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  1. Okay. I just reinstalled Windows. Yes I went that far. Doesnt work. Bohemia Interactive. Fix this please.
  2. Have reinstalled it today again, will attempt a fresh Windows install. Will return with update.
  3. Just reinstalled Arma 2 again, same errors. No progress. And when I say Arma 2 I mean everything related to it. So OA, ACR, BAF etc. Im running dry after now passing the 8 hour mark.
  4. 116532. And yes, it is a bit old. But it is the version required for a specific server. I've unistalled and reinstalled the game a couple of times allready and im uncertain if I can even go back to the version I need. It seems as if it reinstalls at a newer version than the one required. However according to this http://www.arma2.com/beta-patch.php its not a super old version, either. UPDATE!: According to BETA patchnotes (after fiddling around with steams beta installation, the patch and some other stuff) I have currently, I am on the correct version. However now I get another error trying to launch it, prehaps a more dooming error. Namely this; Thoughts? This here is my current BETA folder. I agree this is rather small as it should look like this;
  5. Hello, gooday and some other stuff like that. Ive actually seen quite a few of these threads but none with an outcome. So here goes. Hopefully we can sort this out this time rather than have yet another thread started just to die. In anycase; Heres the deal. My arma has (before) worked fine, dandy and all that. I have bought it (Arma 2, Arma 2: OA, Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic) all on steam, with the copies of Arma 2: Reinforcements on a CD Copy. What I am currently trying to do is update my Arma 2: OA to the latest (stable) BETA patch namely; 103718 This is a series of pictures what happens as I attempt an installation. I press "Ja" (Yes) here and this pops up. I press ok and instantly a new window comes up, this one; I press yes again, and so it continues to update ACR. Now the thing is that it doesn't do anything. It doesnt update to the version I need, no matter how I do it. No matter if I run it as Admin, Run steam as Admin, Do it through another updater (Six Updater, DayZ Commander for example), Close Steam and run it or anything. Ive tried to uninstall all of my armas and then reinstall. It just doesnt work. Now there is another thing to this. As I bought the Arma 2 Reinforcements on disk I didnt have them on steam before. I saw the oppurtuinity to register them to steam and so I did (For the anniversary) and ever since that it has done me nothing but trouble. I cannot use the Reinforcements installation Utility stickied here on the forums as I no longer have a CD-Drive in my computer. Im uncertain if this is connected to the issue or not. Note; The game runs fine when launched through steam, so theres no issues on that front. I just cannot update the latest BETA... As you can see in the image above I do not even have the Launch BETA exe, telling me theres something really wrong going on. And this is after installing it on steam, just to be safe. In conclusion; I'm out of ideas. I seriously do not know what's going on and I really really hope you guys can help me out here.
  6. Zizoor

    Wrong CD Key on update

    I have the same issue, this was quite the while back and I cannot seem to get it fixed. Have you stumbled upon a fix yet?
  7. Aight. Im sick of this. Currently sitting on a Asus Sabertooth Z77 with i7 3770k processor running at 3,8 Ghz, 8GB 1600mhz RAM, Intel 335 180GB SSD and a GTX 780 2GB. "Benchmark 2" results on medium settings: 18 FPS average. 18. With that computer?.. Its a game from 2009 for gods sake. Bohemia. OPTIMIZING, DO YOU KNOW IT?
  8. I'm fairly new to the modding scene and designing scene and these look great! Ive been working on some random Digi camo before but never really settled for anything, thanks for the inspiration and keep up the great work!