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  1. Necrodancer

    FPS with armour or vehicles

    If it isn't the PiP as already mentioned it might be the physx simulation affecting as it is run by the processor as well. Until Bohemia fixes the poor performance on AMD processors I recommend Intel processors with hyper threading or overclocked to over 4Ghz. For example Core i7 4790K with hyper threading or Core i5 4690K without.
  2. Necrodancer

    FPS with armour or vehicles

    Well neither of those games loads a 270m^2 map and millions of objects at the same time. You have a shitty hard drive, that's why your fps is low in cities. Why? Because there's so much more objects in cities having to be loaded simultaneously. And you having an low tier AMD processor doesn't make it any better. ARMA needs a shit ton of processing power for the shitty coded obsolete AI.
  3. Necrodancer

    FPS with armour or vehicles

    I'm sorry but that actually is pretty terrible.
  4. Necrodancer

    HE round kill radius

    You guys notice this now? I've been sticking to using the marshall's 40mm since beta because of the other cannons lack of damage.
  5. Necrodancer

    UAVs: Feedback and wishes

    The tank probably deployed smoke which broke the target lock. AI tanks do this immediatly 50% of the time when fired upon by an ATGM, but when a player operates a tank he has no idea when he got a missile lock on himself.
  6. Actually there was another smaller version too called TR36 with a 36 foot rotor diameter. I agree BIS should implement a vehicle similar in size to the MV-22 too. On the CSAT front this should be quite fitting: http://chinesemilitaryreview.blogspot.se/2013/09/chinese-blue-whale-quad-rotor-vertical.html
  7. Wheeled vehicles do stick to the surface when moving the ship, however their suspension is overdone when the ship is encountering waves making it look unnatural.
  8. The ship class can however carry a vehicle without it slipping off when the ship is moving both vertically (waves) and horizontally. Can't the same be coded and improved for the JHL? As evidence, download Gnat's fast sea frame. Place it in the editor. Set the waves to maximum, and land a chopper on it. It sticks to the boat! *edit* only works for the helicopter class, every other vehicle has fucked up physics when standing on the ship in waves. Why do the helicopters work when the others dont? Please investigate BIS.
  9. Necrodancer

    Oculus Rift VR headset

    I would render the 2d scope in the right eye and leave the left eye with the view over the weapon, just like in real life. That way you would have to close your left eye to not get distracted or you could open it to monitor your surroundings. This will also make the 3d scope question moot.
  10. The game is set in 2035 deal with it. And *ahem* http://www.karemaircraft.com/jhl.html
  11. I would love a bigger Osprey successor capable of lifting at least 20 tonnes.
  12. Necrodancer

    Oculus Rift VR headset

    Of course.
  13. Necrodancer

    Oculus Rift VR headset

    Preordered back in march so it should arrive sometime in july. But yeah it's probably gonna be a pukefest with Arma 3's fps. However I wonder if the low persistence in DK2 will work a bit like Nvidia's or AMD's G-sync/Freesync negating the inconsistent fps.
  14. Necrodancer

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    Blufor should get future iterations of vehicles coming from the US future vertical lift program designed to replace almost all helicopters in service. Examples: Karem Aircraft http://aviationweek.com/blog/inside-karems-optimum-speed-tilt-rotor-jmr http://karemaircraft.com/jhl.html Bell V-280 http://bellv280.com/ perhaps with some ghosthawk styling.