropbox or Mega? regards Chris
  8. CrazyChrisX

    [SP/Campaign] Dying Ember (resistance campaign)

    yes it worked, you were right it was some of the addons i was running that decided to screw the mission over.
  9. CrazyChrisX

    [SP/Campaign] Dying Ember (resistance campaign)

    in mission 3 i did arm my teammates, they were fully armed, but is it different in the new mission? like is it a ammo box close to where you spawn or? Never mind i found out.
  10. CrazyChrisX

    [SP/Campaign] Dying Ember (resistance campaign)

    Hello Undeceived. So i have ran into a issue with the campaign, am on the mission called Something is not Right. like everything loads up correctly, loading screen and so forth, my gear from the previous mission loads fine but the people with me, dosent spawn with their weapons their just standing there unarmed anyway, i head over to the convoy i clear it of AAF, i talk to the survivor that is hiding in the truck, i tells me to bring him to their base/camp, i head over there, nothing happens, i get out of the car order the AI's out of it, nothing happens, so i decided to continue with the mission and head over to our safe house, i arrive at the location and nothing happens either, i tell the AI's to get out, nothing happens, their just standing there unarmed with no weapons, and if 1 of them get shoot by the AAF, the mission dosent end either, which it dose on the other missions if 1 of your team members get killed it auto fails the mission and you have to re-start the mission... i have restarted the mission multiple times and reverting to a previous mission in the campaign, but the issue is still there. now before you ask if i use mod answer is yes i do use mods, like i use JSRS, CBA, Blastcore, ASDG_JR, TMR and so on (too many to list), but am not using any weapon mods nor replacement packs either. regards Chris
  11. CrazyChrisX

    Status Hud

    i would love to try this mod out, but the download isn't working, i just get to a 404 error page on dropbox :( like it says the file has either been deleted or moved.
  12. ok ill try that, thanks for the help anyway :) ---------- Post added at 19:33 ---------- Previous post was at 19:30 ---------- if i wanna choose like a vehicle insertion all i need to do is to buy a car right and jump into it and it will auto start or do i have to move the car to the foot insertion marker? and if i choose to go with a helo instead do i just do the same or? ---------- Post added at 19:59 ---------- Previous post was at 19:33 ---------- UPDATE: i reverted to meet and greets, did the briefing, inserted by helo, and am still getting Smash and Grab by unknown community Author, and i spawn at the same place as shown in the video, so that leaves me back to square 1..
  13. at the video i did a test run with only JSRS and Blastcore which should NOT interfere in anyway with your mission. i also tried doing it without any mods active and still nothing. this is what the campaign looks like on the main menu under campaigns, and the last bit, i have the addon version. like i have a @MERCS mod folder in my A3 directory. http://i.imgur.com/pqDJqN0.png
  14. what i mean by the text box is the conversation box ish thingy, its not showing up and when i go to characters that am suppose to talk to am not getting the option to do so, and am on the stable/official build and mods umm.. about 19 mods, but most of them are mods that enhance the experience (JSRS, Blastcore and so on), i never had any previous issues using the mods am using now, never gave me any type of issues or shit like that, so i dont know. ---------- Post added at 15:55 ---------- Previous post was at 15:50 ---------- and in additionall when am loading the mission it only says Smash and Grab by a unknown community author, nothing else and the standard loading picture for Altis (not talking about the background). ---------- Post added at 16:10 ---------- Previous post was at 15:55 ---------- here is a short video where you can see what i mean by the conversation box not appearing and so forth.
  15. i just keep on running into issues, now i did the debug code, and now the next mission is bugged as well, the next mission is broken or something, since the text box thingy isn't popping up..