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  1. blew me away, again. any chance we'll see it on steam too?
  2. concinnity

    MOD: NATO Hellcats

    Sweeeeeeet. These are my favorite choppers in the game. Thanks for your hard work!
  3. concinnity

    MOD: NATO Hellcats

    Are these compatible with Lifter?
  4. concinnity

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Fast Ropes for helos? I know l etranger has it implemented in his custom mission, but he isn't interested in making the function become a standalone mod. See his work here http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147821-VTS-3-5-Live-Multiplayer-Coop-mission-editor-for-A3
  5. Is there any possibility of making the helo features a separate mod? I love how they work but I don't need the other features that are included.
  6. well done pomigit, sorry to see you go
  7. concinnity


    I agree with you on the hard rest. I think it should feel more like the level of "VTS Simple Rest", which is somewhat substantial. As it stands right now I can hardly ever tell that resting does anything.
  8. concinnity

    Refined Vehicles

    I think the config for both the BMW X6's is bugged. Neither can hit speeds of more than 10kph, and the acceleration to that speed is very slow.
  9. concinnity

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Thanks zaph, I've got it working!
  10. concinnity

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    So do I add the array of units I want to the Game Logic, or do I delete all but the units I want in the script? I apologize for my lack of understanding, but I really appreciate the help
  11. concinnity

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    I got it working. How can I control the type of units that are spawned? I've run it a few times and the unit types that are generated don't always make sense in the setting. I cannot thank you guys enough for these, they're going to make my life much easier.
  12. concinnity

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    I have a proof of concept mission with nothing other than a rifleman and a Game Logic unit with a fillHouse script taken directly from the app. I am positive the LV folder is in place. However, I get the error Script LV\fillHouse.sqf not found Why is this happening? Thanks for the help
  13. Is there a script command that can tell an item or magazine to go specifically to a vest or backpack? Just realized I posted this in the wrong section. I'd appreciate it if a mod could move it to Mission Editing & Scripting. Thanks!
  14. concinnity

    M2A1 Slammer TUSK?

    I can't understand why they don't implement it if they have the model, since it's essentially the same code. I really wish BIS hadn't been so lazy in the vehicle dev of arma 3. Between the reskins and port overs I'm kinda fed up. If they want this to be a AAA title they need to treat it like one.