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  1. Much thanks someone was trying to have me use some big script package that checked what a unit is wearing and stuff, and I was like thats way more than I needed and new there was a simpler way. Thank you for the help. Idk if I could trouble you as to go over the codes pieces so I can understand it a bit better? If I'm reading it right "this" refers to the vic obviously, addEventHandler checks anytime an event happens aka a unit enters or exits the vehicle. "GetOut" is keyword for a built in command (interaction option) that players fire., params short for parameters? then its that stuff inside I'm almost certain 100% wrong on, but are built in keywords/functions of arma? and you set the parameters to look for an event regarding the vic, its position, or any units interacting with it? and when it detects a unit getting out it sets it to false?
  2. So basically trying to make a mission where team sneaks into the area and meets up with a local asset. The asset is simply there to deliver a local "civilian" truck for them to use to travel safely into city undercover. Basically what I was thinking was in the init of the vic, putting something like: "foreach unit set captive true;" however realized that probably wouldn't work because then they are liable to be set captive rest of mission. So basically looking for something that sets captive state true while units are in the vic but once they disembark the vic captive state switches back to false, with a like a two second buffer before the switch happens. Any help would be great as my search wasn't very fruitful.
  3. So I've got a trigger that activates via another trigger plays an alarm, then stops after like 5 seconds. I've tried cond: triggerActivated trig2 && (alive alarm); and act: this nul = [thisTrigger] spawn {while {true} do {(_this select 0) say3D "Alarm_OPFOR"; sleep 10;};}; however it doesn't work. If I had to guess, is b/c when it spawn itself again, the condition is no longer true b/c trig2 is gone and can't fire it again. So my question is can I have the trigger before trig2 actually tell trig 3 to start, vs trig3 looking to see if trig 2 was activated? If I could do that i could eliminate the triggerActivated from the condition, and just have (alive alarm) which means every time the trigger spawned, its condition would be true and would fire. I've looked all over the place, spent many hours trying to figure this out but no joy. Edit: Ultimately what I'm trying to do, is once the boys get detected alrams go off and keep going till they destroy the alarms/loudspeakers which I have named alarm1, alarm2, and alarm 3 respectively. I've thought of doing an external script, and using execVM "alarmSQF" to call it and just spawn the 3d alarm sounds at marker pos and use a loop in the script. Basically they get detected via trig2 it calls the sqf, in the sqf something along the lines of _snd = while (true): if ((alive alarm1) && (alive alarm2) && (alive alarm3)) then play sound "Alarm_OPFOR" at marker1, marker 2, marker 3; elseIf((alive alarm1) && (alive alarm2)) then play sound "Alarm_OPFOR" at marker1, marker 2; elseIf((alive alarm2) && (alive alarm3)) then play sound "Alarm_OPFOR" at marker2, marker3; elseIf((alive alarm1) && (alive alarm 3)) then play sound "Alarm_OPFOR" at marker 1, marker 3; elseIf((!alive alarm1) && (!alive alarm 2) && (!alive alarm 3) return false; Thanks for any help you can give.
  4. ironhawx

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Ok so overall enjoy the DLC, however one major glaring issue that ultimately is inexcusable considering the group responsible for the mod. They say "dynamic load-out" but really its not, not in the sense I'm sure most of us were expecting. I was expecting a system similar to the original f-18 mod that was first mod to allow dynamic load outs on the fly. Considering that mod group is a lot of what makes up BO1 I'm a little pissed a system like this isn't in. Fact that I have to decide a load-out in editor is complete bs, and worse can't even use this feature via Zeus. So your stock with stock planes unable to adjust load-out at all. Seriously FA-18 SU-35 have dynamic load outs, F-16, F-15, have dynamic load-outs, the USAF mod has dynamic load outs, and these mods have been around for well over 2 years with this function. Why the hell does the dlc not have true "dynamic load-outs" vs just able to edit the load-outs via editor. Really disappointed in BO1 for not having this in, and in BI for not saying to BO1 we want you to at least have features your original mod in then expand from there. Guess once again up to the mod community to fix the oversight of BI.
  5. as far as hud w/ asl kimi's hmd if not mistaken has that function in its hud
  6. ok thanks for that so for a few vics just have a cpl triggers one for each, otherwise we are stepping into a dedicated script scenario. Ok thanks for all the help.
  7. ok so i understand scripting to the extent of I can read it and somewhat understand what does what. However I'm not good knowing how to phrase and/write things. Was wondering if (if you'd be so kind) how I would code multiple variable that are to be "stealthed" aka more than one helicpoter aka heli1, heli2, heli3, jet1, jet2, jet3, etc. I tried to just repeat this " (getpos heli select 2) < 20 " in same trigger, but got an error. Was wondering if could help me out one last time
  8. ok well i used jus the first one, disable/enable and worked like a charm you sir deserve a beer, this will really help mission i'm working on.
  9. Ok so i'd put the {_x disableAI "ALL"} forEach [AA1, AA2,...]; into the act, and "AA1" etc is what ever i name the enemy units, and for deactive i'd use same code except for disableAI i would use enableAI?
  10. awesome sounding trigger, however two questions, 1. the height setting is it the current altitude of the heli, or is it referring to sea level height? 2. Can i sync this trigger to certain units (aka missile based aa) so that the heli can still be targeted by small arms fire or gun based aa that wouldn't require a lock and therefor stealth wouldn't matter?
  11. So basically I'm creating a hostage rescue mission, i have 4 hostages, i have a trigger that will end mission in failure if all hostages die. Only one need survive so i have the trigger set up at ({alive _x} count [unit1,unit2,unit3,unit4,unit5]) isEqualTo 0 mission ends if it returns back 0. Simple enough, however trying to set the victory trigger is where I'm having issues, basically I want the trigger to activate once all hostages THAT are a still alive have been moved to safe zone. So basically if 3 out of the 5 are alive, then all 3 of the ones alive need to moved and present in the safe zone trigger area. Any help would greatly be appreciated, I tried searching w/o success.
  12. Ok so looked around found a script, but popping errors (http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=32699 about half way down from user 654wak654) but its basically the premise of being able to die respawn at base then gear back up and jump back in the fight by teleporting to to squad members position. Had hoped this would work as it seemed to fit the bill, being able to select which squad member as well as matching members position. Its a small 6man misison(s) so we don't have pilots and such to fly us to and from battle once we get on our way. Any help would be appreciated. Note the error that popped was undefined variable in: bfd_fnc_showdialog EDIT Disregard script works i overlooked the fact I had to create init.sqf for the mission itself as well and include a small line of code. so if a mod wants to close/delete this threat by all means.
  13. Agreed it would be nice if nothing else you could select parameters in eden, then when you save the file it would auto create the description.ext
  14. ironhawx

    Analogue Inputs only 50% range

    Ya you have to bind y+ to one collective analogue and y- to opposite collective analogue. So it would either be y+ collective raise(analogue) and y- collective lower(analogue) or vice versa in the controls. All depends on you want to set it, if you want it to feel more like a real helo controls you would need it to where when you pull back you are raising the collective. I'd tell you specifically my setup but i'm not at my gaming rig atm, but to get 100% range you have to do it this way.
  15. ironhawx

    Analogue Inputs only 50% range

    OMG you sir deserve a medal would've never thought to do this nor would've thought this would be cause of issue, but indeed i now have 100% after removin the xbox mappings. Hats off to you sir thank you very much.