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  1. Hi there. I noticed you added support for "Suonkomar Sahav," but this map no longer exists and has been updated as "Prei Khmaoch Luong" it is available on the steam workshop here. It has been vastly improved.
  2. I would also like to know this? At this stage I've thrown the pbo in the @CAF1.5/addons folder.
  3. The latest patch has caused a bug, I can no longer walk, with my main weapon raised or lowered the animation begins to play then stops, I've rolled back to 1.94. I can however walk with my pistol drawn and raised. This affects NPCs as well by the looks of it. I can't use the configuration tool either, it simply won't launch. I have updated Java but that didn't help.
  4. I'm having problems with the Skirmish module, since the new bootcamp patch. Friendlies keep shooting at me, they look like NATO, but they engage me on sight. One time I saw a Nato team leader leading an armed civilian and an Iranian AA. I've deleted everything, reinstalled, turned off other mods but I can't find the problem. This wasn't happening prior to the 1.24 patch. EDIT: Was editing the userconfig under @TPW_mods instead of the the one in the normal userconfig file, ugh, feel like an idiot. Great mod btw, nice to see another Brisbanite.
  5. phlux1

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Those who are having problems with the no sound bug, it's FHQ's mods that are responsible.
  6. phlux1

    Clipping issues

    Well generally they would, but they might ignore posts that call their game, the only one of its kind, "a joke," because it doesn't meet the fantastical requirements that you set for it to exist in the genre which it arguably created.
  7. No idea what's doing it, disabled mods, re-enabled mods one by one, they don't come back. VTS weapon resting, the TPW mods, Tao's folding map and so on, they don't reactivate after loading a game :\
  8. Hey guys, if I save a game, while using mods, when I load it the mods are no longer active. Is this a common issue?
  9. Having a blast, but I when I load a saved game, it looks like my mods are not loading back in as well? Is this related to the same issue that's causing supports to disappear after load?
  10. So they can ensure the quality of them, a lot of the complaints about performance are due to people porting missions from ARMA 2, or from Stratis to Altis with little-to-no optimization. This in-turn reflects badly on that mission, even if that version of the mission was never authorized by the original creator. The guys at a3wasteland.com seem confident they can sort out FPS problems with hard work, time and intelligent scripting, which is probably correct. But everyone has been releasing their missions whilst still in the "testing" phase and rushing to beat out other popular missions, as a result I have a server list full of buggy, barely working missions. This is not BIS' fault at all, I've been working on an MP mission since alpha and it won't be complete for months yet, so it makes me wonder how others are already into their fifth or sixth "release version."
  11. I can only replicate this if I switch from Splendid Camera back to game and only sometimes.
  12. Just adding my voice to the chorus here, but we need to get rid of the A2 units, they cause issues and look sub-par. Obviously it causes issues with vehicles too, the mission creator has to fill those vehicles with Arma 3 infantry, any workaround to this would be great. Removing the A2 weapons is probably a good idea also, the Nato SF & Spetznaz weapon pack ports just about all the rifles and such as it is. Keep up the great work, this is a great project. As far as official BIS support goes, they are busy, I understand, but they mentioned AiA several times in their official guide, I think that if they are going to do that, helping fix some of the issues might be worthwhile down the track.
  13. I'm also finding that AI spawn at the center of the marker, there are some around the outside but a vast majority are spawning in the middle. EDIT: Played around to no avail, I upgraded my version and now it's effectively broken my mission. Anyone have any ideas on getting the AI to spawn within the marker area and not dead center? EDIT2: Still no luck, moving the marker away from the center of town seemed to help, but not much. Heavy patrols also don't seem to be patrolling at all, they move a little bit then stand around until they're shot at.
  14. phlux1

    Another one is leaving Arma3

    I'm an environment artist by trade working on an island in my spare time and I can promise you I won't quit, as much as I was put off by the community when I first came here, I meet nothing but cool people when I'm playing. And I certainly won't be quitting a game because it's buggy and unoptimized before it has left beta.
  15. phlux1

    Another one is leaving Arma3

    The game hasn't even released yet on the stable branch and you're making this thread now? Good riddance. EDIT: You already posted this in your own thread? Did you need to make a thread just for it?