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  1. I am currently testing a version that I think may work properly which is on the master branch of the github. Also you must still have the Medical module's 'Prevent Instant Death' setting turned on if you are using ACE 3.
  2. I was having a difficulty limiting the area the sound would play. To limit it to only units that are inside the vehicle can hear it, go to r0ed_SurvivableCrashes\functions\fn_onVehicleCrash.sqf and change if (_sfxEnabled) then { [_veh] remoteExec ["r0ed_SurvivableCrashes_PlaySfx", -2]; }; to if (_sfxEnabled) then { [_veh] remoteExec ["r0ed_SurvivableCrashes_PlaySfx", crew _veh]; };
  3. You replace the other forEach loop at the end of the file r0ed_SurvivableCrashes\functions\init\init_survivableCrashes.sqf
  4. I found that whenever the mod starts, any units currently in vehicles will have the mod enabled. It was not intended for that to happen. You could fix it by doing this :
  5. I had actually tried that and it did not work for some reason. Thinking about it again, I think I would have to set the var before the exitWith. If you added a feature to ignore a syntax error, (either by error, line or code block and then have it grey-ed out so people know it is not being checked, a reset would be good as well if someone does something odd) I think that could put less pressure on you so people don't ask for constant implementations of whatever feature they want to use. Personally, this plug in has saved me tons of time debugging so I really like what you made. I understand if you question having to update this plugin, It works most of the time, and only has a bug during obscure things and ones that require time to write or odd checks to work. I would suggest working on it whenever you feel like it and only making packaged releases when a new version of Arma Stable is released so the functions list is updated. This way you are not overworked and updates are on a schedule that makes sense to you. Regardless, I really appreciate your work. Thank you.
  6. Thanks for the update, I have another syntax error bug to report. _isValidWork = { if (side _x == west || side _x == east) exitWith {true}; false } forEach (player nearEntities ["Man", 100]); This code produces the error at forEach. I keep finding the most obscure things in the wiki and finding a use for them.
  7. I don't think the script works on AI. Normally it only works on vehicles players are driving. I do not know why the aircraft would stop in the air.
  8. Here you go. I have not tested it in MP, but it is almost an exact duplicate of the mod, so it should work. There is a .zip you can download under releases.
  9. In 1.2, I added a parameter in the module that activates a string of code when a crash is detected. In the string, the last event handler before the crash is passed so you can check the projectile type for the one you want, and then kill the crew based off of that. I do not plan on adding a feature where player would be killed by manpads or heavy AA sites since it really depends on player preference and knowing what sources you want units to be killed by, but I can make it easier for people to customize the mod the way they want it.
  10. Version 1.2 Released Removes HandleDamage Event Handler when disabled Script now does nothing to player health when when medical system is set to none "None" Added parameter in the module to run code when the mod detects a crash
  11. Any feedback or requests to put into version 1.2?
  12. At 1:17 on the video, you can see the customization options for v1.1 . Right now there is no direct setting to customize what you are asking. However, there is an option to use your own medical setting to affect the players (which I just realized is fairly misleading because it still limits damage in v1.1). What you can do, assuming no other mods handleDamage, is remove all handleDamage Event Handlers and then create your own for the players in the vehicle. It gets complicated when dealing with damage sources and deciding when exactly you want a player to die, so I chose to make it so everyone survives all the time. I will look into this whenever I work on the next version of this mod.
  13. Yes it should, I have tested this on a dedicated server with another player. Just make sure all the players have the mod installed.
  14. Thank you Thanks for the feedback. The main visual difference is that ACE add on it's own unconscious effect, makes the player look down, and disables input. Thank you! It took me a few days to learn how to format everything into a mod and then fix the problems from the script version. Yes, the default settings in the module applies the mod to all aircraft, however you can change it to a list of any vehicle classes you want. Just make sure players have the mod installed as well, or else the mod will not work for them. The mod uses two ways for adding the event handler. When a player spawns inside the aircraft at the beginning of a mission, and when a player enters a helicopter by themselves. Creating vehicles through Zeus should work.