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  1. https://projectuncut.org/ WHAT IS PROJECT UNCUT? Project Uncut is a continuation of the ADF: Uncut mod. The Australian Defence Force has some of the most unique equipment, camouflage and weponry in the world. The Project Uncut mod for ArmA 3 aims to recreate these unique features, to give you the most fair dinkum experience as possible. The Australian Defence Force is made up by three Sevices, The Australian Army, The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). The Team at Project Uncut are putting together a mod that will include assets for all three services, including the Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle (PMV), F/A-18F Super Hornet and Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) Amphibious Assault Ship, just to name a few. The final Aim is to have a majority if not all current generation weaponry, equipment and vehicles, as well as some legacy uniforms, and equipment, for the nostalgic among you. GALLERY DOWNLOAD (current version v0.1.2, updated 12-July-2017) STEAM WORKSHOP: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=934785894 ARMAHOLIC: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32799 REQUIRES: CBA OPTIONAL: ACE3. It is not a requirement but our launchers (M72) wont perform to their full potential without it (one-shot disposable). The Beta Release (Codename RAR) is intended to release the current camouflage uniform, vests and weaponry used by the Australian Army's Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) Infantry Soldiers. We encourage people to download and try our units and assets. Feel free to leave comments, suggestions and concerns below in the comments sections. Please report issues to our bugtracker here: https://github.com/discoADFU/Project_Uncut_Issues/issues UPDATE CHANGELOGS (current version v0.1.2, updated 12-July-2017) Credits of the new Uncut Team Credits of the original Uncut Team LICENSE Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License CONTACT US ON DISCORD TWITTER FACEBOOK Steam Workshop Private Message me (modder)
  2. disco.modder

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    @haleks regarding your photos 3rd Kind Encounters I noticed you said no addons. did you add the spaceship in with photoshop? they're great photos!
  3. disco.modder

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    I really like nikoaton's loadout of the US soldiers. The mix between vanilla 2035 gear + present-day RHS works out very well. Id love to see more photos!
  4. Yes we will have a comprehensive arsenal of vehicles at some point. Right now we are focusing on RAR infantry and then Special Forces before doing vehicles and aircraft.
  5. Update time! we bring the mod to v0.1.2, still in BETA stage. latest mirror from workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=934785894 armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32799 changelog Added:+Browning Hi Power+M4A5Removed:-N/AFixed:~Changed ammunition tracer colour from yellow to red (were we the enemies all along?)~F88-SAx Series renamed~Adjusted F88-SAx series carry weight to be inline with other Steyr family weapons (isn't a feather anymore)~Applied AMCU onto extra gear~Carl Gustav smoke round particles and effects~Pistol on the TBAS LSW has been adjusted for better fit~Airframe and TBAS distance LOD fixes (no longer pops into view noticeably)~Massif AMCU textures adjusted and updated~The Swarovski Scope (ADI) model update~F89 Fire rate adjusted~F89 Burst fire mode removed~Fixed HK417 Suppressor, will now fit on the rifle ;)
  6. update released! mod is now v0.1.1. changelog: Added: +Uniform Insignia hidden selections (now everyone can enjoy seeing what group they are with again) +MG Iron sights now hide when an optic is mounted Removed: -Rail covers from the Maximi/Para and Minimi Fixed: ~The Airframe’s RV’s no longer make the helmet glow in the dark ~Airframe shadow bug ~The TBAS RV’s no longer make the vests glow in the dark ~The hit-points for the TBAS vests (they no longer make the wearer a bullet absorber terminator) ~The carrying capacity of the TBAS vests (can now carry more than your wallet) ~Adjust all weapon deployment pivot points (players will no longer become one with the ground when deploying weapons) ~5.56/7.62 round damage for all ADFU weapons has been corrected ~Renamed the Swarovski Scope to the ADI scope dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hyja95c1gpl9nc8/%40PROJECT_UNCUT.7z?dl=0 workshop: same link ARMAHOLIC: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32799 enjoy!
  7. WHAT IS PROJECT UNCUT? Project Uncut will be an ADF mod aiming to replicate modern weapons, equipment, vehicles and uniforms of the Australian Army, Navy and Air Force. It is a continuation of the ADF: Uncut mod. We have received the source files from ADF: Uncut mod which we will fix, improve and enhance also adding additional assets not previously available in the mod. We have also joined forces with Monty's AAM mod. Below is a list of what we wish to deliver: WEAPONS Browning Hi Power Pistol USP Pistol F88 Austeyr F89 Minimi Mk48 Maximi MAG58/GPMG SR25 DMR HK417 DMR SR98 Sniper Rifle AW50F Sniper Rifle M4A5 carbine MP5 SMG L118/L119 Howitzer FGM-148 Javelin M72 Law Carl Gustaf M3 SOLDIERS/AIRMEN/SEAMEN/SUPPORT CREW/SF in DPCU DPDU DPNU AMCU AMP GPU VEHICLES ASLAV M1A5 Abrams M113AS3/4 Landrovers LRPV/LRRV Bushmaster Hawkei HMT Extenda (Jackal & Coyote) G-Wagon Unimog Mack Truck ROTARY Bell 206 Kiowa S-70 Blackhawk UH-1 Huey CH-47 Chinook Eurocopter Tiger ARH MRH-90 AS-350 Squirrel A109 Sea King MH-60R Seahawk PLANE FA-18F FA-18A/B C-130H and J C-17 BOATS/SHIPS RHIB LCU Anzac class Frigate Adelaide class Frigate Canberra class LHD We are in close cooperation with Project Kiwiana for the end goal of creating the ultimate ANZAC mod featuring assets from both nations. Progress Update update 25/5 update 7/5 update 10/5 Credits of the new Uncut Team Credits of the original Uncut Team CONTACT US ON Discord Private Message modder here
  8. The poppy insignia/patch sounds good. I'll look into that. :)
  9. The current AMP is a new texture, and yes AMP is meant to be darker/greyer than standard multicam.
  10. To commemorate ANZAC Day the team behind Project Uncut would like to show the community a snapshot of where the project is currently. Bear in mind that things are still heavily WIP but we believe we are on the right track. I would like to express a huge thank you to Roadrunner, Sabre, Aardvark and Cunico for allowing us to retexture their lovely assets and especially Roadrunner who went the extra mile and provided us custom vests of the SOTG A2 port! Infantry in AMCU featuring the EF88, Maximi and HK417: Special Forces in AMP. For now we have equipped them with vanilla SPAR16s until our M4A5 is completed. Stay tuned for more updates!
  11. I have been contacted by a few people who are willing to contribute and help with the development, so as a result they are now part of the dev team. There is a lot of activity happening behind the scenes to finish up a small preview release soon. Rest assured that eventually we will have many if not all assets used by both the Australians and New Zealanders since late 90's to now. For example with the Australians we are looking to include DPCU infantry portraying the Timor deployment. Stay tuned everyone and have a good long weekend!
  12. Thank you to the team for allowing us the privilege! We will endeavor to work on this mod to the best of our abilities.
  13. disco.modder

