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  1. I would love it if we could get the signs in the game that aren't in the editor like stop signs, and the blue and red no parking/waiting sign. Every time I build a checkpoint and can't put a stop sign up it drives me crazy. Even speed limit signs aren't available in the editor and would be nice to have.
  2. I'm curious about this as well, most of the people I play with have rolled back versions of TS because there was a lot of crashing issues with the newer versions.
  3. He might be talking about how the frequency om backpack radios resets every time you open virtual arsenal, or when HALO jumping where the backpack goes on your chest. So you have to reset the frequency every time you use arsenal or HALO.
  4. Kash 420


    Can you please make this addon work with Altis? The Midrange Texture Pack does an ok job, but the whole map feels very brown and tan, this pack does a much better job with color balance and it just looks really good when flying. But on Altis you are stuck with the old textures or the Midrange Pack. Plus with the new Tanoa map not coming along for another 6 months or so it would be really nice to make Altis feel more realistic, and get rid of those stupid lines on the map.
  5. Kash 420

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    I think the map looks really good so far, I'm curious where it's based off however, first thoughts during the reveal trailer was that maybe it's Fiji or something around there. Initially it sounded like it would be a large island with a couple smaller ones, but it's actually a large chain of idk 10+ islands. In game scale is a little smaller so were probably looking for an area 150-200km/sq in the real world. Plus the volcano should help narrow it down a little bit. The map will not feel right without rivers and waterfalls though, it's something I've been hoping for since ARMA 2, that would add so much to not only the beauty of maps but the way we use tactics, supply lines are a huge deal in games, so taking out a bridge on a supply line can really interrupt things, and it also creates choke points, both very important in military tactics. I hope it's coming with new vehicles and campaign story as well, there's too many questions about the device and the ending of the campaign not to expand on it. Personally I'm really hoping a NATO 50 Cal comes along, the .408 is really weak against vehicles compared to the 50 without using APDS rounds, so NATO could use an equivalent to it, also the .408 takes a lot of rounds to take out the rotor or engine on a Kajman, it would be really useful for that as well. All I know is the map looks to be just about done, and there's no way that it takes 6 months just to work out the bugs so there has to be more that they are doing in regards to content for the new map. I hope the next map we get is Kamchatka Peninsula, that would be an amazing terrain with snow and lava, set among huge mountains like having Takistan with snow and volcanos. If they did that it could easily be the most stunning terrain they've ever done, and they could still set it along a coast for any naval warfare, which I've heard rumors about with the new islands. People have pointed out getting equipment to islands like those ones would likely take large ships like a carrier, maybe they'll do a new NATO Fighter Jet for Air to Air combat and a carrier to launch it off, that would make this the best expansion so far in ARMA 3. How cool would it be to spawn in on a carrier like BF on Wake and fly to the AO in helos. I mean to me that's a dream come true in ARMA, but it would have to be a driveable carrier to really get the most out of it.
  6. NK I verified the integrity several times while I was looking for a fix and it's been all good every time. I tried it running only TFAR and CBA both the latest versions and if I don't preload it by creating a MP game first it will crash almost every time. I know a couple of people with this issue, it's not a huge deal because the fix only takes a minute before the game, but it would be nice not to have to do that, not sure why but it wasn't until the latest ARMA update that this began.
  7. So I'm having a new issue with this latest patch, there's only one server I've seen it on, they run TFAR on the server, and when I load into the game, I can select a slot, and the game will go through the entire loading screen towards spawning in before crashing. If I just keep trying and trying it will eventually work, but is subject to crash if I change slot. The only fix I found so far was to preload TFAR by creating a LAN MP server going into a mission, then backing out and joining the server I want to play on. I'm not sure why this has happened, but I'm wondering if there's another possible fix, I was thinking perhaps there's some way to preload it in the game command line or something like that. If anyone knows of a solution it would be appreciated. I noticed the game also seems to forget what frequencies I had set when I load loadouts, but once I set it after joining a game it will remember it. All smaller stuff, the big one was the crashing until I was told of that method which worked, it's not such a huge deal now, but is worth trying to fix if there is a way to.
  8. Nevermind the part about the sounds, they are working now for some reason, not sure what was going on before.
  9. I tried out the 0.9.8 fix which did bring black screens for me. I still noticed two issues however, one is the fact that I still don't hear the sounds when I transmit, I tried swapping out sounds with TS but that didn't seem to do anything. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue. Also, the backpack radios don't hold a frequency when you open up the Arsenal, the short range radios that go in the radio slot seem to be fine, when I load a loadout it will still have the same frequency I saved it with, but the long ranges just reset to a random channel every time I open Arsenal. Maybe there's just no way to fix it, it's a problem I had before the update, I also notice it if you use the HALO Jump feature where your backpack goes to your chest.