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  1. Hurtz72

    New Player friendly hardcore servers?

    Breaking Point have some Hard Core / Merc Servers. http://www.thezombieinfection.com
  2. Wow awesome I have really been looking forward to this. Thanks to everyone who contributed or will contribute to this over time. This will change ARMA 3 for the better.
  3. We do not plan on recreating the weapons ourselves but will be using Maps, factions, assets and weapons from AIA and the community upgrade project and other large community made content.
  4. Hurtz72

    Why are much more people playing Arma 2?

    Who says there are no Dayz like mods for Arma 3. Check out breaking point, It's better than Dayz Standalone. http://www.thezombieinfection.com/
  5. Your right Cyrus ... the speed test I was doing wasn't accurate. It's not a full gig but better than 70 / 50 See results here 443.17Mb/s Down 150.15Mb/s Up http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3310204540
  6. Hurtz72

    VOIP/VON issues in Arma3

    Agreed BIS really needs to tweak VON ASAP
  7. Hurtz72

    ARMA 3 TacBF: NA

    Thanks I added this to my steam profile.
  8. Thanks Kju that sounds awsome. Thanks Foxhound for adding to armaholic
  9. Do you have two seperate PTT buttons setup. One for teamspeak direct and one for VON. They can't be the same either.
  10. Ya Savage I've used every perf binary that has been put out since christmas. A few admins that are with Hezner already replied here and also others that have sent me a PM and they are reporting the same issue. I wonder if it's something in the BIOS. The server I have has a MSI board. Any hetzner leasers using an MSI Haswell Board?
  11. The 200 megabit garantee is internal LAN speeds on their 1 gig network only which doesn't apply to WAN speeds, if you had two servers on the same network then you would get a full gigabit, 200 mbit garanteed, but this doesn't apply to connections from the internet which is the speeds I posted in the OP. Thanks for the lesson on bits vs bytes but this is in no way the issue. Anyone figure this out yet.
  12. Thanks Atkins I was just about to post the event here. All are welcome.
  13. I don't think it's 2012 as one of the guys in this thread told me on steam that he tried it on 2008 R2 as well. I'm pretty sure the guaranteed bandwidth that you are looking at are LAN speeds and not WAN speeds. Do a speed test from a website and see.
  14. Still having this issue however performance on the new server is looking pretty good. 50+ players on a TacBF server and server FPS was 35+. I still think that I may be missing out on some FPS but it only seems to be -5fps when the server has no load. As it loads up with 10 - 15 players server FPS increases up to 47 - 48 where at idle it's 45.
  15. Already running the optimized perf server binary.