    New York City

    personally I can live with those issues if it means having enterable buildings but others who are more fussy with detail may not be so pleased haha. nevertheless thanks for this map. I appreciate the time and effort thats gone into it.
  14. disco.modder

    New York City

    Have you considered using buildings from bracer's Minihattan project? https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/160586-minihattan-island-a3/ It would be great to replace most of the Apex apartments/office buildings with enterable skyscrapers. Well done creating this map!
  15. disco.modder

    [WIP] Arma At War (AAW)

    Are there any communities in Australia starting a server up with this game mode? This looks great!
  16. disco.modder

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    nice little update. Thanks RHS team!
  17. disco.modder

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is it update time for RHS mods? RHS AFRF just auto updated for me on steam, Im assuming the others will be updated soon too.
  18. what lifeless scum those people are. No fun and clueless. Name and shame!
  19. 10/10 best mod released so far in 2017.
  20. First of all Id like to say that this is a brainstorm Ive had over the past few weeks that Ive decided to put towards the community. Its a project proposal basically. We've been very fortunate to get given lots of US Military assets - we have the Air Force mod, multiple different Army & Marine mods and lots & lots of small addons depicting vehicle systems, firearms, uniforms, etc. However out of the 5 main service branches of the US Armed Forces there is 1 very important branch that's yet to be presented as a whole mod package - the US Navy. [logo incoming] Over the course of some time, this mod (inspired by the USAF mod) will add Navy assets both current and future. Ive considered also doing Coast Goard and that maybe done at a later time. As I've figured, the best way of tackling the issue of adding in multiple large warship vessels into Arma is to contact already experienced mod makers in the community who've released or are working on releasing US Navy vessels if they want to participate in the development of this mod by contributing their creation basically creating an all-in-one Navy pack to be everyone's go to mod for US Navy assets. By no means am I capable of doing this mod by myself - Ive read a lot about how the Arma engine doesnt like very large objects (ships) and how its troublesome to get units to walk on moving objects, thus the idea of combining the brain power and knowledge of experienced modders make something great together. WIP Features list: - Navy flagship: Nimitz-class Carrier - OHP-class Frigate: A2 Gnat's - Arleigh Burke- class Destroyer - Wasp-class LHD: Chortles port - LA-class Submarine: A2 Gnat's - Naval Special Warfare Command operators (SEALs, Assault boats, SDV, etc) - MH-60S: A2 port - Seahawks: A2 YuraPetrov's - F-35C: USAF mod's - E2C Hawkeye: A2 OFrP !notice that nothing in the above lists is set, rather its something like how I envision the mod would look like. There will be lots of PMs being sent out to the respective addon makers about their willingness in participating. No permission = no inclusion into the mod until an alternative can be sourced. If anyone out there is interested in participating with the project and have something of any size (big or small) related to the Navy that they'd like to contribute please dont be afraid to leave a comment below or shoot me a PM! Meanwhile Id appreciate any comments/suggestions/concerns/recommendations from the community as to what you think about this project. Thanks!
  21. absolutely! that would save servers from downloading extra mods.
  22. disco.modder


    Looks like this mod will provide a lot of good times! I can imagine a scenario of an earth defense force/ united nations fighting off aliens on many many maps. perhaps you should expand the human UN mods to include more units, weaponry and vehicles? maybe include national patches of all countries?
  23. Im trying to spawn in the E-2 hawkeye on the nimitz carrier with its wings DOWN and not folded, on game start. I tried this in the init but it doesnt work. this animate ["wingfold_left",0, true]; this animate ["wingfold_right",0, true]; Whats the code for the hawkeye wings?
  24. disco.modder

    Deltas Mega Release Thread [Github]

    can I get the static line from parachutes mod to work on AI? or is it just players only